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  1. Lonzo to Bulls, while Allen, Hardaway Jr stay put with their respective teams. Lowry on the verge of joining Heat via sign and trade like Lonzo. Wonder who the Raps get in return
  2. I’m excited about the potential of this kid and the player he can become. He will play a big part of our young core for years to come and hopefully help this team lift its 1st elusive Cup. He has a lot of development to go through but hoping he becomes the player we all envision him to be
  3. I agree. Adding Hand was good along with Berrios, Soria as well. It’s always great to be back home and the crowd is always electric. Hoping the Raptors can return back home too also
  4. Lakers are going to be a good team to watch. They already got Westbrook. Then they could possibly add DeRozan, Lowry as well. Hield in the mix also. Anything is possible when you have a player like LeBron on your team
  5. Nothing better than the feeling of coming back to Toronto and winning their 1st ball game back. Hopefully this will be the start of a strong finish to the year
  6. Nice. Are you thinking about renewing your PS Plus? If so, DM me your PSN and we can game it one time. I play offline modes as well. Pretty fun and I enjoy it personally
  7. You have PS4 btw? I usually play NHL 21 with a buddy of mine and most of the time I play franchise by myself
  8. Under the radar signing. Definitely still has the potential to be a solid 2 way player. Despite being cap strapped, this is pretty good
  9. Berrios has to be lights out for us to justify what we’ve given up to get him. Hopefully he can be our 2nd ace behind Ryu. If not, then we just gave up two high end prospects who would’ve been impact players for us in the near future. It’s the wait and see game now
  10. Wtf we traded last year’s 1st round pick in Martin and Woods Richardson for Berrios. I really loved Martin’s upside and was so happy when we drafted him and slipped into our lap last season. I’m mind boggled with this move but at the same time, if this move helps our starting rotation and playoff push, then I’m all for it. We seem set at SS and 2B with Bichette and Semien. We’re looking like solid team that’s ready to make some noise if we reach the playoffs
  11. Very excited to see how he performs this upcoming training camp. He seems to be in great shape. Has a great motor, utilizes his playmaking and shot well, and his forechecking and backchecking is absolutely off the charts. Can’t wait to see him finally hit the ice in blue and green! Go Podz!
  12. Shocked that the Raps didn’t take Suggs. I haven’t watched or know much about Barnes but hopefully he can become a player of Kawhi’s ilk that we’ve missed since our championship run. Welcome and all the best, Scottie!
  13. Same here. Hopefully Barnes can become the next LeBron
  14. Would’ve been a more ideal target for us. But Poolman definitely has the upside to be way better than this guy.
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