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  1. Appreciate the feedback good and bad, I am definitely stubborn and an emotional fan. This incident had nothing to do with the score. I've never been kicked out of any arena ever, having been to about 50 Canucks games in my life if that means anything. I think as someone who has been a passionate fan is why it stings to have arena staff patronize me and not take any sort of blame. Because this could have been much worse, but thankfully wasn't. I know that in this situation, my word likely means nothing, which is why I heavily stressed to the multiple complaints the usher told us she received, and the ticket holders who directly vouched for us in our row. We were not the problem, I can assure you of that.
  2. Two sides to every story. I have witnesses that we did not engage physically until after it took place. That situation wasn't the issue. I don't want to get into a fight asking someone to lean back, however, it is what it is. Other party ended up in drunk tank I presume, so it's pretty clear what the end result of that is. It's a frustrating situation that was made infinitely worse by the staff. There's a right way to deal with things and I don't believe that we were treated properly afterwards. Respect is simply moving us to the new seats and moving on with it, which I was happy to do. It was at a point when emotions were clearly still high, so that is the issue. In my profession, I deal with clients everyday. Customer service is always #1, I don't feel I got that. I have high standards, and I don't expect that to change.
  3. I've spent tens of thousands of dollars over the years on Canucks tickets and memorabilia. It's actually not the fact that we got spat on or that security let us back. It's that the main event supervisor decided to attempt to pin in on us, despite the fact that there were multiple complaints and ticket holders in our area backing our story. I don't care about the altercation as much, sh** happens, more about the treatment and the discussion we had afterwards that's the crux of my complaint. I can admit this is an overreaction to someone who wasn't involved. But in the context of this, how would you react to a sibling or wife or husband be spat on? We did not engage physically, we did the right thing. However I almost regret not doing so in hindsight, as the event staff. It's a big deal when we shell out for a ticket package. I paid money for my seats. This is about definitely about money. Don't happily take my money and give me sh*tty service. That's not good business IMO.
  4. Last night myself and my brother were subject to sitting behind a row of 8 losers in Section 330. When I asked one of them to stop leaning on the rail I received threats. Now in the context of this, I am 210 pounds and 5'10", and can handle myself. However, having entered the professional world and due to my highly regulated industry, I longer get into fights or risk losing my ability do have license to do my job. Below is the beginning of an email chain exchanged with Victor De Bonis. If anyone was sitting in my section feel free to post what you saw. For everyone else, I will post the results of my complaint, and we'll all be able to get a better sense of whether the Canucks actually give a f*** about their fans. It's likely too late for me at this point to continue to be able to be a fan of the company, but hopefully for some others it can shed some light. Also, before the "you should've known better" posts come in, I wanted to return to my seats as I had come to watch the hockey game in the seats I paid good money for, and that was my mindset. Just wanted to get my story out. If anyone has anything similar on security, feel free to post. From: Victor de Bonis (*** Sent: November-15-14 9:08:28 AM To: ****** Cc: Michael Doyle (*** Hi ******. I am sorry to read this. Michael Doyle, our Arena General Manager, and myself will personally look into this on Monday and call you back as soon as we can. Victor. Sent from my iPhone From: *** Sent: November-14-14 11:18:46 PM To: *** (*** Dear Mr de Bonis, I write to you this evening to make a request of the Canucks organization. My family purchased an Ice Pack for the first time for this season and our account number is: ***. I would like to request a refund for my remaining tickets of my remaining tickets due to the situation that the Rogers Arena staff had put myself, and my brother into this evening, November 14th 2014 at the game against the Coyotes. It is with incredible disappointment as a lifelong Vancouverite and Canucks fan to no longer have any desire to continue to cheer for the team I've grown up rooting for. The context of the situation is that an incident occurred at approximately 10 minutes into the 2nd period of the game. Our seats are in section **, row ** and seats ***. We asked an individual who was leaning forward on the rail in row * in seat * or * to lean back. Subsequently the individual to his right asked us to "shut the f*ck up or we'll shut you up." When we asked again a second time for said individual to lean back, in an admittedly antagonistic tone, around 6-7 males immediately stood up in row ***and began to threaten to assault myself and my brother, who was sitting directly to my right. We immediately left our seats to seek security and we believe the issue was to be resolved quickly. The individuals whom we complained about were asked to follow security and police to leave the section temporarily. The individuals, who also are season ticket holders, in row ***seats ****, had vouched for our account of the story with the usher and present security as we stood at the entrance. The primary host, whose name escapes me, had told us to take a walk around. Without being told anymore information he had walked away with the said individuals. We asked the security guards if we could return to our seats as it was midway through the period. The east-Indian female security guard said "yes, it's ok to return to your seats". Soon after, the individuals we had complained about were one-by-one allowed to return to their seats. While they were walking up the stairs, security asked us to leave the section with them. As we obliged, one of the individuals we had complained about spat onto my brother. Security ensured us that the individual who had done it would be going to jail for the evening and we decided not to press charges. Our discussion with the primary host was what was the most disappointing part of the entire evening and is the reason for my request. He told us that the accused group said that we had instigated the situation, and that we shouldn't have gone back to our seats, despite the fact that other security employees had allowed us, after asking them mind you, to return to our seats. I cannot describe in words how incredibly disappointed in the fashion that we were treated by the host, as it was your staff who put us back into that situation, and furthermore even be unapologetic when my brother was assaulted. There were multiple complaints from rows ***** in 330 according to the usher however she admitted to us she did not see anything that violated any rules herself. The individuals in row subsequently came down to the concessions level and again engaged into a conversation with the host, giving the host a story replicating the one we had provided. The host continued to be unapologetic, and that is why I am sending this email. He offered to give us seats in the lower bowl and to pay for the drycleaning for my brother's now stained clothing, which we accepted. While we do appreciate the gesture to a certain degree, the tone in which we were spoken to by the host, along with the fact that your staff had instructed us it was safe to return to our seats, puts myself in a situation where we can no longer support a company that treats its customers in this fashion. Incidents happen, it's an event where many are intoxicated, I understand that. But to be blamed by your employee for being the victim of an assault is simply unacceptable. The individuals who had threatened us should not have been allowed back into their seats. We should not have been put in a situation where we could have been physically harmed and we should never have been accused of deserving to be the victim by your employee. A victim of a crime is at the end of the day, a victim and deserves to be treated as such. I hope to hear back from yourself or someone on your staff. I can be reached through email, or my mobile *** Regards, ****
  5. It's been 14 games. We'll see where we are in April. I like Bonino and his stat line shows he's been better than Kesler. I think right now, this is a win win trade for both teams. Unlike the lose-lose trade Buffalo and Vancouver put together...
