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  1. Go Canucks Go

    1. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      give them hell boys...out hit them and you've got a chance..block more shots...

  2. Daniel Sedin on the ice for gameday skate!

  3. #ReverseSweep beings tonight!

  4. Did you die?

    1. Shea Weber

      Shea Weber

      I work on majority of game nights atm. Il be poping in for the 1st period later tonigth

    2. micgao


      you better not work during the playoffs

  5. What an interesting night!

  6. Can people relax! Either cheer for the canucks or not, this is are team and there better with Kassian, Pahlsson and MAG

  7. Big game for jensen tonight hopefully

    1. Slender Man

      Slender Man

      great game by denmark

  8. Oh hey. Things are going good. How about you?

  9. Hey buddy! its Grabner_is_ftw! Hows it going?

  10. Hey buddy! its Grabner_is_ftw! Hows it going?

  11. University,Work,Soccer,Partying man! i've had no time to watch the game! but il be there for the chicago game

  12. i know! where have you been? D: