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  1. I expect that Edm, and Tor will be aware of the Canucks situation and probably not going out of their way to kill us. Both teams are comfortably above us in the standings. It is not impossible for the Canucks to get a couple of points out of this weekend. We have half a dozen guys who are trying to crack the line up who were not experiencing tough symptoms and will likely sub in this weekend. So let's see.
  2. Miller had to sit out the beginning of the year for circumstances beyond his control. I think it feeds into how he feels today. However he is a competitor. I expect that after practice tomorrow he says it's a lousy situation but we are going to go ahead and play and try to win. What else can he do? Also I think today's reaction was very honest and emotional but I expect his lifetime of training as an athlete and competitor will kick in tomorrow.
  3. Cgy beat Mtl tonight. Great result for the Canucks. Simply put, Mtl must lose games down the stretch for us to have a chance. Cgy plays Mtl 4 more times. Nux do not play Mtl but do play Cgy. So if Cgy keeps Mtl in range then we still have chance. And Cgy backup is now Domingue... I think after our team is back to playing we could still have a chance. Once guys feel better and are playing regularly we have about 28 bodies to draw on and we might be in a position that a few wins gets us into the race. If not then c'est la
  4. One more positive is that this group is going to bond together over this restart and schedule and really go to war for each other. That will be a very positive takeaway for the future. That's all I've got...
  5. Yes absolutely. Some keys will be: 1. Holtby playing the back to backs and doing a decent job. 13/6 or 14/5 with Demko. 2. Green managing ice time with a view to the grind. 3. 15 or so forwards seeing some games. 4. 8 Dmen seeing some games. 5. Montreal continuing to struggle without Price. Vcr is 8 points back right now with a game in hand. Montreal ends their season May 11. If Canucks are within 6 points at May 11 we will have 3 games left and a chance to win them and clinch a playoff spot.
  6. Of note Montreal and Vancouver's remaining schedules are almost identical. Montreal has18 games left. They start tomorrow and play 11 games in April and 7 games in May ending May 11. Vancouver has 19 games left. They start on Friday and play 9 games in April and 10 games in May ending on May 16.
  7. As of today: MTL has 43 points and 18 games remaining. They play 11 more games in April and 7 games in May ending their season on May 11. VCR has 35 points and 19 games remaining. They play 9 more games in April and 10 games in May ending their season on May 16.
  8. Prior to the covid trouble the original schedule had the Canucks playing their remaining 19 games from March 31 to May 8 (39 days).They had played more games than every other team before their week long break so when they came back they would be playing a schedule that was a little lighter than the other teams. Now they are playing 19 games from April 16 to May 16 (31 days). Other teams schedules are not a lot different to end the season. We play 1 or 2 or 3 more games than other teams during teams' last month. Some team's seasons end earlier than we do now. It is not dramatically
  9. Update to today. If the Habs go .500 the rest of the way they wind up with 61 points. To have 62 points Canucks need to go 13 - 5 - 1 Getting closer...
  10. Good stuff and that's the way Canucks fans are feeling about the restart!
  11. I respect the fact that Benning knows this and still stuck his neck out to say the Canucks will probably be quiet this draft deadline cuz trading players who have just been through this last 2 weeks is not the right thing to do. Gotta respect the man whether you like him or not.
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