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  1. Testing testing 1 2 1 2 anyone copy?

    1. SabreFan1


      Sorry.  Can't hear ya.

  2. Sooooo...today is the official last day and it's offline tomorrow? Orrrrr
  3. Been a pleasure being on this site for the last 12 years with you guys. See y'all on the other side. 

  4. I’ll see you guys on the new forum but man, this is still kinda tough to process after being here for the better part of 12 years.
  5. Exactly what I’ve been saying. Pesce is the perfect 4-5 year stop gap for Willander to develop properly. Nice to see others are sharing the same sentiments.
  6. The last time we were truly bad enough to bottom out was 2017 and we ended with someone who would almost certainly go 2nd overall in a redraft.
  7. At what point are these "writers" gonna figure out we’re nowhere near bad enough to completely bottom out for a guy like Celebrini? We’re much closer to making the playoffs than we are to getting a 1st overall pick.
  8. Only guy who could’ve made sense is ZAR for the 4th line but that’s about it. But yeah we’re super clogged up as it is.
  9. Most important series of the year and our big guns are complete non factors and we get embarrassed by a team who had just lost 16 of their last 20. Not saying I want to trade him myself but we need a shake up, and I’m wondering if Rogers has the stones to trade Vladdy for a monster haul and back up the brinks truck for Ohtani.
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