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  1. Under no circumstance will Ferland retire. He can be go on LTIR but if he retires he walks away from all the money he’s owed for the remainder of his contract for no reason
  2. Have a look at the moves Ottawa has made this offseason. They aren’t looking to save money, they’re looking to improve and compete. This deal doesn’t do anything for them
  3. Bury 6 NHL players in the minors? That’s your plan? How do you think the owners would feel about burying $17m of actual salary in the minors? It’s pretty much a clear indicator that you have no respect for their money. 1 buried contract is an unfortunate situation. 6 is an admission that you have repeatedly made poor decisions and should be replaced immediately. How do you think the agents of those 6 NHL players will like that? Do you think they’d even consider recommending Vancouver as a destination to their other clients? Don’t even get me started on how the NHLPA would view it. It may work mathematically but its not a real world solution
  4. They can keep him. Wouldn’t want him in the locker room of any team I like
  5. Let me clarify. Only 6 D signed that are factored into the current cap number
  6. Cap compliant “right now”. Except they have $2m of cap space and still have to sign Virtanen and Guadette. On top of that they only have 6 defencemen signed. There’s no guarantee Ferland will be on LTIR. Even if he is LTIR isn’t free cap space. It comes with issues that restrict moves the team can make (like calling up players) Vancouver in all likelihood will need to try to make a deal to move out done cap. If they do it’s going to cost them.
  7. He was also on pace for 30 this year. The thing you have to factor in is that prior to the last 3 years Montreal’s best C was literally David Desharnais. Let that sink in for a moment.
  8. Tampa is still the class of the division. But they will be worse than last year. How much worse remains to be seen. Boston lost a key part of their D and will be missing Marchand and Bergeron when the season starts. In a compressed season that could be huge. They’re likely still better. I’d argue Montreal has overtaken Toronto for the 3rd spot in the division. But obviously that’s why they play the games. I don’t think Montreal got marginally better. They got substantially better
  9. He was signed for next season. This extension doesn’t kick in until next year. Same goes for Allen
  10. Yup The fact that it’s all salary with low dollars in the last year makes it more buyout friendly too. Overall a fair contract to both parties