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  1. oh man, podz and motte both killing penalties. One can only wait for so long.
  2. Some of them can be very very sour if not ripen properly so make sure you get a ripe one haha
  3. Chinatown. There's a market behind this Chinese BBQ place on Keefer/Gore. They usually have the exotic south asian fruits. They have rambutans, longans (when in season), lychee, thai bananas, asian pears, snake fruit, and other interesting fruits. T&T usually does but it's expensive. Also HMart might carry it too. Chong Lee on 47th And Victoria should have those also. 88 Supermarket as well.
  4. He's going to be our Rodman to the Mj (Petey)
  5. I wonder if Nils will take another year in SHL to refine his game and then come over the following year just how Pettersson. Would probably help tremendously.
  6. Definitely love this kid, his creativity on the ice is just amazing that he's able to do SOMETHING with the puck that generates an offensive chance. His workout ethic is just crazy after taking a look at his youtube videos like his draft video said and holy cow was I amazed on how FIT this kid is. We are definitely drafting these "role" players that we hear so much about that have a huge effect when it comes to the playoffs. Could definitely be a 2nd/3rd liner utility forward who can break speed, grit, and scoring ability. I understand that people are knocking him on his size, but I'm defi
  7. Go Jets Go! Amazing two games so far!

    1. coastal.view



      almost time to get going

      to the local establishment

      to watch that game

      should be fun

  8. Did Weisbrod get fired? I haven't been following up and it said he's been relieved of his duties as of July 4th 2017?

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    2. Toews


      I wish, looking at the draft video he still seems to have a prominent role.

    3. Angry Goose

      Angry Goose

      @Ghostsof1915 If this turns out to be false what should his punishment be?

    4. Ghostsof1915


      He is only guilty of being Sekeres, that is his crime, it is also his punishment. 

  9. Those that want to watch the NHL draft,


    Sportsnet channel is streaming it on Youtube Live.

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    2. Chip Kelly

      Chip Kelly

      Sports net draft coverage is ass can we get NBC er TSN back? 

    3. SabreFan1
    4. Chip Kelly

      Chip Kelly

      Oh crap damn auto correct meant to say Sportsnet is ass.

  10. Nice, looks like Weber might be back on Waivers
  11. Is Corey Potter related to Harry Potter?

  12. ĺ̶̛̛̛̒̈̂̽̉́͒̉́́̃̑͂͌̇̓̔̃̂͋͆̌̇̈͋̏͛͋̐̈̅̌̎̑̍͆̓̓͆̍̐͛̀̒̓̀̅͋̈́̅͒̆̀̀̔̀͛̾͗͗̉̋̐̄̂̄͆̚͘̕͘̕͝͝͠͠͠...

  13. He's already expressed interest that he wanted to honor his last 2 years with his KHL team on the contract he signed before coming over. Why bother flying over to NA for the draft if you're not even going to play in the NHL?
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