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  1. Yeah should have taken a time out before the 5 minute pp and made a plan or you know tried something different when the same ol thing wasn't doing working, as soon as a team stands up or pressures us we cant do anything.
  2. Lots of good things this playoffs. Now we know how they will play, but man they need to fix the PP.
  3. Constantly getting outmanned when we have more men was not good. Trying to be too pretty still.
  4. Well thats game. We were lucky demko played as well as he did or we wouldn't even be in game 7
  5. Well I am still super happy with the progress they canucks made this year in the playoffs. But we need a better defensive system and pp system cant give up 30 or 40 shots every game while getting half or less then them. But I still hope we get one here and take this game
  6. Its too bad it took vegas scoring a goal for the nucks to start playing with some urgency.
  7. &^@#. We can't be taking any more penalties. The next goal is going to win this thing at this point.
  8. We get the puck in there zone and they knock us off the puck and bam its back in our zone. Must be getting frustrating. It sure is to watch
  9. I know they are a young team but you think that would help them in the energy factor but we just jeep trying to hang in there relying on demko to keep us in this.