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  1. this just in from toronto,he did not target the head or leave his feet therefore it was a clean hit and no suspension is required.professor pronger did admit it was interference because the ref did not have the puck at the time.
  2. he should be considered for the coach of utica if they can get him.why not,he was a canuck draftee.maybe he's going to the nhl next year.
  3. i like it,he's from b.c.,played for a long time in the nhl.the canucks haven't had that in a coach since AV.he has a good irish name,something that seems to work with the canucks.the only negative i can see is he's a rookie coach at the nhl level.hey,even scotty bowman was a rookie at one time,i think the first year is going to be WD damage control though.if he gets the canucks to the playoffs despite that,he'll be coach of the year.
  4. dr.rectum paging dr.rectum,whats the proctologist's prognosis?
  5. le na na na na,le na na na na,le hey hey hey,le goodbye
  6. the guys a walking soundbite.cry all you want you were here for 3 of the worst years in canuck history,burrows was here for over took tryamkin with you and wouldn't play pedan,grenier and lots of others and gave ALL the ice time to a bunch of castoff bums like skills,chapoo,and didn't give 2 s&ts about the development of young players and coached like you were on tilt.even JB had to publicly tell you to play the young players,mostly did that feel,being told how to do your was one of the most frustrating seasons know your out of the playoffs and dingbat won't play the prospects.i feel no sympathy for him,if you thumb your nose at your boss you get fired unless your really good.i just read that article on canucks army,they were looking at why tryamkin left and who was to's obvious its WD,it's like reading an article from someone that watched one game a week.
  7. when i see linden in those election commercials it makes me cringe.he went from president of a gym to president of the canucks.does he know what the hell he's doing?it does not sit well with me that some trainer called roger takahashi called out tryamkin publicly about his fittness early in the year.keep you mouth shut takahash,it isn't your job to act like a high school queefer wrestling homo.he wasn't fit enough for the canucks.HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAH
  8. i'm done with the canucks and the nhl.a complete joke in everyway,a complete and utter waste of time and energy.they kept WD all year and watched him completely f#@#k this franchise for years to come.what do they have next year and the next?nothing.erickson the ex-bruin gets 6 mill for 6 years and really looks like he gives a f^$#k.they have one player that can fight and theyre the most bullied and disrespected team in the league.don't be a fool and spend a dime on any canucks merchandise,it only go's to the other franchises while we eat crow.F^%$K the NHL.who wants 31 teams anyway?i'll never watch another bettman NHLBA game.when the canucks get new owners and strip the franchise from top to bottom i might watch it again.enjoy the f^%king draft dodgers on the 29th again,it's our stanley cup to get screwed by the lottery balls.
  9. WD the gift that keeps giving.this fool will never get another chance to screw up an NHL franchise.
  10. hilarious people on here making up they;re own stories like he was homesick or didn't play well enough to beat out sbisa or larsen or beiga,can you read?he said he wasn't happy because the coaches won't play him.he probably thinks all coaches are complete morons like WD.that coach makes me sick just thinking about him.i knew this would happen the way he handles things.what an idiot to create this situation and what a bunch of idiots on cdc to chastise him for being benched by the worst group of idiots in the league.,i'm sure it was a big part of why he was fired,take all the WD cup supporters with way JB wanted this,he drafted him.take your half wit coach back dallas.
  11. thank you WD.good riddance WD.anyone that can defend that lame excuse for a coach is a mental midget.
  12. i still don't know what compelled the canucks to trade him and keep sbisa.bieksa only makes half a mill more and is 10 times better than sbisa.35's not that old either.i remember the days when the canucks would have gino,tim hunter,sergio momesso,donald brasher,dana murzyn,gerald didek,dave babych,+more toughness like crowder or antoski in the lineup on a nightly basis,if anyone ran the goalie or went after a smaller player they'd pay for.nowadays the refs would crucify the canuck anyways,thats why you see matt martin go after stecher.thats why you see babcock telling hairdoo to pull that crap.he wouldn't want that if it meant his entire team would be pummelled.i'd enjoy watching every second of that.i hope pay backs coming next year TO.
  13. wow,thats worse than i gets me going every time someone starts telling me how much better their fans are.if no fans are better than any at all then,yeah i guess they're right.
  14. who plays with finesse,finishes their checks and sticks up for their teammates?megna?it's laughable that some fans think its ok for stecher to fight matt martin because you know, think boston played finesse hockey?i'm convinced 50% of cdc are anti-canuck fans,our fans are the worst apparently because there's not enough team sweaters with megna's name on it in the stands.they only get 18,000 finishing close to last 3 out of the last 4 years and they can't even gets fans to go in most U.S. markets when the team is leading the division.but those 13;000 fans that only go because its $10 a ticket thanks to us are far better than us because they'd never riot.they'd never even make a minor disturbance about it,they don't care.
  15. let me guess,the one with the gun is america.
  16. you mean the same san jose fan that ko'd a young woman wearing a canuck jersey in the stands in SJ?you mean the same fans that yell YOU SUCK just before the singing of the canadian national anthem?anyone else notice that?is it just when they play the canucks or any canadian team?if vancouver fans yelled YOU SUCK just before the singing of the american anthem we'd never hear the end of it.vancouver has over 18,000 fans every game who cares what they wear,what are you the fashion police?montreal fans are a bunch of spoiled baby's,they riot more than us and no one says jack.i'm sick of the hatchet job on canucks fans.still butthurt about the riot.type in soccer riots in youtube if you want to see some real riots.
  17. i think travis green and dave lowry will be good NHL coaches but i'd go with crow.
  18. i think it's between marc crawford,dave lowry,travis green and possibly lindy ruff.pretty good list.
  19. mike keenan's probably the only one that speaks english,and we've been down that way jose.