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  1. I’m done with this conversation. To suggest a highly respected person like Price would stoop to the despicable act of faking a mental illness for “a rest” is pretty much the most disgusting suggestion I’ve ever seen on this website. You’re not a good person. Good day to you
  2. Answer this. Why would Price consider this for even a moment? He has nothing to gain and everything to lose.
  3. You’re questioning the integrity of one of the most respected players in the league who literally has nothing to gain by faking a mental illness. He had off season knee surgery. If he needed more time to recover the team could have said he had a setback in rehabbing the injury. But no. You think they decided to concoct a situation that would require him to enter a legitimate treatment program a d publicly admit to have a mental health issue. You think he’d be ok with that along with the risk of the irreparable damage to his reputation if it came out as a hoax? Sure. Seems more likely than he actually is struggling with an issue that required treatment.
  4. The talking dog that lives in the nearby parking garage told him so
  5. Better tighten that tinfoil cap there pal. Your brains are leaking out
  6. I’m not questioning either. The league has their own protocols for determining the validity of LTIR claims. Not to mention the insurance adjusters who have to approve payouts on guaranteed contracts. I’m perfectly ok with letting the people who have the actual information make the decisions rather than some fan with a conspiracy theory
  7. I’m curious. Do you also require proof to satisfy you personally regarding Ferland and Sutter? Or it just other team’s use of LTIR that’s suspect?
  8. Wow. And how would you like to be proven wrong? Price has entered the voluntary player assistance program. Do you think he’s sitting through intense counseling sessions for at least 30 days just as a favour to Bergevin? Some of the conspiracy theories on this site are hilarious. This one is sad and pathetic and you should feel ashamed for suggesting it
  9. Again. Questioning Price here is completely over the line. The guy has always been a class act. He represented himself, his team his community and his country in a manner that should make us all proud. Cheapening what he’s going through with words like “if his issues are legit” and “foul play” makes you seem small and petty. Do you honestly think Price would allow himself to be a pawn in some weird cap space ploy? You should be ashamed of yourself
  10. Suggesting Price is faking a mental illness is beyond disgusting
  11. Nice try, but If Either Montreal’s or Carolinas 1st is in the top 10 then Montreal keeps the higher pick and Arizona gets the lower pick
  12. They’ll be tight to the cap for a bit. I think the offer sheet war is done
  13. Yup. The upside for Vancouver is that Juulsen has already cleared waivers. If Joulevi had been placed on waivers there’s a chance he would have been lost for nothing.
  14. The general consensus in the hockey world seems to be that this is an excellent signing. if he continues to develop like he has it could be one of the best contracts in the league in a few years
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