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  1. Getting a one game suspension for getting hit from behind. Yep, makes sense. .
  2. Again. Cap isn’t the reason Hamonic* is being waived lol.
  3. He’s young, has size, and should have very easily been able to contribute on the 4th line. Something we haven’t had in a very long time. Shameful he got waived.
  4. Should automatically be a no go because of Garland. Makes literally zero sense to trade him.
  5. Well, let’s just say the receipts just keep coming and coming.
  6. Not to mention, why trade away from a position of need?
  7. Can’t make EP/QH proposals anymore so gotta come up with some other garbage.
  8. I agree with the first part, I just don’t see how Seattle competes with anyone with that forward group. If their forward selections weren’t so bad then yeah I could see them push for a wild card.
  9. It’s laughable some people think Seattle has a chance of even sniffing the playoffs let alone making them.
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