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  1. Barry Pederson was a very good center. 197 pts in 233 games for Canucks. The Canucks just weren't very good while he was here.
  2. EP's line would never have the puck, you have to be able to win a faceoff. That's why Miller is there.
  3. I agree with your assessment of Roussel. He played really well in his first game back, but since then it looks like the injury hasn't quite healed. He's not the agitator he should be.
  4. It was Horvat's line leaving the CBJ player wide open to make it 3-2, that's what started it. CBJ had nothing going in the 3rd until then. It was a team effort in the loss, lot's of blame to go around.
  5. By this math he's assuming that Ari will get 23/30 pts and Cgy will get 22/32 pts. Add in Edm. and I like our chances of staying ahead of 2 of those teams. We just have to match Ari/Cgy, not worry about the other division.
  6. Agreed, didn't think the shot was tipped or anything. Long range shot with little or no traffic should not beat you and hit the post. Oh well, it is what it is. On to the next, and then home.
  7. I agree, cause he's telling the media exactly what he telling the players in the dressing room.
  8. So we don't lose ground to the Oilers. Look at the division picture, not the wild card.
  9. We only need to stay ahead of 2 of 3 teams (Cgy, Edm, Arz.). 3 of 5 teams in our division make the playoffs. We have games and pts in hand on Cgy and Arz. It's getting dicey, but I think we'll be fine.
  10. Torts was and always will be an east coast coach. He tried to coach the Canucks like they were an east coast team. Play your best players the most, every single game. You could do that in Tampa, New York and in Columbus, but not on the west coast. Too much travel, takes a toll on the players if over used. Not saying he's a bad coach, just a bad fit.
  11. It's Randorf and DeBrusk. John and John said they had the night off during the last game.