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  1. Wow Hedman! Congrats to him on winning the Conn Smythe. Big congrats to Tampa too. Well deserved
  2. Toss up between Point and Vasilevskiy for Conn Smythe for me if Tampa manages to win it tonight
  3. Beary Sweet

    NFL thread

    Russell Wilson for MVP. A whopping 14 TDs through his first three regular season games. Now that’s impressive
  4. Well more hockey to watch. Would’ve been sweet to see the Bolts lift the cup but looks like my prediction will be right and might happen next game. Good game
  5. It’s been a even game overall so far. Perry got lucky since Sergachev was hurt on the play
  6. Well tough Game 1 loss for Tampa. Bounces weren’t going their way. Gotta up the ante and aggressiveness next game.
  7. Looks like Pietrangelo is going to become a free agent after talks with Blues have gone south. Is there a chance we could sign him? We’d have one of the deepest blue lines in the league if JB manages to pull it off

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      He’s going to be 31 next year and is going to demand a monster contract.  I’d steer way clear

    3. luckylager


      I'm with Goose. Don't see him as a good fit long term unless he came cheap... and he definitely won't.

    4. I.Am.Ironman


      He's 31 in January and will be looking for a 6-7 year contract in all likelihood. Hard pass from me unless he takes 4 years, which he won't. But who knows what players are thinking with Covid and flat cap. He'd get 9m any other year

  8. Should be a good, feisty Finals. Both teams hungry for the Cup. Dallas has a budding superstar in Heiskanen while Tampa got Point. Tampa has the edge imo with the star power they have. Bolts in 6.
  9. That was for Dallas but for Vegas, fack them. Team full of veteran stars, and dirty players. They don’t deserve to win a cup before us
  10. Kudos to Dallas for making the Cup final. Don’t think they’ll win it as I have Tampa winning it all but it will a fun series. Just tough seeing Vegas blow such a lead so easily after having dominated most of the game. Good luck to them.