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  1. Would he better if everything was ready now. Afghan is getting cut pretty quick, trichs are cloudy, no amber but it's gonna turn to a big pile of rot before long. Blueberry x Warp seems quite stable with very good mold resistance so I'm just gonna leave it. Very pretty plant to admire anyways
  2. Well the White Widow is finished, and not a speck of rot! Branches are so heavy they're either tied up or just sagging hard She's headed to the rack tonight. The Afghan (pic below, far left) is really slow to finish... sad... getting some bud rot Blueberry x Time Warp (far right) is really pretty, but still needs a couple weeks... brutal
  3. Front office budget 12m Medical 35m Player relations 8m High Plains Drifters AHL Opening night roster Kessel - McDavid - Rust Perreault - Gourde - Goodrow Lehkonen - Danault - Clutterbuck Deslaurier - Brassard - Luostarinen Josi - Jones Slavin - Romanov Stralman - Timmins Price Quick *after slacking hard all summer I'll be looking to make some trades to improve the top six, replace Gourde so he can be placed on IR and add depth to forwards and defense. Picks will be used to make this happen. If you want picks and have players to move, PM me here or preferably on discord. Thank you, and good luck this season.
  4. Patrick Kane available with full retention. Chicago looking like they'll be relevant again and making a strong push for the playoffs this season. Pat Kane is in the last year of his contract and willing to waive his NMC. DM myself or @[FLA] BoKnows if interested.
  5. Yes And shut up, rush. Jeez Dell and Forsberg are both doing their best
  6. Florida roster has top 5 pick written all over it.
  7. Keller - Bonino - P. Kane Lafrenier - E. Staal - Sprong Wagner - Thornton - Nieto Hudon- Beagle- Gadjovich Vlasic - Butcher Edmundson- Carlo Bowey - Sbisa Z.Jones Dell Forsberg Place Jack Eichel on IR.
  8. Ah crap, I missed Sharpy and Min's game of mother&^@#er.
  9. Panthers recall Jonah Gadjovich
  10. Let alf be right about something just one time.
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