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  1. Someone is asking for $500 for a pair on a local used site...
  2. If you look into history, this has already happened in Russia many years ago when they adopted the same Marxist BS that western society is buying into now. It resulted in millions of deaths. That’s the path we’re heading down.
  3. I think we're real close, but we're a couple more high end D prospects away.
  4. Pro scouting is the department that needs a restructuring. I'd say a complete purging actually.
  5. What do you want? Photographic evidence? Because that would get me banned and rightly so.
  6. Oh, here we go with the name calling. That’s the problem with modern Liberals. Agree with every aspect of everything they say and do, or out come the names. How do you know I or someone I’m close to aren’t gay? I don’t agree with something, so I’m a homophobe? Get a grip.
  7. Guy walks around naked in front of kids on the street: "Arrest him!! What a sicko!! He needs a mental health check!!". Guy walks around naked in front of a bunch of kids in a pride parade: "Nothing they wouldn't see at any beach. Why is everyone so afraid of nudity? We're born naked. There's nude beaches all over Europe". I rest my case.
  8. What agenda? The agenda that thinks adults exposing themselves to children and others in public is wrong? That's an "agenda" everyone should have.
  9. Yep. No nudity at all. Give me a break. You've obviously never been to one. Maybe you should one day so you know what you're talking about before commenting.