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  1. i'm still trying to get my nickleback from the jukebox.
  2. lineup looks great,i think the comets can make the playoffs and do well.the alaska aces folded,the canucks were only with them for one year but the travel was a problem so there wasn't a lot of call ups.now the canucks have kalamazoo again for their echl affiliate.should help utica and give the echl guys some hope.
  3. hockey writers ranked the nhl's farm systems and had the canucks at 7th,up ten spots from last year due to the outstanding scouting and drafting this year.the comets will be fun to watch.
  4. chris higgins was a waiver pickup in 2011,he helped with that cup run.
  5. i missed the last game but checked the game stats,eliminian had 15 tackles and i think the guy closest had about 6.this guy keeps getting better and better.no bighill this year too.
  6. good pick,thomas gradin has done a good job as top european scout for years for the canucks.don't doubt this pick.
  7. oh man,still infatuated by WD i see.he should be coaching pee wee.the guy thinks he should be gm,coach,head scout and team sports psychologist.don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya,WD.
  8. i'm glad they didn't draft tchuck,overhyped tough guy that really ain't that tough like his dad.would the canucks draft brad marchand's kid?
  9. looks like its between adirondack,jacksonville and fort wayne.tough decision.fort wayne has the name,adirondack is in new york and jacksonville is the place that produced the jackson 5.
  10. he's going to get a boxing lesson from floyd,no way he stands a chance with marques of queensbury rules..mma rules,yeah,he'd win.i'm not saying he'd beat any of those guys but i wouldn't be surprised if he tried someone else for $100,000,000.unless he takes a whooping,which is probable.
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