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  1. hi joe its me from Winnipeg whats up buddy

    1. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      i'm okay. are you getting to any games there? are you from winnipeg?  my ancestors came from there.  mostly metis. how are you doing?

    2. my dog cruz

      my dog cruz

      Hey joe good to hear from you man iv been off air for a couple years I talked to you before on this site I'm a canucks fan from the 80s so man iv been through it all with this team I don't go to the MTS centre to much joe its a nice place but very tight seating last time there I spilled my brew on someone when I moved so ya I don't go unless I win tickets but plan on doing a trip to see a game in Vancouver well joe great to hear your still around hear ma I always enjoyed your out put here on CDC cheers Joe