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  1. Harkness or Sparrow?

  2. Just want to give a shout out to all the hard-working mods for continuing to lock all the ridiculous threads that are continuously popping up lately, before they get the chance to garner any attention. Your efforts are not going unnoticed!

  3. I really feel like the Canucks are going to bounce back tonight...

  4. Ya well its Vancouver. I expect these reactions, yet I'm still shocked at when I see them. I just hope it doesn't get to the point like in Montreal where they have booed their players.

  5. Having trouble navigating around this thing. How do I just go straight to my profile from any page? Or how do I go straight to my profile from the home page?

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    2. Shift-4


      use the force

    3. CaptainJack


      Thanks for the replies guys! So far I only know how to access my profile by clicking on one of the threads first. Call me stupid, but I don't see "CaptainJack" anywhere on the home page...

    4. Canuckletux
  6. I know right?!

    The reactions are just RIDONKULOUS.

  7. Was looking at my Canuck jersey today. Haven't touched that thing since after the loss to Chicago. Won't touch it until the first game of the regular season!

    1. debluvscanucks


      I wear mine.

      Just to still feel connected. :)

    2. Canuckette_84


      I touch mine all the time...

  8. Happy with the Raymond deal.