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  1. I bet brendan gaunce is going to make ryan kesler look very foolish in the not so distant future
  2. In b4 pill prices and chronic diseases skyrocket. Killuminati to ur body
  3. I don't forsee hansen being higher the burrows on the depth chart again this year.
  4. I'm excited to see him work with Malhotra on draws and turn into a wrecking ball shutdown center. Think Sami Paulson circa 2006 conn Smythe nominee with more ability
  5. This pickup will be huuuuuge for hank and grandlund
  6. He was pretty clutch when he was in the lineup
  7. I think he will be a nasty center in front of the net in under 2 yrs
  8. Well edler did take out Malhotra right before our cup run
  9. I'd do it for free tickets,and show up every game
  10. After the sedans u get oh Lund, Salo, bertuzzi. Not good enough
  11. Ya never know... I'm ok with hansen n burrows to do his job though
  12. Oil flames ducks
  13. Depends who we pick up. If he gets a top 6 look and fails we may get a bandaid while he's in utica