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  1. 'Stuck on You' Elvis Presley and the Jordanaires
  2. You guys need to make a trip to Asia. So many people,laughable human rights,no animal rights,not a thought for the environment. Here folks throw their trash out of their cars and from motorbikes into the oceans,roadsides,streams,rivers,ditches-everywhere. I pay $2 month for garbage pickup in a fairly exclusive area but still folks throw their garbage into empty lots cuz they don't want to pay $2 a month. People-kids,adults,teenagers with guns shooting birds in your back yard,netting the birds to sell them for a buck or two,dumping everything into the ocean,always throwing garbage anywhere they wish,burning plastics and garbage all over,no recycling of toxic wastes or hazardous anything-just dump it or burn it. Puppies and kittens thrown on to streets to die in a ditch or get run over , any animal that can net a buck is captured and sold in a market, police only interested in getting off their duffs if they can make a buck out of it . The majority of the world live here and all this dumping and burning and environmental destruction is coming your way. It already has and it is a quickening. There is near complete lack of intelligence,leading to a pointless extinction.
  3. Unmanaged Kassian : October 8th-January 27th -27 games 2G 5A 7 points Managed Kassian: January 30th-March 1st- 12 games -7G 3A 10 points One side of the argument is well represented herein.Like you say,plenty of spin by the pumpers here attempting to make Kassian look 'good'. Fact of the matter is the team had a healthy record with Kassian barely contributing on the score sheet and top 4 d men dropping like flies. He iss a third liner on a winning team and did not begin to produce until he was sat out and made to react -whether you like it or not.
  4. You conveniently sidestepped the important parts he conveyed: my opinion is that there is more to the zack story than any of us will do what's best for this team...if that means keeping or letting zack go, i have to believe it will be in the best interest for the team...there are no i's in team..
  5. 23-13-1 : Highly reflective of his first 26 games played period where he registered 5 points and was a healthy scratch candidate. Am I doing this right lol pumpers?
  6. You don't like the GM or the coach,don't like the captain,don't like the goalie. Must be missing many other things you don't like about the team. If this team that has Henrik at near a PPG pace without a PP is not to your liking or the fact that the team is in a position to compete in the post season is not to your liking or the fact that this team that has undergone major injuries to the d corps but still has 12 more wins than losses is not to your liking..... just what do you still hate? You're not very happy considering what Benning was dealt with last May.
  7. If we don't make the playoffs,does this mean that some of these core thread machine churners are gone?
  8. Congrats to Captain Consistency! 700 NHL Assists Club is next. Right now he is sandwiched between Henri Richard and Sergei Fedorov on the all-time assists list. He should surpass Hunter,Andreychuck,Stevens,Beliveau,Roenick,Alfredsson and Shanahan by year's end. If he continues on his career average trajectory he will surpass Robitaille,Nicholls,Ullman,Brind'amour,Potvin,Robinson,Weight,Federko,Chelios,Damphousse, Selanne and Ratelle next season. That brings him up in to top 35 in the history of the NHL. In his contract year he should be within the top 30-all Hall members except Jagr #7 and Thornton #19 (both still active).
  9. That was Desi's quote and views.I was tardy in editing it. My views were laid out last year after Benning was hired and can be viewed on my profile page-going back to before last summer ended: "With just weeks left in the offseason my feeling is the team will be competitive but not a contender .Let's see what Benning brings to the hopeful. " Updated 07 Sep · 4 comments You can't force a veteran off the roster if he has negotiated and holds a full NTC.
  10. "Benning is a genius, I finally figured out his plan, which is to give the core one last shot before getting rid of them. Now imagine, Canucks' get rocked in the 1st round. Then Benning can go up to players individually asking them to waive, and this way it won't hurt team morale because they know they would have messed up. " desiboynuxforlifee Benning can ask all he wants. The vets don't mess up as they give their all.Management fails in that they have not assembled a strong enough team to truly contend. Bonino as a second line center ain't cutting it. A team without a second line is what this team has been and still is. Failure to provide a PMD ain't cutting it. No second unit PP and a first unit that has a marginal record. I guess stranger things have happened and the Canucks could win a couple of rounds but the vets don't own the reality of the re-tool when the run is over. That lays on the shoulders of management-past and present.
  11. Conclusions I draw from Deadline day: 1) Benning believes this year the team will make the playoffs and has the potential to go deep. Make the playoffs,yes. BELIEVES this team can go deep-doubtful. A round of post season play will help the organisation in most every way. If Benning felt the team had the potential to "go deep" he would have picked up veterans to fit holes like Detroit just did. Benning is looking towards the future while remaining competitive. It's all positive but not cup positive.
  12. Did not know Baertschi was demoted to the AHL for his lifestyle antics and refusal to recognise his position as a professional. This is nothing like the Kassian situation. Kassian has had hundreds of games and multiple years to develop here and has had issues. Baertschi suffered under the 'truculence' factor of one Brian Burke. Our gain. "Management pissed away an asset because they couldn't control themselves and then overcompensated by publicly dragging the kid." Hodgson and Dufus Gillis written all over it.
  13. I know that is one perception out there but JB doesn't lull other GM's into anything. He is a fair trader and his edge is that he has done his homework and done it to the maximum. Because of his honesty,penchant for hard work along with a deep understanding of the Canucks and the positions of the other teams he has a competitive chance at succeeding. Other GM's will work with him as he has that honest reputation. We can see that in the early deals he has done. VANCOUVER - We’ll see on Friday, but Jim Benning has never been big on words. He hasn’t much needed them. The 51-year-old’s work pretty much speaks for itself, although Benning will have to say something when he is introduced Friday as the Vancouver Canucks’ new general manager. “I would say he was careful with his words,” Benning’s younger brother, Brian, said Wednesday from home in Edmonton. “I was a little more talkative. But it’s time to step out and lead, right? He’ll have no problems doing that. “I think Jim will go (to Vancouver) with the attitude he doesn’t have all the answers, but he’ll certainly work hard to try to get them. He has always had a soft spot for Vancouver because he played there, and he has always had a summer home in Portland," said Elmer Benning,Jim's father. “He’s very smart, very honest,” one scout said. “He knows who’s going to play and who isn’t. He knows what’s going on all the time. And don’t let that quietness fool you. He’s intense. When he walks on to the draft floor he looks like he’s ready to fight Mike Tyson.” Read more: Read more:
  14. I hope you find yourself happy and wanted in the very near future. With your intelligence and skill level it should be a smooth transition. Best of luck.