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  1. I agree, As long as Jim does not resign the old timers on the bottom six. Sutter, Beagle Eriksson, and get rid of Lazy Jake and if they resign Edler it must only be for one year at a reduce salary/work load. No L.T. renewals and NTC's . With $20M and $22M coming off the books this year and next, JB has an opportunity to restock the shelves with some youth, energy and speed along with hopefully some bigger players.
  2. JB has done reasonably OK on drafting. It's his Trade and signing skills that leave something to be desired. In a perfect world I'd move Jim to Drafting exclusively and hire a SHARK of a GM to negotiate with player agents and other teams because for some reason I suspect Uncle Jim gets outwitted by many.
  3. Yes, I hope that the Mgmt allows some of the prospects to get on the ice and show their stuff for a change, especially that we are certainly not making the playoffs this year and might as well lose as much as possible to move up the draft pick chart. That will at least make things entertaining, as there's nothing like watching the young guns bust their backs to earn a spot on a team.
  4. BINGO! WELL SAID! On paper this new guy does not seem half the player Gaudette was. Even though Gaudette was a 3/4th line player he was exciting to watch and really tried hard all the time and was not a Lazy good for nothing, useless, floating cork like L.E. or lazy Jake. So I suspect there's more to this trade than we're being told because even J.B. isn't that dumb to make this trade.
  5. Any truth to the twitter noise that Gaudette was dumped in retribution for his Girlfriend going skiing up at Whistler, catching Covid and then contaminating the entire team thru Gaud?
  6. In all fairness, he did have drive and skill and I was surprised to see them give up on him Vs. a worthless player like lazy Jake. But as many mentioned, there was some urgency to dumping him for whatever they could get because the guy they got in return appears "on paper" to be farm team kind of player and appears to be a fire sale.
  7. That's what I was thinking too. Do you think there's any truth to the twitter reports that Gaudette's purge was payback for his girlfriend going up to Whistler, catching Covid and then spreading it to the entire team thru Gaud?
  8. Both players are Deadwood and totally worthless. Who would sigh either in their right minds. Sutter will be let go and Lazy Jake moved after the season.
  9. No one likes Lazy Jake anymore after 45 chances to prove himself and he's still floating around out there like he's waiting to get to the Roxy. He's a total BUST!
  10. My guess he's unloaded deep in one of the far southeast teams where he can cause no further damage and quietly disappear for a 7th rounder or future considerations. He's pretty well worthless with just one or two more points than some goalies in the league this year. That tell you what he's really worth!
  11. He a waste of time and energy. The lazy Jake experiment went bust after last year. Too bad JB didn't use his head and keep TT instead - who is Montreal's top point man with almost 10 times the point output as Lazy Jake - and all that for roughly an extra $1.5M. What was JB thinking ?????
  12. Agree! Who T F in their right mind would protect Lazy Jake let alone Beagle. My guess is the Canucks beg Seattle to take Lazy Jakes deadwood contract off their hands.
  13. He'll be disposed of in the off season. No one wants him now as he's of no use to any team competing for a cup due to his lack of initiative and effort. He's only useful as a spare 5th line winger if a team is in a real pinch during the regular season,
  14. Well, while i respect your point of view, watching Lazy Jake float around the offensive blue line like a Sea-Gull - waiting for a lucky break and maybe showing up every 10th game or so, that gives me little reason to celebrate his re-signing. But the Real facts that completely destroys your argument (without a shred of doubt), is that TT has almost 10 times the points output of Lazy Jake at 30 Points and is Points Leader for the entire Montreal Canadians Team, while Lazy Jake has 4 points and is close to the bottom producers on the Canucks - all this for roughly $1.5M more. In fact I think
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