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  1. I normally don't agree with Trump, but I'm calling this the "Chinese virus". The fact that they tried to blame the US, and then when that backfired, tried to blame Italy is disgusting. It's their horrible and disgusting treatment of animals that has caused this. Take some damn responsibility.
  2. Because she was Asian? And I'd say almost 100% she was Chinese. And before you call me racist my wife is Japanese so that would be really awkward
  3. I believe the Chinese numbers as much as I believe someone selling magic seeds that grow money trees.
  4. Why have no numbers been released yet for today?
  5. Well there is that level 4 bio lab not 200 metres from the wet market where it "started"...
  6. Travel. I'll bet once Seattle enters the league, we'll see a lot less injuries due to less travel.
  7. Time to lock down China. Nothing and no one in or out.
  8. That’s a shame.
  9. Won’t work for me gives me an error every time. Safari on iPhone.