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  1. Are you sure thats fine? You sure don't sound fine.
  2. Proud of my boys, they definitely deserve the accolades! Congrats Connor and Jaccob, beers on me boys, you earned em.
  3. Imo, guys need to pushed out of the top 6, subsequently crushing old &^@#s and clowns out of the picture. In an ideal world, Pearson and Hogs would be in the bottom six next year..
  4. Heat mat and a clone/seedling dome are essential for cloning. 2 weeks in the dome and they should be ready to take the lid off and unplug the heat mat, but will usually like another week or so under lights indoor, before you move em outside. Timewarp is usually ready end Sept/ early oct, never grown Maroc tho, so I have no idea. Some strains take &^@#ing forever to finish outdoor and just end up being a waste of time. Did you get any strain info with your seed pack? If it says 8weeks flower you should be fine for early Oct... but if it's a 10week.. $&!# goes sou
  5. I think both Azzy and aGent need a good kick in the shin.
  6. Slavin Goodrow Price ALL INJURED &^@#$&!#$&!#&^@#
  7. Tampa Bay Lightning Playoff Roster - 20 players Malkin - McDavid - Rust Danault - Krejci - Clutterbuck Lehkonen - Gourde - *Goodrow Luostarinen - Sceviour - Perreault Kuraly Josi - *Slavin Cole - Romanov Stralman - Timmins *Price Look out!
  8. Don't get me started Philly. I've been avoiding GDT's because I don't want to harsh everyone's mellow... But all our coaches and half the team need to be put in a boat and shipped to Antarctica.
  9. I watch when the Sens or Jets are on Punjabi but not HNIC because Toronto.
  10. I think Deniro is trying to say Brown is &^@#ing brutal but doesn't want to say it. It's ok man, Brown is trash. I agree.
  11. It's that guy? Man, he's always so fired up for Punjab edition. Very bland and boring af in English. He could work on that. He's awesome on Punjabi HNIC. Like, I have no idea what he's saying but I keep the volume on because they sound so excited.
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