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  1. Soderberg last remaining OTB player that's playoff bound. Colorado 26mins
  2. Soderberg last remaining OTB player that's playoff bound. *Traded to Colorado today. Looking for a 2022 2nd. Retention available for a good prospect or 2022 1st.
  3. Soderberg and Palmieri available. PM here or discord @BoKnows or myself will be around and ready to deal.
  4. Talks on Palmieri are heating up. Surprisingly quiet on Soderberg tho..
  5. Hopefully Sceviour scores double the points of those $&!#ty plugs. Or maybe I should give MASSIVE TRADE DISCOUNTS to anyone in C2X's division! Roar! (Jk)
  6. Well that totally sucks ass. Guess I won't be pending anyone ever again. Brutukake
  7. Pending should reserve a spot for after confirmation. You didn't confirm my trade until a few mins ago in pm and haven't even posted it yet.
  8. Lol seriously? I was only trying to make your life easier so you don't have to write You have 24 hrs to make space, after you confirm the trade in thread. Thats hilarious. "Pending trade" Wtf man. Brutal
  9. Pending trade announcement, TBL waives Anders Bjork to the High Plains Drifters.
  10. I pulled the pending waiver. Trade not even confirmed.
  11. Oh wtf. Lol.. Bruins bound wh Anyways, GML trade hasn't gone through yet, or been confirmed by C2X.. so he's pending. Reversing the pending waivers on Lazar. I'll have a 24hr grace period to make space, just like everyone else So &^@# yourself again Theo.
  12. Go &^@# yourself theo. You're a playoff team and have space for the ultimate plug? Fill your boots, clown.
  13. Florida Panthers have a decent pool of playoff/bubble players up for grabs approaching TDL. OTB - Ryan Hartman - MIN Palmieri - NYI Soderberg - CHI Bennett - TBD, but he's definitely getting traded at this point. Not making the playoffs - Virtanen Nieto Hjarmesson Retention available. Willing take back bad contracts and old farts to get deals done. PM me or @BoKnows for deadline deals.
  14. Pending trade announcement, TBL waives Lazar to the High Plains Drifters.
  15. FLA thanks nail for light and easy negotiations. We've been eating a lot of bad cap since I took over in January, but there's good reason, and although those reason have already been expressed I'll summarize with - the team needed a rebuild, badly. Upon my hiring we FLA was at 18 players with only 500k in cap space. Things needed an overhaul, but one with proper respect given to a solid young group of - Eichel, Carlo, Keller, Lafrenier and Kunin; with Bode Wilde, Cayden Primeau and Spencer Knight headlining the prospect pool. Since then we've moved out
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