  6. Whatever, Valeri is a girl's name.
  7. She's done alot of work within the penny stock/venture cap marketing industry I think. She's good in front of the camera, is pretty good at getting the crowd going in the arena. CanucksTV interviewers will always ask boring questions. I think Kenward is very lame, but he's given a mandate and he follows most likely, wouldn't see much of a difference if it was anyone else.
  8. Nashville is very good at avoiding the dumb plays. I thought the Canucks had to go into the third with a lead because of the back to back and unfortunately they couldn't. Very slow pace, a combination of the Preds style and I think the injuries/back to back took a toll. Rough game to watch in person. Was really disappointed with Hamhuis, seems to be a turnover machine right now. Hopefully he can get it turned around quickly. I thought Lack made a few really nice saves, however like he said, he seems to find ways to lose right now and it stinks for him. I think they should switch it up for the next time they have a back to back, and put Lack in first and Miller in second. Might give them a better chance at taking both games.
  9. Neither is anything but a third liner at this point. Cody has some offensive flair but will never be a first liner on a good team. Kassian hasn't really shown to be consistently anything. Might just be an awful trade where everyone lost.
  10. I thought the Canucks controlled the majority of the play. They're a bit different in their strengths and that for sure showed up last night. Being at the game, it felt like the Canucks had more opportunities to score. Tampa great at finishing the chances they got. Needed a save or two from Lack but couldn't get it. Both these teams are good everyone. Nothing to worry about here. Canucks gave this game away with a few correctable turnovers. Overaggressive on a few plays, lost their man on a couple.
  11. Vey does hold the puck well. Once he does get it, he doesn't look nervous and can actually make a move or two. He's on the third line guys, I would say a 35-40 point season would be exactly what the Canucks need from him, with a majority of those coming from being on the first line PP. He hasn't been a liability defensively and seems to be smart with his positioning while not being the strongest player on the ice.
  12. Edmonton is a bad team but they played tight last night. They only gave up less than a handful of obvious turnovers. Canucks took advantage of the one big defensive zone lapse where Fayne and Purcell chased the puck at the same time. It was a good solid game from both teams last night I thought, tight defensively with good goaltending. I would expect a tight game again tonight. Would call it 3-2 in OT for Vancouver. The Canucks will have to score on PP tonight, have to take advantage vs. good teams. I think Bonino line gets two goals and Sedins account for one.
  13. I'm not sure you'll find a better fourth liner than Hansen. You need people who can skate. Keep him for now FOR sure. I'd get rid of him in the summer as his contract doesn't justify his position on the team if he doesn't take on a larger role. Also, he's not worth very much. He'd get like, what, a 4th round pick at most?
  14. Very encouraged by the strong defensive play overall. I'm quite concerned that Sbisa is a very bad defenseman. I like his physicality, but he seems to always turn it over and also gets caught flat footed two or three times a game. IE tonight on Draisaitl and Saturday on Yakupov's goal. Oilers have tons of issues. I thought Yakupov was clearly the second best forward outside of Hall. I don't think RNH and Eberle are actually all that good. Would be secondary players on a better team. Hall flies around though. You can notice him on every shift basically. Their defense is awful. On the Vrbata goal, both Fayne and Purcell follow the puck and completely disregard their surroundings. Too many players that have lost for too long.
  15. Signing Ryan Miller to a 3 year deal was a great alternative to what was out there. It's really about opportunity cost more than anything else, and signing Miller was a bet on a guy who seems to be accountable for his play and I think is a real leader. They shouldn't spend cap space for the sake of spending cap space, ie David Booth, but it was a real upgrade as Lack and Miller combine to make a much better tandem than Lack and Markstrom. Don't think there were as many obvious upgrades across the roster. Maybe another depth forward (have tons of those) or perhaps a better 6th d-man? The Canucks have to try to win now while the Sedins are still good. Kesler/Hodgson are now gone so that middle window between the Sedins and Horvat/Shinkaruk/Gaunce is quite wide. I will always condone upgrading your roster if you can afford it, whether its the second goalie, or the seventh d-man. The only thing is cost them is cap space, but I do think it's a moveable contract due to its term, and don't you think a team like Edmonton, would love a half decent goalie? The big risk is that Lack is actually quite good and it screws with him. However, Lack is 26, older than you would think, and is not as likely to improve a significant amount in my mind because of that.