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  1. I won't disagree with your thoughts but 43 times out of 45 times it did matter. Unfortunately, these are "The Facts". So for the Canucks, the question becomes: Can they win the cup being in that 5% category ?????
  2. Agree. a few more Millar types and a couple of Jovo type d's and we're in business.
  3. Lazy Jake will never dawn a Canucks uniform again. He's "tainted goods" now - even if he is exonerated or not sent to prison. It's bad PR for the organization to have an accused rapist on the team - innocent or not. My prediction is Uncle Jim will try to unload him (and maybe he gets lucky) but likely he'll just be bought out. No matter which, he's done in this city and it will be a huge disappointment in the end for all Canuck fans to see what a disaster this guy became after looking so promising in the beginning.
  4. While Internal toughness is one of many attributes required to be successful in winning the Stanley cup, physical size (roughness) & toughness of a team has and always will be one of the very most important attributes required to push through the playoffs - all the way. If you've been around long enough, which it sounds like you have, you know that as the playoff rounds progress and certainly in the final series, the level of physical play (and I'm not just talking about fighting) intensifies and rises to a peak and is usually amongst the top determining factors on who will win the cup.
  5. Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in the middle, buy one thing for sure - that many know and stated above, that the Canucks are wimps and rarely stand up for each other and have No fight in them. The most embarrassing thing I saw this entire past season was seeing Edler get the $ht knocked out of him and he couldn't even defend himself - despite his size. How embarrassing that was!!!!! I attribute this to the "Swedish Finesse Syndrome" that has plagued this team for 20 years going back to Sundin, then Nazy, and then the twins who sucked the fight and grit right out of
  6. As originally mentioned, that statement came from the Donnie & Dahli show yesterday https://www.cheknews.ca/shows/donnie-and-dhali-the-team/ AT THE 52:00 MIN MARK.
  7. Interesting Fact that came out during yesterdays Donnie & Dahli Talk show, that the three heaviest teams (NYI, Tampa and LV) are in the final four (again) this year with Montreal being seventh heaviest team. Meanwhile the Canucks are almost the Featherweight champions, being the second lightest team in the league. Question becomes; Is this truly a factor in playoff success or can the Canucks actually push all the way thru the playoffs with a pack of tiny framed speed demons and regular season type finesse players, or will JB finally realize that they need to "Bulk-up" with s
  8. Yes, I'm still waiting for the page to be turned on JB too and BTW, the reason TT wasn't signed was because he was left hanging for 4 days while Uncle Jim was busy trying to snag that DMan from Arizona - that fell though - and ignored all other contracts. Even Tanev confirmed this, saying that after the Az deal was a "no go" he came back to him and made him a low ball offer but Tanev had already made his mind up to leave. This jives with all the other off season fiasco's we've heard. And BTW, this needs to be repeated so it doesn't happen again as it's definitely the worse scre
  9. Great post and thanks for providing todays "daily reminder' about Uncle Jim's unthinkable decision to choose Lazy Jake over TT. That will save me from having to post todays version.
  10. I would like to agree with you but 43 times out of 45 - it unfortunately did matter. I can't argue much against FACT !
  11. Of course if Aqua-Lini dumps Green or Uncle Jim, that would technically qualify as a Pseudo top three pick. Thanks for pointing out the obvious solution to all our problems!
  12. When/If Jake the Ripper is convicted of rape, do you think he'll be transferred out of province to serve his prison sentence, or do you think they'll still Lock Him Up in the Abby/Matsqui federal penitentiary - knowing he might know a lot of people in there - being from the area?
  13. Stumbled across this interesting story from SportsNet ( https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/can-win-stanley-cup-without-top-3-draft-pick/ ) written just a few years ago "Can you win a Stanley Cup without a Top 3 draft pick?" which stated that if you "Go back 45 years, only two teams have won the Stanley Cup without a top-three draft pick on their roster." Based on this FACT, and given that the Canucks have no 1st thru 3rd first round picks on the team even though we have a few good players and potentially a few others coming up, would you assume that we should patiently wait
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