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  1. I enjoyed the media interviews with Luke when he signed. Especially when he was asked if he had heard from Quinn Hughes. He said absolutely, Quinn contacted him and was really happy to see him coming back here. Really great.
  2. Agree. We need size and truculence. Top nine is pretty nifty but also pretty small. 4th line needs to add some heft to the lineup. Motte is great but I wonder if we'd be better with the bigger lineup on the 4th? Maybe he and mac and perhaps Gadj rotate.
  3. Re-signing Sutter sounds more like lazy aw shucks why not, than a choice that fits the positive direction this off season has been taking so far. So I'm not for it. Move on please.
  4. My take on the possibility of a Petey offer sheet: One Petey won't sign it. Two even if he did Nux will match. Three that's why JB cleared space today. The risk will dissipate in a few days. and then a deal will be done when JB can go back to Petey's douchie agent and say ok. That didn't happen so let's get this done. Why don't we have a thread that discusses the douchiness of the agents out there? Lol.
  5. Per cap friendly he has traded away 27 but received back 22. So not that lopsided. Picks coming back included Kelser 1st and 3rd, Garrison 2nd, Bieksa 2nd, torts 2nd etc. So some decently high picks came back . So the reporting by Dhalliwal was intentionally skewed negative for effect.
  6. Benning on twitter just now: "I promise you this rumour is true." How's that. Does that make it true? Lol. You can post anything today and people will believe it and run with it.
  7. If the source is credible it's worth discussing. If not it's junk and just leads to 20 pages of meaningless speculation.
  8. Khaira is not that good. Nice guy by the way. But not good enough to join a Canucks team on the rise as we are.
  9. There is zero urgency to move Schmidt. Canucks have cap room. I expect they will explore trading Holtby next. They have a bunch of RFA's to qualify and then sign. Then then then down the road they can look at Schmidt and the market. Probably the dumbest thread title of the year. Lol.
  10. Beagle Eriksson and Roussel gone. All in one deal. That is JB killing it. No reason to nit pick this deal. OEL top 2F and Garland top 6 F. Ya it's a game changer like the Erhoff deal back in the day.
  11. Welcome to the team. Olli you are going to be going to be a big contributor to the nux winning their first cup!
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