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  1. 4 - 3 nux Miller game winner Chi most shots
  2. My knock on Green summarized: 1. Pissed away time in preseason with AHL'ers when he knew he would have 9 new faces on the team and they needed to get ready to play together for the season. 2. His post game pressers are now embarassing. Good team over there. They were good. That's a fast team. - Man pat Quinn's ghost can't believe the endless passivity. 3. Lousy PP again. 4. Lousy PK again. 5. Overplays QH 3 games in...injury. 6. Petey looks lousy - that's on Petey but Green ain't helping. 7. His role in keeping Hunt over OJ. 8. His role in letting Gadj and Mac go for zip. 9. Our lousy defensive scheme again. 10. A team that still fails to show up for games. For me I would love to see him gassed before the season is lost. So don't wait too long. 20 games is max. If Green is fired at the 20 game mark then why not hire Babcock for the balance of the year. No promises past this year unless the team responds well in which case you could look at extending after the season. We can't have a passive coach who wants to be everyone's buddy anymore. We need to mold this into a team and motivate guys to play for their jobs. Babcock would stir the pot and it either works or not - but no country club. This team has had one playoff appearance in 7 years. Enough is enough.
  3. Ducks just beat flames. Lol. Lol. I really hope that Markstrom and Tanev have an opportunity this year to sit somewhere and say why did we do it ? Why oh why did we leave Vancouver to come here! LOL!
  4. Yes starting on the road can build chemistry. But I think the question being asked in this thread - is there a bias in setting schedules for teams by the league? Van played Edm 2 times at the end of preseason only to go to Edm for their home opener. Then another home opener in Philly. And finish a long 6 game road trip with a visit to our new biggest rivals for their home opener. Hmm. Fishy. Gotta admit on paper that favours Seattle. I wonder why the league would want to favour their new toy and try to give them a big win over their biggest division/territorial rival in their home opener Hmm...? Or maybe it is pure coincidence like all the NHL did was throw a bunch of team logos down the stairs and pick them up two at a time to determine who plays who when? And of course Toronto opened their season on a 6 game western road swing where 3 of the games were home openers for their opponents. Oh wait...
  5. He got thrown in to this because Garrett is quaranteening apparently. He has done an admirable job. What do jerks think? It is easy? He has done a good job and made some insightful comments about goaltending. Couple mistakes.
  6. This team is young and is going to grow together and get better. The number of guys who played last night and have less than 100 NHL games played is ridiculous. Rathbone 9, Burroughs 6, Demko 73, Highmore 92, Lammikko 85, Dowling 77, Hogz 57, Podz 1. Add to that guys who have played over 100 games but are still 25 years old or under, Petey, Boes, Hughes. Garland. That's 12 out of 19 starters last night. That is amazing!
  7. Not good enough anymore. Top paid forward on the team. Laid down the gauntlet and said he only wants to play on a winner. Ok Petey lead the way. Play like the top players in the league. No nights off. No try is good enough. Results count.
  8. I could watch this 1000 times. It is just beautiful - Daniel Sedin.
  9. Myers set a tone for the whole season by blowing up Keith in the first game against him in our division. Petey did nothing tonight and that guy needs to get his sh*t together and lead and stop being all about the money and all about how he needs to play on a winner. Be a leader Petey. You are paid the most of our forwards - so play like it. Do something Petey.
  10. Next time against the Oilers will be different. We are gong to be a full team not a two horse race like those guys.
  11. Yes and I hope people take this opportunity to tip their cap to Tyler Myers and realize that this is what he brings to this team. The guy does not back down. He will fight and he will level people with punishing hits. His hit on Keith was big, tough and legal. Keith was left bleeding and there was no penalty and no question that he realizes Vancouver is not happy to have him in our division. Love it!
  12. You gotta play better buddy. You did nothing and you are our top paid forward. Do better.
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