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  1. We can trade his rights as of this moment but once the arb starts were stuck with the decision. It won't get to that point though, guarantee it.
  2. Imagine is Sven shows up next season and just lights the lamp... It may happen, he had a great attitude, is playing for a contract and was a great producer in the AHL.

  3. IVZ looks beautiful for a run till mid next week. Bought 400 shares just now.
  4. I just get that feeling Kyle Turris will be a canuck within the week. 1x1.5M, he would get 2nd line PP.

    1. NUCKER67


      Good call, I had a similar thought as soon as I heard he was being bought out. I think it would be a good gamble if the price was right. 

  5. Currently only holding 2 stocks. NNDM 3000 @ $2.22 PLTR 1000 @ $9.06 Would love to see what people are holding, not just good, bad as well. What's your goals ? NNDM because Cathie at ARK started heavily investing ( I don't know why but I follow Cathie). PLTR because the dip was too good. It launched at $10.29 and these guys have so many GOV contracts and keep getting more. They're the company that tracked down Osama Bin Laden with their counterterrorism program called Gotham.
  6. 8.25M for the 2nd best defenseman is NOT GOOD..
  7. Well, we disagree there as well. I find season ticket holders are some of the more intelligent people as they have a higher general interest in the team, you must be an ice pack guy. What moves could you possibly make to clear room for OEL ? You'll be clearing out prospects and picks to shed the dead weight.
  8. Yeah, that must be it. I spend $10,000 a year on season tickets and go to over 50% of games, good job though... 7 years left at 8.25M How do you figure you would fit that in when Petey and Quinn will make over $16 combined.. Where is this magic cap room coming from ?
  9. This is so sad.. I'm voting Conservative and have no idea who the leader is in B.C. Anybody have any idea ?
  10. I came here to say this.. If they trade for OEL I will be highly disappointed and trust he actually has no idea what he's doing.
  11. Ohhh.. Chart looks good as well... I like it, will snag 200 shares. I took the day off today to chill and clear my mind from work.
  12. Currently in ACCD, ADXS and IPOB.. Been a good day, anybody in anything hot ?
  13. Just a ride on a green day with a $14.00 stop loss.