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  1. well ok, they ummmm... ermmmm... uhhhhhh.... hmmmmm.... wait, they make us feel like peeons to the brits???? yep that's one.... if there's more i have no idea...
  2. cfcf47_121a82a38256489c93bc8b21f2579c2b_mv2.webp
  3. Yeah but sheltered mins in certain aspects don't help if he hasn't played that much since we picked him up before the season started and it's getting used to a regular partner who may or may not fit the style of play of another d partner so "sometimes" other factors play into it but playing with Rafferty has to be helping him get used play with more offense that compliments his stay at home D style.. JB has made a habit of trying to put that together more but he can more as we're not tied into many long term contracts as we did before, we're getting there but people have to just get used to the fact that there so many factors involved when a team is being rebuilt as it has in the last few years.. Fun to watch? Sure, we have beat some pretty good teams and they know if their not on their game their going to lose unless we're having an off night as we do here and there.. Personally can hardly wait to see Hogs n Pods as they go through their development... Always need help at the back end usually though, good to have depth.
  4. Yes you are allowed but if you want to be realistic, Chem takes awhile and putting JV on top line is good for him ms Bree.. he needs it, the more confidence he has the better, it's trickle down affect can't help but help spreading out our team.. can't be relying on one line to produce when the opposing team puts their top shutdown line against. So now JT can be on the 2nd line and makes it more lethal, especially since Bo needs as much help as he can get so he can produce.. see how that works girl?
  5. How the F can you have incredible chemistry on a line when JV just started playing on it???? Dude, be realistic... and they need a bigger body on that line and if Miller can spread out the scoring on another line that could use the help why wouldn't you do that?
  6. No matter what, make the playoffs or no, the team is learning to play together without a huge rash of injuries (knock on wood) although some this season of course and enough for Green to have his hands full juggling the lines and seeing how the new guys and rookies play together, and it's hardly over yet but we're still not there getting used to each other BUT as time goes on and new players come in but not to the degree that JB had to do anymore. Sure, it'll continue to happen as we shed some contacts and sign others plus players like JV finally hitting his stride and having our top 6 look pretty good and depth to step in when necessary is going to be a lot of fun to watch.. Then it'll be challenging the elite teams we lost to before, and turning them into wins will make all the difference. Just hold on to something, the ride is going to get to another level soon, hey mister Stanley, vancouver is calling! On hold? Ok we just need a bit more time anyway but pack your bags sir! Your long overdue..
  7. P.S. your JD Burke quote is hilarious, but amazing, guys like that think they know much.. good grief.. as if it's all about scoring goals.. (twit) Like this team doesn't need a top 6 forward with grit as well as scoring and leads by example, and fit in exactly when and where we need him to be and can make Petey's line or Bo's line all that more lethal.. He was exactly what we needed and is only 26 with a reasonable cap hit and will be here when we make our most serious push for a cup in 2 yrs.. man JB nailed it...
  8. Yeah but with skill like that.. i'd say it's worth waiting for an it's not a bad thing in a way as we'll need every cap penny we can get our hands on soon as we still need to sign Petey and we're still stuck with both Lou's on the hook but in 2 yrs OJ won't be commanding huge dollars without having established himself yet as a top 4 D and that hardly happens overnight usually.. And whoa that Rafferty last goal? Nice!
  9. OJ already did that by how well he did under Salo and just injuries got the best of him but when you see his skill level, you can see why he was high in the draft, was it unrefined? Yes, was it lacking defensely? Yes, now he's starting get going after just plain bad luck but he's overdue for a long stretch of healthy so see what happens, if he turns out to be top 4 as projected then it's still a win especially since we won't have to sign him for much until he's proven so not a bad situation.. Brogan, OJ, Woo, and Chatfield will fight for spots and top injury call ups when needed. Depth at D is something every team needs and that's not even bringing Train into the mix..
  10. I did... When JT Miller was signed, then Myers and Benn.. as soon as we got JT things were better immediately, then with Rous returning, then it was JV's year to start stepping up, then Hughes and Leivo performing very well.. And all this is just the beginning as our young guys mature and the prospects developing ok, how could this team end up next to last like the media said would be?
  11. Honestly this tells us that we have a bonafide shot at getting in, the rest of the season is a cake walk compared to Nov which was a make or break month that we barely pulled off with .500 hockey when we played the hardest teams and we were banged up. As long as we win more games than we lose we might just squeak in easier than most people think since that was our toughest stretch and as long as we don't sustain a bunch of injuries we should be ok
  12. Hmmmm nice to see some more a$$ Kickin.. keep it up boys! Crow is being served to the haters and in the next few years imo it will come with salt rubbed in deep.. Yep keep listen to the media etc and see how that works for you.. (Cough cough "today 12th overall' cough cough).
  13. Well cap hell will be gone soon and maybe the cap will get bigger when the new tv deal is signed but who knows but the cap cost us a cup, I'm still pissed about it. Moving on though, sure JB made a few gaffs but there's no such thing as a GM who has nailed it everytime and JB still isn't a seasoned pro yet and will still get better. Read a tweet of JB in the summer and by his own admission, negotiating wasn't his strong point but he also mentioned he's getting the hang of it and it sure makes a difference to have yourself surrounded by others who do that you can learn from and it's obvious he has. Are we a patient bunch of fans? No but at least I think now the JB has put together a really good team that will only get better.
  14. If he had a hand in the JT Miller deal.. that was fn impressive..
  15. Yep... And actually, even if we lose but Pods does well and even scored the game winner against us I'd still come away stoked, another JB steal, and another reason the JT trade was a moot point as we already scored large on him and hogs, that boy has drive and you can't teach that, can take years to motivate via development but if it's already there then it just needs to be honed to a point and then look out... Looking forward to the depth we'll have soon and the fierce competition to get onto the roster. Not quite there yet but this is all been a learning curve from mgmt to coaching to players so it'll happen.. just when and I think it's a general consensus it will get better gradually for the next few years but fun to watch getting there..
  16. This is the most pathetic poll that I've seen in along time. November, with our injuries was brutal but somehow we managed pulling off .500 hockey against the top half of the league and now it's a reasonable schedule from here on in and we're on a winning streak x 6.. Unless you haven't noticed, it's a huge thing to shut down opposing top scoring line when your team's leading shutdown guys are out of the line-up. Sometimes I wonder why people just refuse to see the BIG picture, maybe one of these days....
  17. That wasn't being mean, that was you just being clueless but whatever.
  18. Atta boy Marky! No matter what, this will keep his stock way up.. As long as the NMC's and NTC's aren't involved and he's signed for another 2-3 years as Demko and DiPietro develop and then ask him where he has the best chance of being on another really good team and finish his career long and well paid.. He deserves it no matter where he plays, here or otherwise...
  19. No, close but no, JT Miller.. for an average goalie and a conditional pick, that may or not ever make the nhl. not only can JT score highlight reel goals, the timing of some of them has won us games and he's capable of playing on any line, not just top line and one dimensional.. JB pulled one out of his *** on that and everyone thought we over paid.. that was hilarious.. larceny to the 10th degree... and it was a mute pick anyway since JB did it again on Podz, who is worth the wait and will be a big part of this team in 2 years when we need ELC's to help with salary cap juggling which teams have to do anyway but add even Hogs on top of that.. Going to have a pretty kick ass team if JB keeps it up.. thankfully in the last few years he's learned what we're going to need more than ever as we hone it a fast skilled tough team that's the only recipe for winning a cup..