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  1. Well the Podz watch begins. I’m hoping he signs ASAP. We will get to see how he adjusts to the NHL and how his game and overall play looks. With Gaudette gone, maybe this is the next step JB takes and signs this kid to a ELC. After Boeser, Virtanen, and Lind (if he gets some games), our RW depth is very shallow. I really think Podz will take this team to new heights. Go Podz!
  2. Nice that we were able to get something for a pending FA. Benn was great for us in his bottom pairing minutes. But he was not part of our long term plans. Will be exciting to see OJ and Bowey get some action
  3. Not bad. We get a defenceman who is still young and has some potential. Maybe all he needs is a change of scenery to get it going. Welcome, Madison!
  4. Ahhhh I feel like it’s a trade for a sake of a trade. Hockey Gaud was a really productive player for us last season. It hasn’t gone that well this year but I feel he still had some potential to flourish given more opportunity. Wish him all the best in Chicago. Welcome, Matthew!
  5. Wowzers! Trades, trades, and more trades! Keep em coming. It will be very exciting. Can’t wait till around the time of expansion draft when teams will have dilemmas on who they should have on their protection list
  6. Rich keep getting richer. Toronto have Andersen and Campbell. I guess they want to shore up depth everywhere. D is up next!
  7. Nice. Laughs shore up their depth up front. Foligno is good but not as great as he was in his prime. He still got some game left in the tank and joining a stacked Leafs team. I like the Jackets’ haul though more
  8. Mete is definitely an interesting name out there. Solid d-man who can handle top or middle pairing minutes, can chip in offensively and is good defensively as well. Hope we can snag him if other teams below us don’t pick him up
  9. This kid is an absolute joy to watch. The passion he plays with and work ethic is unteachable. Great to see him doing so well and producing when it matters most. Very excited to see him in a Nucks uni as early as next season but possibly earlier if we manage to sneak into the playoffs.
  10. Nice to see the season resuming again soon for us. Get to watch the boys play. Need everyone to get healthy ASAP and go from there. There will be opportunities for some kids to play. Hope they impress and play their game! I’m ecstatic! GCG!
  11. Habs lose again. Free falling fast lately. The boys will still have a crack to make a run for the playoff spot. With Petey healthy, he should be good to go whenever called upon and continue where he left off before his injury. It’s going to be an exciting finish. Finish the season strong, boys! Get well soon and healthy asap. We are still very much in the race. GCG!
  12. Really excited about this kid. He has the ability to produce when it matters most and he certainly did it today. The sky is the limit for Podz. Can’t wait to see him in a Nucks uni soon!
  13. If we played our cards right last off-season, we could’ve re-signed Toffoli and sign a cheap back up over Holtby. Then we could’ve let Pearson walked this upcoming offseason. Oh well, as what McCann said when we drafted him, “it is what it is”.
  14. Just read an article saying Pearson and the club have both agreed that he will be protected in the upcoming expansion draft so that takes away the possibility of him being pryed away from us by Seattle. He is solid middle 6 winger who can get on the scoresheet and at times streaky as well
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