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  1. I just want to point out hes never missed a single game. In fact one season he got traded from phx to nyr and played 84 games
  2. I came in after year 1. I inherited: Semin - Ribeiro - Elias Huselius - Berglund - Boedker Tootoo - ---------- - Carrillo Boll - -------- Ryan Vesce Yandle - Hamrlik Aucoin- Hunwick M. Stuart - Vishnevskiy Kiprusoff I can't remember who else lol
  3. When I stated my opinion (not sure if you got a chance to read it amidst all the chaos) it was for discussion purposes. In no way was I trying to start an uproar or push any GM's in the direction of quitting. As a long termed GM not part of the executive team I just wanted to give voice to the members that may not have spoken up on their own and because I though the timing of the rule change (regardless of the rule change) was unjust to the teams that have built according to the rules currently in place. I was under the wrong impression of what the rule change was and I am somewhat indifferent though if it were a vote I would vote against it. However, the timing of it I really don't like. I've been thinking of some ways to promote parity and roster realism in this league. Maybe a rule of a team needing a certain amount of NHL players (18) currently on NHL teams should be mandatory when making a trade. It would add an element of strategy to the game as sellers would need to consider young players or show commitment to free agents just in order to be allowed to make trades. All and all I really hope the guys that quit stay because they all make the league way way better. To me, this is still the best fantasy sports league I've ever played in and still has potential to improve. Hopefully we can work through this process respectfully and with open minds as a lot of us clearly care way too much about this league and that is what makes it so damn great.
  4. My team's fine Crabby. It's the teams that are in true need of top end young talent that are suffering here.
  5. I totally understand the leagues desire to create parity in the league. I think that rule changes that force all teams to ice competent rosters could create a more competitive and realistic league. I can assure you that I love seeing bottom tier teams hire active GM's who ice competitive rosters as much as anyone. With that being said making a rule change of this magnitude mid season is TOTAL BUSH LEAGUE in my honest opinion. I know I just acquired a lottery pick so my opinion may seem like it is coming from a bias place but that is surely not the case. When I suggested changes to the scoring system I made it quite clear and it seemed to be fairly agreed upon that teams would need time to adjust and mold their teams appropriately according to the teams in the league. This must just be a total shot to the gut to teams like Vegas, NYR, Minnesota, Carolina etc who are all active members that have strategically rebuilt their teams to give them a strong chance at a very high end prospect this season. For these organizations that are most dependant on their lottery picks as one of their most valuable assets to build around this new rule implemented at this particular time is blatantly unfair in my personal opinion. I hate being in this position where I feel like I'm disrespecting our valued team of executives who contribute so much to this league year after year but I also feel as though it is my responsibility as a long tenured GM to speak up and have these discussions because our depth of membership and commitment and patience from the bottom as well as the top is part of what makes this league so great. Once again, this is not me saying that this rule couldn't benefit the league if implemented for the 2022 draft. I see the benefits. However the timing of this for the teams that have structured their organizations, depth charts, salary terms, etc based on the potential talent that is available at the top of the draft compared to say 10 - 14 overall is unjust; once again in my personal opinion.
  6. Lines: Olofsson - Kuznetsov- Laine Verhaeghe - Kadri - Nylander Copp - Wennberg - Killorn Calvert - Dowd - Comeau Engvall Turris Toews - Klingberg Hronek - Ellis Yandle - Oleksiak Gudas Murray/Koskinen IR: Kassian, Grzelcyk
  7. Thank you to @AndreLePlum for the negotiations. Chris Kreider spent his entire career in Washington and it is sad to see a player that has committed so much to the organization go. He currently stands 2nd in all time goals with the franchise and will bring great leadership to Anaheim. We welcome Matt Calvert who we are hoping gels nicely on to our team in a bottom 6 role this season. As per the added 1st round pick, it is available for trade if the right deal comes along but we are also very comfortable keeping and using the pick. Once again, all the best to Chris Kreider, you will truly be missed and will always be a Capital in our hearts. Thank you for everything.
  8. What's going on? why is the trade deadline so early this season?
  9. Report: The Washington Capitals are shopping Matt Murray and teams interested should inquire sooner rather than later.
  10. Pending the IR announcement of Matt Grzelcyk Re-call: The Washington Capitals re-call Pierre Engvall and place him on the NHL roster.
  11. Thanks to both @Sludge and @Crabby for working with me to make this trade and for their commitment to the CDCGML. It's great to see GM's with long term vision actively improving their team; though Toronto should probably put in an effort to ice an NHL roster . When Chicago approached us regarding Hagel we weren't looking to shop him. We regularly develop our talent and had a lot of optimism with regards to Hagel's development. Chicago identified him as a piece that they wanted to build around and the reality of the situation was that Hagel was likely to bounce back and forth from the AHL and wasn't going to earn a full-time spot until next season. We decided to take our chances by sending a very encouraging prospect away for a couple draft picks in hopes that we could parlay those picks into a player that was more likely to help us win now. We are very excited to add Wennberg to the organization and view him as a player that improves our team immediately in a spot we thought we could strengthen. The term on his contract also made him an appealing option as a player we think can fit in long term.
  12. Assignment: The Washington Capitals assign Pierre Engvall to the AHL.
  13. Same Old Caps? Another season with the Capitals ranked in the top 5 during the regular season but is this season really any different than the past? Regular season accolades are nothing new for the Capitals. They have been a top four regular season four years running including a Presidents Trophy for leading the league in regular season points in 2016-17. However, playoffs have been a different beast for this group. In spite of going all in year after year at the deadline, the Caps have not won a playoff series since their Presidents Trophy when they got bounced 2nd round by the eventual cup winning Devils lead by Mike Vanderhoek. In fact, during da.moose's ten year tenure as GM, the Caps have only made it past the 2nd round of the playoffs once which dates all the way back to the 2011-12 season when the group lead by Patrik Elias and Keith Yandle lost in the finals to Mike Richard's, Dustin Brown and the LA Kings. "Every year just seems to be something different" stated 10th year Capitals centre Kyle Turris. "DeBrusk beat us with a 5 fantasy point empty netter in 2018, last season only one of our 13 players made in through the unanticipated play-in-round and Murray's health has sort of been an issue at inopportune times. We've managed to stay confident and stay positive but no doubt it's frustrating." GM da.moose has done everything in his power to remain loyal to his core as players such as Yandle, Ellis, Kreider, Turris and Kassian have been in the organization for the entirety of ten seasons. With a number of expiring contracts at season's end and an inevitable expansion draft in the offseason, could this be the last year of Washington's window as an elite team? Can this group get over the hump or will major changes be made in the nation's capital? One thing that can be guaranteed is that the future is now in Washington as the team will be exploring all options to win the coveted CDCGML cup this season. Capitals Lineup: Olofsson - Kuznetsov - Laine Verhaeghe - Kadri - Nylander Copp - Dowd - Killorn Kreider - Turris - Comeau Engvall Toews - Klingberg Hronek - Ellis Yandle - Gudas Oleksiak Grzelcyk (lower-body) Murray/Koskinen IR: Kassian
  14. I think faceoff wins would be a really good one based on adding value to guys who deserve it. since 2005 the top 4 faceoff winners are Patrice Bergeron Sidney Crosby Jonathan Toews Anne Kopitar I don't think it's a fluke that those guys also have a combined 9 Stanley Cups in that same time frame. A few other names near the top of the list have been crucial depth centermen on cup winning teams.
  15. I agree fully but due to this year's weird schedule I think if we came up with a structure for next season a month or so before the deadline that would give managers time to prepare.