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  1. Give it a rest. If what you were saying was true we wouldn’t have sat through 1 strike and 3 lockouts. The players want to get paid. Plain and simple. I don’t think an offer sheet is a big threat. But not because of some deep seated nobility inherent in the player, but because the team and his agent will get something done before it gets to that point.
  2. You have to have a buyer to make a sale. Even when you mark it down.
  3. His value took a hit when the NHL changed the rules for the draft lottery. Only the first two picks are part of the lottery this year and. No team can move up more than 10 spots
  4. I believe I said they didn’t need a D the quality of Benn. Regardless. Nice to know I’m living in your head rent free
  5. Maybe because Montreal didn’t want Benn. Also. It’s not a forgone conclusion that Mete will get claimed. I suspect they’re hoping he makes it through waivers do they can put him on the taxi squad
  6. They have forward depth. Pretty much everyone in the media has been saying they needed an upgrade on D. Especially since Chariot broke his hand. And no. Benn would not have been a better fit
  7. I guess you’re ignoring the fact that they’re the 5th heaviest team. Regardless. The point of the Capfriendly tweet was that the old statement that Mo freak is a team of Smurf’s is no longer accurate. They have a mix of big and smaller players.
  8. He’d require waivers to put him on the taxi squad. That’s why Montreal lost Juulsen earlier this season. They thought they could sneak him through waivers and assumed Mete would be claimed if put on waivers for the taxi squad. Now that they’ve acquired Merrill from Detroit they didn’t have room for him on the main roster.
  9. The team on a whole is the 4th biggest and 5th heaviest in the league this year
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