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  1. We missed you at the draft man! There are still many valuable players available on the waiver wire, so be sure to check them out and see if anyone interests you. Since the 2020-21 NHL season has officially begun, here's a friendly reminder to all GMs to click Start Active Players under My Team to collect your points daily! 22Sedinery33 is off to a flying start, even with his auto-drafted fantasy team Every other series is quite close, so we'll see how they shape up a week from now. Good luck to everyone this season! It's going to be an exciting one with so many games in a relatively short timespan. May the best fantasy hockey team win @Master Mind @Art Vandelay @Scottish⑦Canuck @73 Percent @Bombastik der Teutone @Mikeyboy440 @Jaku @22Sedinery33 @Alain Vigneault @Sane33
  2. Nashville Predators 2020-21 Roster Kevin Fiala - Matthew Barzal C - Josh Bailey Alex Galchenyuk - Nico Hischier A - Dylan Strome Tyler Bertuzzi - Paul Stastny - Noel Acciari Lawson Crouse - Kyle Turris - Rocco Grimaldi Joshua Norris, Sonny Milano Jakob Chychrun - Anthony DeAngelo A Jordan Oesterle - Troy Stecher Nicolas Hague - Ty Smith Slater Koekkoek Jacob Markstrom Thatcher Demko
  3. Continuing down memory lane, here are some of the most recent champions in our ongoing sim league. May there be many more seasons to look forward to! RGMG 6.0 Recap Season 8 (2023-24) — @Blue Jay 22 def. @JE14 Season 9 (2024-25) — @Time Lord def. @Blue Jay 22 Season 10 (2025-26) & 11 (2026-27) — @Kobayashi Maru def. @Bombastik der Teutone & @EP40. Season 12 (2027-28) — @Mikeyboy440 def. @Tanev Season 13 (2028-29) — @Zigmund.Palffy def. @inane Brought to you by kj29's Kik Art. Happy reacts only
  4. As we welcome the New Year and await another round of exciting playoff results, let's take a trip down memory lane and appreciate some of the past winners. CSL/RGMG 5.0 Recap Season 1 (2006-07) — @JE14 def. @Tanev Season 2 (2007-08) & 3 (2008-09) — @Master Mind def. @inane Season 4 (2009-10) — @Blue Jay 22 def. @Patrick Kane Season 5 (2010-11) — @Otis def. @Mikeyboy440 Brought to you by kj29's Kik Art. Happy reacts only
  5. Hey everyone, it looks like most of us are okay with moving the draft to a later time, so now it will be scheduled for Sunday, January 10th @ 5:00pm PST. Looking forward to another season of fantasy hockey and hopefully seeing everyone at the draft in a few days! Stay healthy and safe @Master Mind @Art Vandelay @Scottish⑦Canuck @73 Percent @Bombastik der Teutone @Mikeyboy440 @Jaku @22Sedinery33 @Alain Vigneault @Sane33
  6. New Jersey waives Devils legends Kole "Why is no one taking me?" Lind and Jeff "Super Stinky" Storey. New Jersey calls up Patrice Nesbitt.
  7. Yes, to clarify, the draft will be at 3:00pm PST (6:00pm EST), which should be time-friendly for our Scottish and German friends abroad! Please join me in welcoming new co-GMs @Alain Vigneault and @Sane33!! According to the upcoming schedule, they will be my first opponent of this season... I believe my 8 keepers will be Matthews, Marner, Voracek, R. Strome, Kopitar, Krug, E. Karlsson and Andersen. Hopefully, everyone is enjoying the holidays, plus the World Juniors. Still missing keepers from @Art Vandelay @Bombastik der Teutone @Mikeyboy440 @Jaku. There's only a little less than 2 weeks before the hockey season starts. Exciting times ahead — get your draft boards ready! See you all on January 10th!
  8. Welcome to Season 7 of CDCYHL!!! The draft will be held on Sunday, January 10th @ 3:00pm. It will take approximately 20 minutes. (Can everyone make it? I think Sundays should be good for most people, similar to last year's draft.) It may seem a little weird to have a fantasy draft at this time of year unexpectedly, but hopefully everyone had a very Merry Christmas! With the upcoming shortened season fast approaching, please post your keepers anytime in the next 2 weeks. Happy New Year to all! @Master Mind @Art Vandelay @Scottish⑦Canuck @73 Percent @Bombastik der Teutone @Mikeyboy440 @Jaku @22Sedinery33 @BlueDragon23
  9. Western Conference Round 1 Preview #1 Arizona Coyotes vs. #8 Colorado Avalanche @Zigmund.Palffy @Vrienzy #2 Chicago Blackhawks vs. #7 Minnesota Wild @Patrick Kane @BoKnows #3 Edmonton Oilers vs. #4 Vancouver Canucks @Nail @dough teeth #5 Winnipeg Jets vs. #6 Dallas Stars @Monty @Kobayashi Maru Brought to you by kj29’s Kik Art. Happy reacts only
  10. Eastern Conference Round 1 Preview #1 Montreal Canadiens vs. #8 Buffalo Sabres @Alain Vigneault @Bombastik der Teutone #2 New Jersey Devils vs. #7 Washington Capitals @kj29 @Baer. #3 Pittsburgh Penguins vs. #4 New York Rangers @Zfetch @Time Lord #5 Toronto Maple Leafs vs. #6 Boston Bruins @Mikeyboy440 @inane Brought to you by kj29’s Kik Art. Happy reacts only
  11. Truzz Trump retires as the highest scoring American in NHL history, surpassing RINO Mitt Romney. The longest playing CAP player with an astounding 1703 games under his belt became a Stanley Cup Champion in 2031, making him the first to complete the feat. He also won the Maurice 'Rocket' Richard Trophy twice, in 2032 and 2034, and captured the Art Ross Trophy in 2040 after years of consistent 75+ point campaigns. Following his awaited retirement, he was immediately inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame as the Class of 2048, undoubtedly bringing honour to the Trump name. Thanks @Intoewsables for hosting this! It's not the first time I made the host wait as my CAP player dragged out his NHL career and hopefully it won't be the last
  12. Welcome to the CDC Yahoo Hockey League! Hey guys. I have been playing fantasy hockey on Yahoo! since 2011 and have enjoyed every single minute of it. I am excited to finally start a keeper league on Yahoo! after noticing how successful the 3 leagues held last year on CDC were. This is my first time doing so, as well as being a commissioner, so please give me an easy time because I'm positively sure that it will be more enjoyable for me, you and the rest of the GM's in this league. This is more or less a continuation of Scottish Canuck's Yahoo! league last year (2013-14). Luckily, I was able to contact him via HF Boards Keeper Rules: 8 keeper players – 7 skaters (minimum 1 defenseman) + 1 goalie CDCYHL Champion wins an extra keeper for the subsequent season. Season 1 - 2014-2015 Season 2 - 2015-2016 Season 3 - 2016-2017 Season 4 - 2017-2018 Season 5 - 2018-2019 Season 6 - 2019-2020 Season 7 - 2020-2021 Season 8 - 2021-2022 Season 9 - 2022-2023 Season 10 - 2023-2024 Season 11 - 2024-2025 Thanks everyone and I hope we can all have a fun and enjoyable time together!
  13. Formerly known as lappy40

  14. dont keep calm. bcuz lappy's not on our team!!!!!!!! D:

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