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  1. 1st time commenting on the forums for quite some time. Elated that Huggy Bear is named captain of the team. He worked hard to get to this point and deserves all the credit for becoming captain of the team for many years to come. Go Quinn Go!
  2. Elated about the deal. The term is decent but could cost us at the end. The AAV is solid. Let’s continue to ride the Miller train and get this damn Stanley Cup!
  3. Good for Gadjo. He’s still young and has potential to put it together and get his career back on track. I was pissed when JB placed him on waivers last season. Hopefully he does well for the Sharks in a show me contract
  4. That was the first NHL I got for my PS4 and I’ve gotten every one since. I’m definitely gonna pass on this one. I feel it’s like NHL 22 but they revised and tweaked it a bit
  5. I graduated from my pharmacy assistant program couple months ago. Where is best to work at now now that I have this diploma? (Eg companies)

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    2. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      There are probably government based positions as well (in a hospital or something) which, in my opinion, would give the most stability, benefits, pension, etc. on average over franchise based establishments. But, I am sure some franchisees try to pay better than government.

    3. Canuck Surfer

      Canuck Surfer

      Congrats on your grad!  :towel:

    4. PuckFather


      Congratulations! The job market is really strong and you'll get a good job in no time. so be picky and go with the best that offers you competitive salary and better benefits.

  6. Marlins trade Bass and Pop to us for Groshans. We also get a PTBNL in the deal. I had high hopes for him at one point but 1 homer in 299 plate appearances in Triple A ain’t going to cut it. More bullpen depth for us
  7. Incredible return for the Phlegms. Tkachuk wanted out and they were able to get a solid return. Huberdeau, Weegar, a prospect and a conditional 1st is quite a haul. The thing is both Huberdeau and Weegar are under contract through next season only. It will be interesting if Tkachuk will be able to carry the success he had this year with Florida next season.
  8. I love Kane as a player but I feel he’s a Hawk lifer and I just hate the Blackhawks. I can’t imagine the Hawks trading him away unless it’s a really really good offer that they just can’t resist
  9. Lillard signed a massive 2 year, $122 million contract extension with the Blazers. Harden going to take a $15 million pay cut to sign 2 year deal with 76ers. Things are quiet on KD front
  10. Kirill Kudryavtsev. Anyone have a good scouting report on this kid?
  11. Jackson Dorrington. We get another D. How exciting
  12. Couple more picks to go. Anyone late round gems we should be targeting?
  13. Ty Young. A goalie. Looks exciting. Additional G depth for us
  14. Daimon Gardner. Very interesting pick. I don’t know much about him. But he’s a C so it addresses another need
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