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  1. Lol, Seth Jones is playing about 25mins a night and has yet to score a single point, take a penalty, or finish a game in the + column. Wakey-wakey Seth.
  2. *Impartial spectator* Voting closed NF was 38 mins mins ago. Wait on falc for calling the BK vote. It's not like I'm gonna count them, but someone just got deaded. If you bothered to count and know it's you, you know you're dead, and it's probably all your fault for not trying hard enough, or just sucking. Take your pick. Xox END OF D2. edit - thank me later falc. Or GK me for editing a post.
  3. It was utterly sarcastic. In no way should it be read as anything other than satire. I was speaking to what a candyass, namby-pamby, soft, diving-wimp culture sport the league has become. Go read it again.
  4. I'd rather have one them on the ice for 45mins a game, than both for only 25.
  5. Would be best to just put red arm bands on certain players. Penalties only get called if it happens to one of them. You can pick 7 forwards, 3 d, and your goalie. Everything else is ignored
  6. Let's revisit this thought in the playoffs, Daz. I'm just getting tired of railing on the guy. A few of us have hated him since day 1, we had meltdowns when he was extended last year, and now he's apparently trying to tweak his system to be a little more fluid and ready to break out, but it doesn't work at all. Guys are blowing coverage everywhere. It's as is if no one really knows where they're supposed to he or what they're supposed to do.
  7. One look at the pesky Sens structure from their last playoff run, and Baumer was like - "But the goalie has to stop the puck behind his net" And the idea was squashed forever. (I'm not advocating for the trap. It's boring af, but it is effective)
  8. Let's see... he's slow AF, refuses to play the body, isn't a great puck mover and has an absolute muffin of a shot. Let me think on this some more.