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  1. I am the designated setup balancer and hosting mentor now tbh
  2. Final rant: I also think it's kinda disrespectful to your potential teammate to just flush them before they even get to present a case.
  3. Two week phases sounds awful. I don't mean that you necessarily have to use the maximum time in the phase. I just think it's worth it to play at least some of the phase to see if you can gain insight into how players react in that circumstance. Trust me, I know how tempting it is to just vote with your initial read, but I think there's a lot of info available purely based on how the other players approach the F3/4. Of course, I speak as someone who has botched more than their fair share of endgames.
  4. It's not really about this game specifically. As I continue to say, it is bad on principle to quick-hammer players in the late game when you could instead use that time to converse and re-evaluate. Unless you have piles of evidence for one player being a wolf you should use the time you're given. Also, there's always a good chance you were brought to LYLO either because you're the mislynch target or because the wolf expects you to vote wrong (not saying that's what happened here, but something to consider).
  5. Why would you insta vote in these final rounds? Have some discipline and do your due diligence.
  6. GG @naslund.is.king. Solid performance. Now you can't say your wolf games sucks.
  7. I don't operate from fear. That's the difference between me and every small man.
  8. You're just trying to lower our expectations like you did when you subbed in. You will be great and eloquent.
  9. MR is a mafia mad man right now. He's playing on multiple other sites as well, and he just got voted into the semi finals of this year's Mafia Universe Championship!!
  10. That's not a strategy that will take you very far.
  11. DM's only purpose with those GIFs is to annoy you. Don't even acknowledge them or it will be worse.