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  1. I wonder if it could be contract restrictions. Sportsnet doesn’t want to do a tv broadcast and doesn’t want attention drawn from their radio coverage.
  2. Keep em coming! Does anyone one know if the scrimmages are watchable? Via inter webs of course
  3. Your all doing it wrong. You have to compare the nhl players that made it with all the players from the AHL that didn’t make it. I ain’t doing it, lol, that’s a ton of work but this is the best link I could find. And then y’all arguing over semantics for the sake of winning a discussion...
  4. Well that was a heart warming read! I didn’t think about it much but you’re right. Even as a “lurker” there are certainly personalities I enjoy and the avatars, signatures, post counts etc provides a scaffold for these personalities. Great perspective
  5. Not really feedback but I think the reddit format of commenting is better. The way you can comment on a comment, a comment’s commet, or the original post. It’s far superior for organizing conversation, allowing people to tangentalize without distrupting the topic. It seems to be the future of online discussions. Obviously you’d need modifications like the ability to add pictures and link Twitter. Although maybe there is congruencies issues with the leagues websites...
  6. I think your kinda right. People working multiple jobs shows not only a need for money but also people willing to work more. People may work one job, and have a low quality of life because they don’t have time/don’t want to work another job. I think working that much is as detrimental as having less money and people realize it.
  7. And unemployment isn’t an expression of the success of one president but of a generation of progress. It’s also the result of almost random variable such as world politics and commodity pricing. Although I do give trump some credit for low unemployment numbers. BUT this is a result of tax cuts so he also gets extra(relative to other factors) credit for future under education, poor medical outcome, regressing infustructure etc. In regards to cetered politics-The opposition has become an expression of discontent and anger. I think we need mandated campaign reform to strip out rhetoric and populism. I’d love to take a look at one website and read all party’s climate policies. Without exclamation marks, without calling other party’s or ideas dumb or SAD(god I hate that one), no ads to articles claiming Sheer is a lizard person, just information to inform people. This doesn’t only protect us from ourselves but also outside influences.
  8. Thanks for the updates! Where do you get your info from? Do they stream anything?
  9. Size, I don’t think his IQ is as high and while his defensive awareness and effort seems good you see some questionable decision making(fly bys etc). I am no expert at all! Don’t wanna get reamed out by CDC, just playing the game. By the way, you can check out It’s only 5 dollars a month but tons of great content including hoglander. I hope it’s not against the rules but I am not affiliated
  10. a couple of the more buried shift by shifts. Podkolzin wasn’t who I wanted but I am growing to like him. His lack of production in the mhl is what worried me but I think his lack of production was because of the jumping around leagues and his style of play. He makes NHL/mature plays. He doesn’t make the low percentage plays which yield more points in junior leagues , but leave you sitting on your butt in pro leagues. Also, in these videos his team mates do miss some set ups. In addition to his great playmaking he is ridiculously tenacious and defensively solid. I don’t think you can call someone with such good defensive awareness to have a low IQ. I think in the second vid at the end of the second he blocks a shot then shortly after forces the puck out, which shows his defensive acumen and his will. I feel there is no way he doesn’t make it. Him being a star will hinge on him figuring how to take more risks. But I know nothing about scouting or even hockey for that matter. Just a Canucks homer!
  11. Seems fair... not a decisive win the the canucks but trades rarely are. For obvious reason. People are over valuing 1st round picks. I would take JT Miller over virtanen or Juolevi. And I doubt our 1st ends up that high
  12. Lol, I just want to spend my money on my over priced beer and mediocre food.
  13. Does anyone know a pub to watch the draft at? With sounds obviously