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  1. i agree,everyone has a learning curve with a new he's on the right path and doing an exceptional job.seems like everyone's on the right page now(bye bye WD)
  2. i missed the last game but checked the game stats,eliminian had 15 tackles and i think the guy closest had about 6.this guy keeps getting better and bighill this year too.
  3. get back,jo jo
  4. another good move,JB's keeps this up and he could win gm of the year.solid draft,then good signings to let those players have time to develop properly.
  5. good signing,he's been great for utica.
  6. yep,it's chicago,only chicago,la and boston can come up with every innovative cap bending idea.the 3 most corrupt cities in the world where the biggest crooks work for the city and the biggest cheaters run their sports england needs another super bowl as much as we need to hear another story about bilichek caught cheating or another deflate gate.robert kraft the goof who owns the patriots was whining about putin stealing his super bowl ring,he showed it to him and putin didn't give it back,lol,thats karma.
  7. i think JB's done well at the draft and free agency this year.the only moves i didn't like in his tenure was trading bieksa and signing ericksson to too much coin and term.also should have had WD on a short leash.that was the worst display of coaching i've ever seen on the canucks.i think they're on the right track now.
  8. and played his way out of the nhl last year.
  9. it sounds like my icelandic family reunions.
  10. did you watch that highlight vid?he has elite skill doesn't need to be as big as bertuzzi,markus naslund had bertuzzi on his line and they were awesome,get a bonafide power forward like bertuzzi and sit back and watch the points pile up.what the hell is north american size anyway?morgan reilly?ryan ellis?johnny gaudreau?205 pounds of nazim kadri?LOL
  11. good pick,thomas gradin has done a good job as top european scout for years for the canucks.don't doubt this pick.
  12. oh man,still infatuated by WD i see.he should be coaching pee wee.the guy thinks he should be gm,coach,head scout and team sports psychologist.don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya,WD.
  13. i didn't watch the awards show,what was the joke?
  14. a lot of people were saying that on there too,i disagree.bettmans eyes were on benning when he was telling him too make the pick.then the kid went to the mic and weasel fonzi pushed him away.why would the kid just take it upon himself to make the pick,thats one of the dumbest things i've ever heard.he was obviously there to make the selection.squiggy(from lavern and shirley) has to be the most hated commissioner in the history of sports,yet still runs it like a twisted little fifa oligarch after all this years.
  15. i'm glad they didn't draft tchuck,overhyped tough guy that really ain't that tough like his dad.would the canucks draft brad marchand's kid?
  16. here's some negativity for you,the NHL is a shell of the sport i grew up absolutey sucks.bettman has gold fever and he'll crap on the traditions of the game,nothing's sacred with super weasel.
  17. this league is such a joke,las vegas has 14 draft picks and 3 in the first round because bettwoman wants them to win a cup in the first 3 years.the NHL is money driven and money driven only.they took a steamy crap all over canada and the history of the sport.if lost wages wins a cup,does it matter?they really just bought it for 500,000,000.the stanley cup will NEVER be won by a canadian team again.i'd put money on that.i love the sport but i absolutey hate what the money pervs have done to it.
  18. solid move,gives JB time to ink an extension.
  19. mayweather by flying armbar.
  20. you're pretty weak,get the hell out of here.
  21. it's his job,who cares.these wipes all would have paid back in the old days.ratboy should have gotten half of what steve moore got,i hope it's coming.
  22. another dckweed from boson.good riddence, useless little tool.