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  1. Well good luck everyone. Have fun and don't bump your head, byyyye....
  2. Well my account is real money so maybe I can't get free chips... Hmmm... I can switch to play money but no option to get more... That i can see..
  3. Can't register because I have 5990 play chips... Cashier has no option... It wants me to buy play chips
  4. I'm out of play money... How did you get free chips?
  5. Thanks for doing this! I'm in... Str82number1
  6. As I understand it, the tempurature of the pucks has much to do with bouncing and consistency. Perhaps it's as simple as upgrading their puck freezer or how they store game ready pucks.
  7. Yep... He pretty much got "finger point s*%?!t canned"...
  8. Hrudey on Marky... "he been special since about January...".... He actually means.... "he has been special since I said he's not an NHL starter..." Suck it Hrudey
  9. For decades we've had to watch other teams with mobile slick defencemen and finally it's our turn. It's really happening people.