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  1. 3-1 Vancouver Granlund, Sutter, D.Sedin GCG!
  2. Weal good idea.
  3. I know a rebuild is a process and there really is no short cuts. Even Edmonton had 4 1st overalls but still took them a while to develop. I propose these moves between now and next year. Before Draft: Say we grab the second overall pick and take one of Nico/Nolan, we ship out Tanev + 1st (In this scenario, SJ wins the cup) + the Second for Duclair & their 2017 First. Arizona does this to solidify their backend and still getting assets for Duclair who is underperforming. Then we snatch Liljegren/Makar or another center with Arizona's pick. We leave the draft with two good prospects and Duclair who may need a change of scenery and will fit well with our team. Then hopefully, we end up snatching the first overall pick next year and grab Dahlen which solidifies our back end for years to come and gives us the option of dealing one of Hutton/Gudbranson for a servicable top 6 player. thoughts?
  4. Can someone please give me a quick rundown why we may pick lower despite finishing the season as a 29,28th seed? I know there is the Vegas pick that takes third but what is it about the way it's pick that we would possibly slide to sixth for example?
  5. How about: 1st 2017 3rd 2017 Sbisa for Landeskog thoughts?
  6. Started a new Career with the New Jersey Devils. Pulled off two trades so far.. very unrealistic imo.. 1. To New Jersey Devils: Ryan Ellis To Nashville Predators Bryce Salvador, Michael Ryder, 4th round pick 2. (Deadline Deal) To New Jersey Devils: Kevin Fiala, Taylor Beck, Victor Bartley, 4th round pick To Nashville: Andy Greene I now have a young D-Core that I could ride with for years to come.. Gelinas-Severson Ellis-Larsson Bartley-Merril
  7. I'm sure it's somewhere here, but can anybody tell me where I can watch these games? I need hockey in my life right now..
  8. Yeah i changed it because in the GM Game many ppl mistake my name with other Gms with "Luongo" in em, and i was gonna trade for Kuba but the other Gm got confused and traded him away to another team.

  9. Haha, nice name man.

  10. Penguins dont have anything to do with canucks?
  11. Banned for having bertuzzi in your name :D
  12. Banned for hating on girls.
  13. HANK WINS HART!!!!!