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  1. Strongest lineup so far, thought we we're seeing Virtanen, but he's clearly not being rushed. Hoping for a good W tonight, like our odds even more with Marky in net
  2. Came here just to see the rants on the too many men penalty lol
  3. Really like the top 4 pairings, expecting great exhibitions from Juolevi and Stecher. Interesting to see Gaunce centering the theorical 4th line, but playing as the 2nd tonight. Hope he produces and keep pushing for a roster spot
  4. $6M for EIGHT years? I would definitely do it for Lindholm. He's 22, so that contract would take him until he's 30, basically all his prime years.
  5. So today's game is at 7:30 pm PT?
  6. Sergachev is #38. He has Fabbro (#21), Bean (#23), Chabot (#26), Chychrun (#32) and Theodore (#34) ahead of him. But Boeser's #40. So who knows
  7. Arizona is sure becoming an interesting team. Ekman-Larsson - Stone Goligoski - Murphy Connauton - Michalek Tinordi - Schenn Dahlbeck - McBain But they have a ton of defensemen. Lots of options for Tippett. If Stone and Murphy can solidify themselves as top 4 defensemen, those top pairings will be very good.
  8. Man, I totally forgot about Rask and Subban in Boston. Now the rumblings about Rask by the draft makes sense. Both have great value
  9. I would be ok with Shipachyov on a one year deal, lower than $3M. He could turn out to be a bargain. If he doesn't fit, just terminate his contract and free him to go somewhere else. No way to Hudler. Old, small winger who doesn't have a space on our top 6, where he would have to play in order to be productive.
  10. I think if the right offer is there, you trade him. He's a 3rd pairing d-man for us right now. But at the same time, who are we exposing at the expansion draft? He would be the perfect defenseman for that purpose, as Hutton and Tryamkin won't require protection and we could maintain Edler, Tanev and Gudbranson
  11. I cannot believe my eyes
  12. Same goes for the Finnish team playing in the WJC, as Laine, Puljujarvi and Aho should be playing in the NHL. I don't think this would necessarily be a winning season for him, but one he should use to add some muscles and log huge minutes, as you said. Let the expansion draft take place, and then add him to the lineup. If LV draft Sbisa, which is a possibility, Juolevi will have his spot for next season. If not, then we can trade Sbisa, who will have only 1 year left on his contract.
  13. Merrill is the most surprising name for me. Former 2nd round pick, 6'3'', only 24 years old. Have no idea why NJ didn't qualify him, although he could still resign there
  14. I find that quite ridiculous. I understand the rules exist to be followed, but I don't think he really broke them. Benning is one of the very few honests and clear GMs out there. I love his transparencie as a Canucks fan and as a journalist myself. The world is so full of political correct stuff that it gets on my nerves. And the one GM who is honest, answers all the questions the media asks, the NHL tries to censor. Give me a break. He said he called Bergevin about Subban. Said he's interested about Stamkos if he hits FA. I understand you must respect a player who's under contract for another team, but those situations are different. Stammer is about to hit the market and teams will be able to interview him on next few days. There's nothing wrong with what he said about PK. I hope he keeps saying whatever he wants, no matter if the league fines him or not.
  15. I think it does, but I can see Calgary selecting Brown and we getting Juolevi. I'd b pretty happy with that