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  1. We can’t keep wasting our time with rookie head coaches, who have no previous coaching experience in the NHL, while our core enters its prime. I’m all for someone like Robinson if he wants the job.
  2. Ok so if Buffalo makes a counter offer of a top 5 pick, a 3rd round pick, Tage Thompson and Carter Hutton’s ufa rights for Pettersson would you do it?
  3. Thing is with this one, this doesn’t even go through with trade sliders on easy.
  4. Ok if Gaudette got ran out of town because of his covid situation that’s a new low for this fan base

    1. Dazzle


      Nah. I think Micaela wanted him out of town because she couldn't take the heat for her comments she made about COVID precautions.


      "Yeah I'm not gonna follow that", she said. Very very bad.

    2. Curmudgeon


      Gaudette was a player with declining performance, did not become a solid third line centre, was the lightest player on the team at 170 pounds and struggling to maintain it, and will require a new contract nest season, along with guys like Quinn, Petey and Demko, among others. He has actually regressed. If he had put up big numbers and had turned into the centre they hoped he would be, he'd still be here. He didn't, so isn't.

  5. In all seriousness, dying literally months away from turning 100 would really suck.
  6. I bet you guys are gonna complain about Pettersson’s and Hughes’ contracts regardless of what they are lol.
  7. Well, the bitters on twitter seem to think we can’t afford Pettersson or Hughes now
  8. But why would teams give that up if he isn’t that good?
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