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  1. Sorry but there’s no “discussion” or “debate” to be had when one throws out baseless claims about someone else which they know nothing while insulting them on top. I have no reason to stay and converse in such instances.
  2. Ty, the user said not to respond in one words so fair to assume they wanted in depth responses. Not for me to abide by such demands.
  3. Sure, whatever that means. And yea keep ignoring and not responding to my post. Hypocrisy at its finest...make a claim, don’t back it up. Makes me right wing and not a liberal. Never knew that myself !
  4. Yes, as I’ve said before it’d take a lot more time to respond to that survey demand. & in the meantime none of you have refuted or responded to what I asked. Case in point - I’m not “right” or a “republican” but most definitely a liberal.
  5. No, you’re dodging what I’m saying because you’re wrong. And yes I’m not a fan of Biden. I’m still a liberal whether you believe it or not and like certain democratic candidates as I’ve mentioned. Joe isn’t one of them. So I’ll voice out against him and continue to call out people’s hypocrisy. Such as yours where your claims thrown at me are baseless and couldn’t be proven. Bye!
  6. So another non-answer. It’s not bad to be wrong about things time to time. This is one of them. Again, you show me where I’ve ever been against core liberal values.
  7. again, expecting none of you to prove your false claims right because you can’t. But if you can, go ahead and do so Smaller than what responding to that survey would take. And typing that literally took a few mins, sorry if you’re a slow typer and thought it took a large amount of time.
  8. Sorry but I have a life and am working atm. I’m not able to reside in this chat 24/7 and be available at any given moments notice to chit-chat back and forth for an indefinite period of time. As for the birther thing, again way to put words in my mouth. I’ve never said Obama wasn’t born in the USA. Only mentioned it’s digitally proven that his BC which was released by the WH was shown to be doctored & to reiterate again, it doesn’t prove he wasn’t born there but does give more than reasonable points for someone to raise their eyebrows about / why the digital BC was layered over and touched after the fact. So yea, nice try to skew my words but I do in fact believe he was born in the States despite that - doesn’t bother me the least. ...what are you now, some kind of surveyor? I don’t have the time rn to give you a thesis of why I’m a liberal. I’ve said it numerous time so the onus is on you to show me otherwise. I would be willing to discuss it with someone reasonable but you sitting there with all sorts of time on your hands demanding me to do so is a no from my end. I respond with: show me where I’ve once posted here that I’m against liberal values, since you know the onus is yours for being skeptical. The very little I will say is that I am a supporter of Tulsi, Yang, and Bernie. And before you jump the gun (which you and others already have done anyways so why even bother); no, me not being a fan of Biden’s does not make me “right” or “not a liberal” as many users falsely have claimed. I wasn’t aware you/they know more than me about myself but hey this is the modern left we’re talking about So yea, ball’s in your court. Hope to hear your response back swiftly and “prove me wrong”. Even writing this up took a few mins away of work time so no way I’m responding to your survey demand. I’ll get back to it if you or anyone else bothers showing how I’m not a liberal in the meantime - which fwiw I fully expect you not to do since your claims are baseless and I’ll tell you right now, flat out wrong. Cheers!
  9. How am I “right” when I’ve said I’m not multiple times and share vast majority liberal values? ...when have I once whined? I think you’re speaking for yourself there bud. You and a handful of others literally whining daily in this thread for who knows how long. Maybe you’re part of the “idiots” if you jump to such rash and false conclusion. This is what’s wrong with the modern left. Me, a liberal, is labelled right. Nice!
  10. For a certain user that was downplaying the OEL connection and thinking JB can’t make a vision of that of the Dallas blueline, JB literally mentioned both the Stars & Lightning defense to something he’d like to incorporate. Both teams have not 1 but 2 clear cut guys capable of moving the puck up the ice. He said we have Hughes but would like to add another guy via trade if it can get done. Literally everything’s aligned up until this point...would be a shocker if a deal doesn’t get done at this rate.
  11. A couple??? More like just a start. This guy’s history goes way back. And yea I’m done as well. Clearly you’re unwilling to look at both sides objectively if you magnify one and dismiss another.
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