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  1. You have to retain on the entire contract. You can’t just do it for 2 years.
  2. Actually a slight discount on the $2.4m he made the past 2 seasons. Good signing
  3. Let’s not forget your number one reason. You hate Montreal. As for your other reasons…. Price is expected back in time Drouin could be dynamite with Suzuki and Caufield. No reason to expect he’s going to be bad They still have Gallagher and Pruce, not to mention the entire team now has Stanley Cup finals experience The loss of Weber is big, but he wasn’t nearly their best defenceman last season due to all his injuries. Savard and a more experienced Romanov should alleviate a lot of the loss. and yes. They’re playing in one of t
  4. Based on what exactly? Montreal has a really solid top 9 with Caufield, Suzuki, Toffoli, Anderson, Gallagher, Hoffman, Drouin, Evans, Armia. They lost Weber, but he was playing on one ankle with a wonky knee and a bad wrist. They still have Edmundson, Petry, Chairot in their top 4 D with one of Savard or a more experienced Romanov slotting in. then you have the goaltending tandem of Price and Allen. You’ll have the coach there from day 1 instead of halfway through the season. And hopefully they won’t get shut down with covid again. They’re in tough division but
  5. This is a head scratcher. Bergevin not leaving room for any of the young guys who haven’t already broken I.
  6. Doesn’t really make the statement untrue. Tampa is an attractive spot right now.
  7. He wants a cup before he retires. If it was you where would you sign? Montreal, Dallas or Tampa? (All three made offers)
  8. I’ve got news for you. Some Canuck fans aren’t above death threats either. Kotkaniemi got them when Pettersson got hurt. Social media can bring out the worst in some people.
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