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  1. Ask him if he goes on pol and if he does have a talk with him.
  2. Maybe Goldy should play with Bo and Ferland/Pearson. Never really understood why he didn’t get a look with Bo who is very responsible defensively.
  3. Juo is money in the bank. With Edler inked he has sometime to develop and that’s ok. Think Pod, Juo, and Jake hitting their stride in the nhl all around the same time. 3 years from now is this groups time and they will have a short window to get it done before prospects and cap push a few of them out.
  4. Louie sh(t talking Green to the media after he defended Louie this past season is pretty glaring defect of personality.
  5. You mean LE’s side which clearly I am not.
  6. Couldn’t agree more. Sick of this entitled bs from LE. If I was JB I’d AHL him at this point just to make a point regarding effort. Its funny how quickly LE forgets Travis defending him with his “little things” comment.
  7. You’re clearly on LE’s side in all of this. JB should send him away as quickly as possible.
  8. I firmly believe Gaudette will be a way better player than Sutter and I don’t dislike Sutters game. I’m just that high on the kid.
  9. Or to the SHL or to a team trying to reach the cap. Something will happen. Couldn’t agree more.
  10. Pay the complete 3 and a team like Ottawa might actually give something up to get him. When does LE’s next list of teams he would play for come out? On the 15th I think?
  11. That’s ok too. I think he’s more of a Bo or Brendan Morrison as far as developing goes. Let him learn in the NHL. Shrug.
  12. I thought he looked decent honestly. Like everyone knows a Sutter injury and Bo is in that role anyways. I think AG and a healthy Beagle make Sutter tradable whether it’s now to sign Boes or at the TDL. Beauty of it all is when Beagle is retiring Madden should be sniffing around.
  13. I’m pretty high on Gaudette maybe that’s clouding my judgement.
  14. I think it’s more like “Hey Lou if you want to stay in the NHL you can go to these 2 teams, you can go to the AHL, or if you’d like we can figure out a way to send you home to the SHL”. I just don’t see the guy playing another game as a Canuck. I also think its Sutter. Schaller doesn’t make enough money to be worried about.