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  1. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    The Hobbit- 3/10 Just not my cup of tea
  2. im currently considering starting a sim league for cdc. if i did would anybody here consider joining, i think it would be fun everybody taking a team and we allget to be nhl gm`s for a what do u think? do u think we could get 30 gm`s?
  3. Banned the user above you

    banned for having your sig made by canuckletux
  4. Banned the user above you

    banned for being in that tree far too long, srsly iz time for supperz
  5. Banned the user above you

    banned for being an annoying environmentalist
  6. i was thinking of starting a sim league for a few of my friends and i need some advice 1. what do i need to start a sim league? 2. is there anything elae i should know? this was about a sim league not a hockey pool so i started a new thread, and i probably wouldnt have gotten any help because my q's would be lost in the big advice thread
  7. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    we will never see 06/07 burrows again, i swear
  8. lol thanks dude, thats awesome

  9. its from veronica mars, and the actress is kristen bell if i'm not mistaken.

  10. who is in your avatar?

  11. and what movie or show is it from?

  12. who's in your avatar?

  13. ***The UFC/MMA THREAD***

    cro cop. uppercut. first punch.
  14. Say something about the Member above you

    spends WAY too much time on CDC
  15. ***The UFC/MMA THREAD***

    or it could just be the "cold medicine" but it probably was something not allowed..... boy do i love a good scandal