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  1. Gudas doesn't play for them any more. I think he is still with Florida.
  2. No they don.t. They still need to extend Hart. Sanheim and get a back up goalie. Plus Fletcher wants another player for their pk.
  3. How much are we retaining on Holtby? No chance Philly takes him at full price.
  4. Not true Al, Ghost will play physical and go for 50/50 pucks. His biggest issue is staying within the system. To many times he would freelance d zone coverage and cough up the puck on to many clear outs. If he had kept his game simple he is still a good dman.
  5. Not with that cap hit. They only have 9 million left and need to re sign Hart, Sanheim and a back up goalie. They also can.t replace TK's offence and got rid of Patrick and Meyers. Can't get rid of three young players for average aging vets with high cap hits.
  6. Wouldn't mind heading to Lumen field in Seattle to see the Canucks and Kraken play one of these.
  7. Not sure if this has been posted, but I am wondering if the teams recent health issues will stop any possible trades? Would any team want any players from our team after this run in with Covid?
  8. You don't want Ghost. He was a healthy scratch in games Before AV got to Philly. He is a dumpster fire in his own zone.
  9. He is bad in his own zone and has 2 more years left on his deal. Not surprised he cleared.
  10. Are you hoping that all those players get traded or are those just your targets? I am under the impression that a team can only retain salaries on 3 players at a time.
  11. Not missing 1040 at all.
  12. My question was more of what happened to them in the OP's post. Didn't see anything about moving them out in some fashion. As i undrstand it Roussel has one more year left and Guadette is a RFA.
  13. Hextall has been working with the Kings since he left Philadelphia and is now one of the leading candidates for the GM position in Pittsburgh.
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