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  1. Linden Bure Tiger Williams Odjick Coxe McLean Tanti Brodeur Ronning Sedins
  2. gdt

    Holy moly. This team is so bad at OT. What a bloody joke.
  3. There are way, way too many characters in the show right now and with many more to be added soon, there had better be some guts busting action pretty damn quick!
  4. gdt

    It's shocking what passes for a penalty nowadays.
  6. Hutton showing some inexperience there.
  7. The Kings are going to have to put on their big boy jerseys if they want to get a goal in this game. Terrible performance.
  8. I'd be so getting a big sailboat and cruising away from the madness. Of course they won't do
  9. I'm excited...That was a bleeping beat down! Suck it TSN!
  10. This kid is trying to make the team....nice snipe.
  11. Just be aware. It is a very small venue so another hundred people show up and it will be overflowing...I would expect there will be plenty of room for the noon practice tomorrow and a heavier turnout for the 3 on 3 at 5 o'clock.
  12. No doubt about it. He made a couple of guys look silly.
  13. Ok...was at the practice with my son today. Had a great time. On a personal note my son was interviewed by CTV for over 2 minutes, made the VanCanucks twitter feed w/ pic and met several Canucks prospects plus Dan Cloutier. The top prospects were taking pictures with the kids and signing autographs following practice including Boeser, Cassels, Brisbois, Cedarholm, Subban, Jasek. We missed Virtanen and McCann. Nice kids all of them. Cedarholm has one of the most solid handshakes ever. Big fella. So I was a bit distracted during practice so I didn't get a chance to really pay too close attention. The guys that stood out for me were Virtanen (before he left and by the way there was not much in the hit, honestly big effing deal, can we move on here?), Subban and Jasek. Boeser also fired one laser beam that just stood out from the rest. Terrific release. One on one with Subban though he was shut down time after time. Jasek has some serious wheels. This kid can skate. One on one he was going right past guys. He did this a few times. Virtanen came as advertised. I also have to comment on the free agent goaltending GIANT, McLean (SP?). His pads very nearly reach the top of the net! He looks ridiculously large in there. Anyways, all in all it was a lot of fun. A good crowd turned out (couple hundred plus media types) and while I didn't get a chance to do so, I talked to a couple of people that got to chat with Benning and Linden for a bit. So there is a ton of access to everybody there.
  14. Boston just crapped the bed with this Debrusk pick. Wow...
  15. I'm glad to see JB pass on Lucic. Kings way overpaid and we may still get him next year.