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  1. Hmmm..... Toffoli - Maybe if they free cap $ Tanev - yes, he'll be signed at a discount 2-3 years Marky - Would not be surprised to see him passed for Demko due to cap limits and revenue drop or signed and then traded. Lazy Jake - Not a snowballs hope in hell he'll be back! The "Experiment is over" He's toast! My guess he's headed to Toronto. Boesser - Also would not be surprised to see him packaged up and traded. Something tells me - he will not be a Canuck in the long run. The other Bottom 5 - They can all go - except perhaps Motte - he is a value player.
  2. Good point - and I agree with the summary he was given which still holds true today, that he he has no creativity, no moves and no playmaking ability. He's simply a north-south floating- opportunistic shooter. Plain & simple. That's why there's no hope for him and its time to Trade him. His time here is complete and over with! He will not be back next year!
  3. 1040 - my radio dial doesn't turn that far down to "the left" to 650.
  4. Agree - Lazy Jake is 95% out the door now. Only a miracle will save him now.
  5. You raise a good point. When Covid-20 hits us in the fall (which has already started, then you can kiss "fans in the stands" good-bye. My crystal ball says no fans in the stands next year = lower revenue = cost cutting!
  6. I've stated on numerous occasions over the last two seasons that his days were dwindling here unless he wised up and got his head back into the game instead of floating around like a cork and after this years poor playoff performance by him, I'd say its fairly safe to now say "he's finished as a Canuck". It's really too bad to admit - but he's born to float and will never get engaged in the game let alone ever make a pass to a fellow team mate. I would suggest he be packaged up with one of the other bottom six deadwood players and shipped off to some nowhereland like Toronto where he can float forever.
  7. That's what happens when you build your organization around "Finesse" players. It's the hallmark of the Canucks organization and until we get some "in your face" toughness and grit we will never-ever win a cup. Regardless, I have to give J.B. some credit as he tried to address this by bringing Ferland/Myers on the team this year, but what we need are 3-4 mother-F%#@'ers on our team next year. I trust J.B. can now see this clearer than ever and will attempt to address this hole in the organization moving forward.
  8. Not really, we just need another RIGHT HANDED SHOOTER ON THE P.P. DO YOU HEAR T.G !!!
  9. I agree Marky was tired, but I'm not too sure Demko would have been up to the task. Our beloved coach decided to only play Demko for a dozen or so games this year in a desperate effort to save his job by banking on Marky game after game - rather than give Demko a chance to grow and get experience during the regular season and be ready for such a scenario. Unfortunately, that was not the case. It's one of very many cases of T.G. showing his in-experience.
  10. ....shouldn't you save the prediction and pic for after the last game on Tuesday? That would be more appropriate! BTW, is that Robson Street dumpster or a Scott Road dumpster?
  11. Well said. Another good post that many won't want to hear - but is factual. Brock has never looked the same since he was injured and appears un-integrated on the team,. He seems like a lost soul out there sometimes and while I understand and sympathize with some of the personal issues he's faced recently, it still does not change the facts in your statement. There is every possibility that he might end up being the sacrificial lamb traded after this season is over. It's either him an/or lazy Jake that headed out the door - packed up as trade bait with some of the "dead-wood" that we need to clear out of the Canucks forest !
  12. can shorten your second sentence to "Jake on the PP is a failure" Don't worry he'll be used as trade bait to lessen the Cap hit next season and maybe packaged up with L.E. to unload them both. In any event, I think most of us know his days are numbered on the team.
  13. You speak the truth. Hard for many to swallow - but Marky was tired tonight and certainly should have stopped a couple of those - which he would have done under normal circumstances. That was in fact the difference tonight and he knew it himself during the post game interview. His body language said it all!
  14. I think you missed my point. I don' question Peterson's ability what so ever. he's a Rock Star. What I am saying is, we need some physical might and Grit that none of the finesse players offer and which is absolutely required to win a cup. Just look at the way Vegas is built and maybe you'll get my point.