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1/2 way through the season Grades!

What is our biggest concern?  

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  1. 1. What should we worry most about?

    • Lack of scoring
    • Lack of defense
    • Goaltender conflict, no obvious #1

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The Canucks are at the half way mark of the season so here are the grades

  • Tied for 6th place in the league

  • 14th in goals for

  • 10th in goals against

  • Roberto Luongo .913 SV% 19th

  • Cory Schneider .910 SV% 24th

I am not at all worried about the goalies, Luongo always starts a little slow and I am sure the no1 thing had a bit of effect on Cory at the beggining, but they both seem to be playing well and will probably only get better as the season wears on.

Even though we are lagging a bit in scoring being in 14th, there are really only 8 teams that are ahead of us by more than 5 goals, being without Kesler has probably cost us at least those 5 goals.

Henrik & Daniel are off to their point a game pace, so no worries there. Burrows is always a threat and is looking good. I like how Kassian and Booth are playing together

Its really good to watch Raymond play this year, last year was such a struggle coming off back surgery but he looks good to go this year. Him and Hansen are scary when they get moving on the ice.

Higgins is looking good, it will be interesting to see what the lines look like when Kessler comes back.

Lappy always looks like he is putting the effort out, so on a whole I expect our goals for are going to be much improved in the second half as the team settles down and Kesler returns.

Defense on the other hand, has a times looked a little shaky, it was painful to watch when Bieksa wasn't in the line up. A good offensive starts with the pass up by the defense, and a good powerplay as well.

It looks like Bieksa and Ballard are both healthy now, Tanev and Hamhuis are always great. I like how Garrison is playing lately, but I do worry about Edler he hasn't seemed 100%. I hope he is ok and now Bieksa is back maybe they can ease off his minutes.

All in all being in 6th place in the league isnt a bad place at the half way mark, there are 24 other teams that would happily trade us places.

We seem to be warming up and I predict a strong second half and hopefully go into the playoffs without any injuries. This is our year for the Stanley! Go Canucks :towel:

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If you want to reflect on the 1st 1/2 of this season watch last game.




strange bounces

power play should be called power pass

Kassian cherry picking

Edler scores, Edler turnsover

Heavily out shooting then heavily outshot

Highlight saves, highlight not saves

I'm too lazy to continue so just watch the game.

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The majority of the team doesn't deserve anything more than a C grade, only a few players have played relatively decent. Lots of very disappointing performances so far.

My main concern is the lack of scoring and forward depth. The Canucks are extremely thin at center with Kesler out.

Special teams (Power Play) have been brutal. Defense has been inconsistent and terrible on some nights. The team is certainly going on a big downward trend. I can see them battling out just to make the playoffs, perhaps even miss it entirely. There are far too many alarming signs to be ignored by ownership. Gillis and AV's jobs should be on the line.

If they don't make the playoffs, I hope for a rebuild and start dismantling the core of the team.

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All things considered, I think the canucks are doing just as good as they could be doing with cards they have been dealt

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Here are my grades for the team halfway through:

Team Offense B -

Team Defense C -

Team Goaltending B +

Coaching C

PK B -


Overall C-

Doesn't look to me like A Stanley Cup Champ team

Doesn't even look like a playoff team at this time (halfway through)

Hopefully something will change soon, very very soon as time is running out and other teams will catch up to us.

GO Canucks GO

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Offense: C (0/34 on the PP says it all)

Defense: B- Minus a few gaffes the D corps has been solid

Goaltending: B - Solid since the start of the year minus about 6 or so bad games between Luongo and Schneider

Coaching: D- Lindy Ruff please

Overall grade: C

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