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  1. ^^ that was supposed to go in the rap thread it's all good though yo,thats some retardulous wordplay.
  2. you're probaly right,college has 23 year old men playing though.there are 16 year olds in the Q.i could be wrong about mitts i'm basing my opinion purely on the fact he was playing against teenagers.he could be great too.i think it's too risky to use a top 5 pick.
  3. thats cool,it's still a risky pick because no one has been drafted that high out of that league.the canadian junior league's have always been regarded as far tougher league's,i sense jimmy carson 2.0.
  4. he's over rated,if he's so good why is he still playing in high more yanks,they'll just pull a kesler and ask to be traded to a yank team where they'll get the attention they deserve.
  5. i think there's a lot of people that don't care,i know i don't.that being said,i'm going to vote gabe vilardi
  6. i'm mad as hell and i'm going to take it some more.
  7. i can't believe the reffing in this stupid league.first he dives and makes the acual hands out diving motion and the refs fall for it.then he pretends to be hurt while the sens had a two on one chance and the retards fall for it again.whats even more hilarious is the pens were talking notes at the bench and one of the weasels tried a dive again,then malkin tried lying on the ice so the refs would stop the play again.exactly the way chicago and san jose play because they're used to the favouritism and so are their fans.the pens fans were so irate when they thought the puck was in but it clearly rolled over the your eyes you stupid jackasses.we have crosby malkin 3 cups and all the breaks from the refs but we're going to whine if we don't get our way every's time for someone to run up on gary bettman and through a pie in his face like cretin.make sure there's plenty of media around.cretin almost choked that guy to death for it though.bettman won't he's a huge B.oh yeah,and back to the concept of blowing the play down when someone is lying on the ice with a broken fingernail,remember the play going on for a minute when mason raymond was lying on the ice with a broken back?
  8. the nh don't fall for it JB.this is exactly like the time the media and hockey experts told everyone there was only going tiny,fast and skilled is win by getting the most out of your lineup and using they're best attributes to their fullest.unless they're planning on taking the violence completely out i don't see this need a blend in your lineup.that hockey news article is absolute dribble,it's like saying all boxers will fight southpaw from now on or ufc fighters will only use judo because the last guy won a title using it.garbage.they'll fall for it though like when the devils won by trapping everyone to death,then we had the ugly dead puck era for the next ten years,that did wonders for viewership......not.
  9. not a bad point.i think the fins have more heart than the americans.i hate to say it but kesler has it though...... barf
  10. no denying it,karlsson is awesome.i think everyone's overreacting,craig buttonhead has said the same f'ing thing,just more pc eloquently.the big ice surface creates higher skill,the small ice surface creates a more physical game that's just fact..also if you pee inside,you're north american,if you pee outside european.thats also just fact.
  11. i'm surprised anyone had any respect for him before.
  12. over reaction #2
  13. over reaction#1
  14. i watched germany vs denmark the other day.i wonder who the colour commentator was for that game on TSN,what an overtime he says the game only means something to germany and nothing to denmark.yeah right denmark could be relegated to group b if they end up last.this fool doesn't even know how the format works when he gets payed to tell us about it,what a complete idiot.