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  1. We all knew this was coming. I had high hopes for him when we drafted him.
  2. Nice. Glad he didn't wait around. Looking forward to seeing him at training camp
  3. The jets did the same thing. It is most likely that oilers and leafs make it to the second round this year.
  4. Not a good start. At this point I just want McDavid to get his 100th point against a different team.
  5. Hopefully we are not that bad in two years. Although having someone with that kind of talent would be awesome.
  6. Yesh i don't get why people are freaking out about him potentially leaving, the entire coaching staff needs to go. They do need to re up the goalie coach though.
  7. Well at least they had the lead for a little bit. And the more they lose the better pick we will get at the draft.
  8. At least they get to play again tomorrow that game should be very bad hopefull they don't get ten on us.
  9. Yeah making them play so many games after getting covid doesn't sit well with them it seems.
  10. I am amazed that the guys are still managing to play all these games.most of them look exhausted
  11. Hopefully once the season is done the full off season comes with some coaching changes and the guys come in rested and ready to do some damage.
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