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  1. I would like to apologize to anyone I hurt with my arrogant and selfish ways in my younger days. I love how in our city and many places in the world, people are mostly kind and patient to one another, and I want to be part of that too. I'm sorry. Nobody in this world is perfect, the only perfect person in history was hung from a cross. I believe in forgiveness and redemption. I have received mercy in my life and I want to show it to others. I'm sorry to the Asian and ethnic people that I offended because I was not right. Almost everyone I know has either knowingly or unknowingly said a sexist, or racist or ageist comment at some point. We all want a better world. I don't have anything against any race or religion. I was just arrogant and ignorant and only concerned with myself before. But I want to make a change. I want to treat every person with beauty and patience. You are beautiful, my fellow humans.
  2. So recently, someone in front of me at the drive thru paid for my order and I thought it was so nice of them. I wanted to flag them down and say thank you but it was just a very kind and thoughtful gesture. It made me think about good deeds in general. Can anyone share a positive experience or good deed you've done or someone has done for a stranger?
  3. What an unbelievably hard fought and exciting win. I feel like this win is really meaningful, look at the standings, we could potentially win the division. Oh my goodness, we are such a better team than the Chaput-Megna years, this is a really good feeling. Come on playoffs!!! we are on such a good roll now
  4. I'm glad we picked up the two points, but Minnesota was so disorganized in the first two periods. Markstrom was so good in the third, what a difficult game for a goalie to concentrate through, he was awesome at the end there. It's going to be such a scrap for playoff spots this year.
  5. I really like this. I didn't mind JV18 with EP last game, Roussel and Jake work well together. Horvat needs to get going here.
  6. The Bulldog is a class act, I wish he didn't have to go. I thought he has been an excellent fit for our team, provided us with such good hard minutes, a major boost of energy at the backend, Detroit got a very useful player, I hope Pope turns out to be something. Good luck Alex
  7. I predict that the Canucks clinch a wild card spot after a hard fought season and then get bounced in the first round, and I continue to love Ferland..
  8. I haven't heard much about Biega so far this year. They made another round of cuts today, it seems like they know what they have in Alex, a real pro. I think he should stick with the team as the Extra D, he's really earned that spot over these last couple of seasons with his determined and courageous play. I don't see any of the Utica players taking his spot on the NHL roster right now.
  9. I don't eat meat, there are a million different ways to feed ourselves , all the amazing grains, vegetables, fruit, mmm so good. Please be humane to animals, they provide us with so much.
  10. Well, this fellow is going to bring some more sandpaper to the lineup. Thank you JB, absolutely love this signing.