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  1. Your honesty is hard to swallow for many - but so correct! You HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD !
  2. After the terrible start to the season and the latest loss tonight to Buffalo, it's not far fetched to think green could be a mere 10-12 games from being canned if the devastating results continue. Uncle jim would have no choice but to do so or he'd be canned. An even worse start to the season than anyone ever expected........
  3. Me too! I suspect its either that he found our very weak coaching suspect or that he found this team had no identity - which was mainly caused by the sterilization of team and individual identity by having this team led by swedes over the last 20 years who tried to replace it with bland vanilla stoicism that many Normal Canadian hockey players don't buy into.
  4. I think when Torts was coaching here he called it the "country club" atmoshere - prevelent in the canucks Locker room. Seems like it's alive and well......
  5. Maybe it has something to do with this season starting off even worse than the last few and 90% of "NORMAL" fans are fed-up with losing and excuses and can see where this could be headed - quick. As for the other 10% that are content with the results so far this season - I have no explanation.
  6. My next door neighbor Fred coaches "A Mean" Pee-wee team here in Surrey and I bet i could talk him into taking over the canucks. He'd be a definate improvement over green & BumGardener.
  7. With a normal GM - absolutely, but knowing Uncle Jim he's too timid to do that to green. it will likely be a FULL-BORE house cleaning later in the season or definately at seasons end by Aqua-Lini if we fail yet again for eighth straight year under these two. You can bet the house on that!
  8. I've been callling for his firing for the last three years. He was never anything more than a glorified AHL coach and was always meant to be an interm coach like Uncle Willy while the team was rebuilding. Now that we have some good core players in place it is HIGH TIME that we finally get an NHL Calibre coach to break all the bad habits green taught them and instill some methods and systems back into this organization before our core guys give up.
  10. Yea, sure glad they only did a three year deal. His performance has wained since his first season and as other teams caught on to his predictable play. Hope our next new coaches can teach him to get back on his feet again like he once was.
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