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  1. Solid game. Everyone played a part in tonight’s W. Dickinson scored his 1st as a Canuck. Many more to come. Pearson, Boeser and Garland potted goals as well. This team is definitely on another level when Huggy Bear plays. He does a little bit of everything for the team. Demko stood tall and shut the door. Hope we keep the momentum going and finish this road trip strong as we prepare to head back home for our home opener. GCG!
  2. Need to find a way to get the next one. Let’s go boys!
  3. Are you guys panicking? I’m not. As what Iain said just now, we’re only 4 games in. Let the team gel and find its groove
  4. I’m happy to see Myers back out there. Bloodlines of a warrior
  5. Boeser is buzzing tonight. Have a good feeling about him scoring a few
  6. Damn. Myers took one for the team there. Hope he’s alright
  7. I wonder how DeBrincat had all that time and space for that one time snipe. Demko had no chance on that one
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