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  1. Well, that was an exciting weekend! Well played bud! Well played!
  2. My first thought when he started twitching was “Bomba!!!! Noooooooooo!”
  3. Only has to do with seeding for the next round.
  4. Exciting first night regardless!!! Great start for us both!
  5. I honestly haven’t had a chance to really look at everyone’s rosters... will through up some predictions over the weekend. I actually thought I was playing Winterhawks, lol... but OK Theo... let’s do this... looks like my boys put out a solid first night.
  6. Ouch, that looks like Scheifele out for the series. That looked like an acl/mcl to me. Replay looked like maybe an ankle...
  7. Great idea, I’m sure at least Winterhawks would approve!!
  8. I hope I can... lol, talk to me on game day Binnington doesn’t need a backup anyways.
  9. Bruins Playoff Roster Schwartz - Schenn - Tarsenko Dvorak - Draisaitl - Yamamoto Niederreiter - Stepan - Bjorkstrand Beagle - Kerfoot - Archibald Reider - Geekie - Aston-Reese Klefbom - Shattenkirk Nutivaara - Hjalmarsson Weegar - Oesterle Jones Binnington Dansk Black Aces Greer - Johnson - Raddysh Boucher - Bowers - Ratcliffe Lewington - Gaunce Heatherington - Clendenning posting early so I can make changes... and so I don’t forget Jannik. I realize I’ll have to lose one forward before the 30th... I’m thinking Reider, what do you guys think?
  10. Just so everyone knows, I have a few teams of ELC’s to post from the end of June deadline. will post tonight hopefully
  11. SIGN YOUR 2018 DRAFTEES TODAY OTHERWISE YOU WILL LOSE THEM I am assisting Agent and this time, so please send your offers to me. Time is short, so please be conscious of responses if it’s a negotiation... Greens
  12. Boston Bruins Qualifying Round Roster Schwartz - Draisaitl - Tarsenko Yamamoto - Schenn - Bjorkstrand Niederreiter - Dvorak - Stepan Beagle - Kerfoot - Archibald Reider - Aston-Reese Klefbom - Shattenkirk Nutivaara - Hjalmarsson Jones - Weegar Oesterle Binnington
  13. ELC Signings: The Colorado Avalanche have signed K'andre Miller to a 3 year contract 3.6 million dollar contract, $900k base, $300k bonus, $1.2m AAV The Colorado Avalanche have signed Kevin Bahl to a 3 year 2.7 million dollar contract, ($800k base $100k bonus), $900k AAV The Colorado Avalanche have signed Jack McBain to a 3 years 2.55 million dollar contract, $850k AAV
  14. Hi guys. Got swamped with work/Covid/baby... fell off the map. im back, and will stay closer... will provide ELC backup for Agent as he enters the witness relocation program. high fives all around
  15. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude !!!! Good to see ya!
  17. Roll Call! how are my bro’s doin? we are isolated (lost count - maybe a week and a half or more), and have ventured out very little. We live on a job site of mine, so I can work without leaving home, and we are surrounded with parks. We are doing well. I’m running point for my home (newborn), and managing a household for a 104 year old woman. Washing a lot of hands. you guys all ok? Would be good to see some voices if you all have some iso-time in your hands. if season ever starts, my whole team should be recovered, which was a mathematic impossibility before. Tarasenko and Bjorkstrand were to miss the season and most of playoffs, and so I had replaced them on roster to stay competitive in the post season... now my cup runeth over... healthy, we would be (I realize a couple players too many - I’d have to send some players down, but today is not a decision day)... Schwartz - Draisaitl - Tarasenko Bjorkstrand - Schenn - Yamamoto Niederreiter - Stepan - Dvorak Milano - Kerfoot - Geekie Reider - Beagle - Archibald Klefbom - Ristolainen Hjalmarsson - Shattenkirk Nutivaara - Weegar Jones - Oesterle Binnington Dell
  18. I hope they are still updating, this geek needs his Geekie points!