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  1. Anyone ever talk to 10 or more people but only like 3 message you first?

  2. Ah there it is. The most unique, original, never before posted here proposal ever.
  3. Getting Story along with Berrios would be Tulowitzki and Price 2.0.
  4. Steep price with Martin but if Berrios is the guy we needed I’m ok with it. Also helps still having Groshans and Martinez.
  5. It’ll take much more than that to get Parayko let alone Tarasenko as well.
  6. The single reason we’re in the position we are right now. There’s still about a month and a half left but having this good of an offense only to miss the playoffs because your bullpen couldn’t hold a lead would be beyond embarrassing.
  7. I can’t remember a free agency where we had this many signings for both clubs.
  8. AAV is a little more than I would have liked but I’m glad he’s back.
  9. Translation: I heard this from a friends friends uncles step cousin that an NHL superstar is apparently not happy.
  10. You have literally no way of proving Pettersson isn’t happy.
  11. Also notice how nobody really noticed or even cared while he was gone?
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