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  1. i thought your joke was funny, so you'll prolly get banned for it. you have to walk on jokes allowed
  2. what are you implying? one scoring line i never said. i get it gaudette is BAD at faceoffs,and we are stacked at C. but hockey isnt won at the faceoff dot or miller would be a ten million dollar player. we NEED two shudown lines and weakening our shutdown line and weakening our scoring line to just win some dots is not the way to go.
  3. I'm a master debater, what can i say. i also know that putting boeser on the second line is a mistake, that second line is a beastof a shutdown line. BB is nowhere close to being a shutdown player. If boeser cant figure it out on the third line,that's too bad.BB will be a third liner until jake starts declining or BB starts playing well, oh and ps why would i need evidence to support my opinion,i don't care about you fool.
  4. i was implying in my orig quote how bad that lineup was,which is $&!#e. Now sir, what shall i get a grip of?
  5. if you could never type like that again, that would be great.
  6. incorrect, until this team shows reasons we need a shakeup its staying the same
  7. ewww,gross. boeser is no way a shut down player, and sutter is no way a scoring centre. but thanks for playing
  8. I have been watching loui play lately, and suprisingly has been playing well. The whole second line has been on fire since loui has been on that line (10G and 30P even strength) . Defensively he has been forechecking strongly, and creating turnover chances in our own end. Offensively he has been grinding in the corner's and battling hard and has been rewarded with 6 points in his last 10 GP. Before loui was on that line bo and tanner only had 7p between them Even strength in their last 10 GP. Coach green has found one of the most dominant shut down line's in the league and guess what LE is on it. flame away hater's Go Canucks GO!!!
  9. was she talkin about a perfect ciilization? nope! she was just talking cold hard facts, i'll give you some examples. the world isn't flat and the classic vaccine's are good. hope that helps SMH