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  1. Honest question, have you seen reports or interviews saying this was the intention of the GM? Obviously size, skill, speed etc all play a roll in what players are signed traded for and picked BUT so does what players are available. Because even if your value size over other aspects what if these players aren’t available to you? You end up taking the smaller player. We all know how hard and expensive it is to get any good player, regardless of what their entangibles are. Also, what happens when you have a late pick like Point turn out to be a great player? I wonder how intentional it is, and think for the most part, teams do the best with what the have then fans and the media paint a bullseye around it. A team may prefer something they can’t get. Maybe Tampa would love larger players! But they’re stuck with what they have.
  2. I definitely agree with the puck watching. When I see him get scored against I think “he could have easily gotten in a position to prevent that with his elite skating” but no, he’s watching the play. haha. It’s all good though, I have no doubt he’ll figure it out. He’s really impressed so far.
  3. I’m jonesing for a shift by shift this year... I have the naloxone ready
  4. I did some quick math. The top 20 penalty receivers in the nhl take 1.79 penalty minutes per game while the in the AHL it’s 2.55. I don’t know if you’re wrong because I don’t watch many AHL games but do you have any stats or professional analysis to back you claim?