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  1. I know a couple dudes who don't prune at all, and others who completely defoliate. I just whisper to them and they tell me how much to cut in any given year.. lol. Only thing I really try to avoid is pruning during flower. They don't seem to heal very well once the veg cycle shuts down and open wounds tend to attract mold and infection in the late summer / fall.
  2. I didn't take much off the top, but they were FIM'd a little over a week ago so it may appear as if they were lopped. I was a little aggressive with my pruning this time but I didn't cut anything I wouldn't be pruning before flower anyways. I basically kept the top 3 junctions on each branch and pruned the rest. It's just gonna make the next prune less significant.
  3. Ok so just whisper the answer: what are we doing?
  4. What's this thread? What do you guys do in here?
  5. If you could go ahead and just get some westbound trains through Lytton thatd be great.
  6. I confess - I feel bad for starving children all over the world.
  7. Yeah bud rot is a bitch. Afghan usually finishes mid-late sept, it's an easy one but doesn't like getting wet. I'm hoping this Blueberry x Warp finishes more like time warp, which is usually mid sept, but white widow is always in October. I've found it's pretty mold resistant in the past tho. Gave all mine another hair cut today. Afghan and Widow ^ BlueWarp Gonna tie em down this weekend and feed the living $&!# out of em for a few weeks.
  8. Tampa Bay protected list: Connor McDavid Yanni Gourde Barclay Goodrow Bryan Rust Phillip Danault Matheiu Perreault Otto Koivula Roman Josi Seth Jones Jaccob Slavin Carey Price @canuck2xtreme
  9. With the 36th pick Florida selects Brent Johnson @Gally
  10. Nice. Looks like it could use a bit of pruning before it goes into flower.
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