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  1. I'm not going to lie, but I kind of thought that this operation sounded a lot like the phantom WMDs from George JRs tenure
  2. This is exactly why they won't give up the info. It could be that they have an operative deep in that regime and to give out certain info would compromise that assets safety.
  3. Because we need these picks for the rebuild....oh wait, what year is it again?
  4. I don't think Pavel was the fastest skater back then but I might be wrong. I seem to remember Robert Kron being just as fast if not faster, but the difference is that Pavel could handle the puck at his top end speed, and the others could not.
  5. Emelio Finatti's in Langley, and White Rock.
  6. Exactly. Gaudette's compete level and desire alone puts him ahead of Jake's "potential."
  7. "Do you have a problem with that Mr. Lawrence?"
  8. Does this hurt at all? I am 44 and really working out hard doing HIIT and my rotator cuffs were killing me so I tried prolotherapy, and I was in agony for a week after it so I did not go back. My shoulders have been fine so far, but the last three days my right shoulder feels tender to the touch and a bit sore when I raise my arm up. Would this therapy help?
  9. I grew up there in the 80's and know some family of the deceased. They were apparently bullying Vermette, and he had had enough and snapped. This is what I have heard from people close to the situation.
  10. Haha, I love how these bloggers think that they can just dump a player on a team like Ottawa. They couldn't this year, but next year they can? If this is the case, why isn't Louie headed there now? The $ to be paid are small, now that he has received his bonus.
  11. To be honest, I haven't done OTF or Cross Fit, or Tough Mudders so I can't give any feedback there. I know we have people come from OTF to F45 and they love it. The thing about F45 is that Mon, Wed, Fri, are all cardio based/dynamic workouts, and believe me you will work hard and sweat a ton. Tues, Thurs, and Sunday are all strength based resistance work outs, and then Saturday is an hour long class as opposed to the regular 45 minute class and it combines strength and cardio, but they bring in a real live DJ for the class and its fun. Just know when you go on Saturday to the Hollywood class, know that when the break time hit after the first half hour, realize you have to go around again. I made the mistake of thinking we were done and was patting myself on the back for a job well done, and then realized I had to do it again, and I almost crapped myself because I had already mentally checked out haha.
  12. You will get a 7 day free trial. Maybe get her along with you, and do it together? Me and my wife do and its great for both of us.