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  1. That looks amazing Armada, The girlfriend and I are hiking Stein Valley in Lytton this weekend. Can't wait, I'm not sure we will have enough time to complete the whole trail straight through to duffy lake road. There's only us 2 going so we couldn't coordinate a shuttle from one end to the other. It should be a spectacular 5 nights though either way. I'll see if I can upload some pics when I return if the trail interests anyone. It'll be super cool to see the old native pictographs. The trail apparently used to be a place where they had "vision quests"
  2. Thanks for the reply Perfect, The snow issue is becoming a problem with planning a hike for sure. Last year we did Cape Scott the may long weekend. Which is an option for us to perhaps take on the north coast trail as there's not much elevation gain. The hike turning into a snowshoe adventure has us (the gf mainly) concerned as she hates snowshoes. We did the tetrahydron snowshoe to the hut this winter and she absolutely hated snowshoeing with a pack on. Winter camping isn't an issue at all, it is just the snowshoe factor. That Kayak trip looks pretty good actually, we did a similar one last summer in Sechelt over 4 nights through the Sechelt inlet. Kayaked around and camped places we saw fit. It was definitely a blast.
  3. CDC, I pose you a challenge, the girlfriend and I are trying to plan an overnight hike May long, 2-3 days preferably. Can any of you Smart hikers here lend a hand on a great overnight hike to do in May? We wanted to do Wedge mount, but sadly there's probably still too much snow. The overnight hikes we have already completed: Tenquille lake, Joffre lakes, Black tusk (including the climb up to the top) Cape Scott. And are planning to do the Juan De Fuca trail this summer, and the West Coast trail next year. Thanks in advance.
  4. I did an overnight hike to the tusk, we started at Cheakamus Lake trailhead, dropped our bags off at camp (Taylor meadows) and proceeded up the tusk, it was a long day approx 13 hours and approx 25KM but well worth it. Woke up the next day and hiked out to one of our cars out the Garabaldi lake side. Edit: We did it during thePerseid Meteor Shower and had fantastic views from our campsite @ Taylor meadows. An amazing end to a long day.
  5. Yeah for sure, its a shame its a bit too late this year for the majority of them(unless you have some kick ass low temp gear), I only did a few overnighters this year Blacktusk, Tenquille lake, and Cape scott.
  6. My girlfriend went to Lindeman lake last week, she loved it. There's a good one in port moody called Diez Vistas..its a good day hike. or if you feel like venturing into pemberton, I really suggest Joffre lakes, about a 6 hour day hike. 3 amazingly blue lakes, you can even scramble up the far side of the lake and touch the glacier. ( I was going to post a photo I took of Joffre, but my lack of technological skills is limiting me) If you're into overnight hikes, theres so many amazing ones around here as well.
  7. I can smell you from here.

  8. I'm not wearing any pants!

  9. Overall, I thought that Strikeforce event was pretty good from start to finish. Mind you The Mayhem Miller fight was a little lame, good scrambling though.
  10. hey bunny cakes