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  1. [DEBATE] How many more times will this topic be posted?
  2. Love getting screwed out of a needed 8 hours of work because one of my covid denying coworkers comes to work on Tuesday despite testing positive for it and she doesn’t bother telling anyone about until this afternoon exposing who knows how many people to it <_<:picard:

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    2. JM_


      thats good, at least there was some consequence. What a tool. 

    3. Ghostsof1915


      Did you have to get a covid test Pears? Hope everything is ok with you and the rest of the staff. 

    4. Pears


      I should be fine since I don’t work with her a lot and I have both shots but if I have to I will. 

  3. Only Canucks who deserve to be in the Hall right now are the Sedins and Bure.
  4. I get that it’s Baltimore but how does a team score freaking 44 runs over 23 innings???
  5. Pears

    NFL thread

    You ever seen multiple narratives die in one half of a game before?
  6. Pears

    NFL thread

    I wonder if people are ready to admit we were one stop away from beating the Browns in both games last year or if that just goes against the popular narrative.
  7. Nah, they just wanted to add to their former Canuck collection.
  8. Why are you always trying to trade Pettersson and Hughes? Why would trading either be a good idea?
  9. And Pettersson and Boeser wouldn’t break their bank…? Just stop trying to trade our best players.
  10. Would it be a stretch to think we could be fighting for first in the div if our bullpen didn’t **** themselves whenever we had the lead earlier in the year?
  11. Why are we still going on about this?
  12. Lindros probably goes down as one of the best of his era if he stays healthy. But for this discussion give me Ovechkin or Crosby.
  13. Pears

    NFL thread

    It’s preseason. Sewell’s getting tossed around like he shouldn’t even be on a practice squad but you don’t hear a peep about that.
  14. Still think this should be researched more as an option for covid treatment?
  15. Just noticed I don’t have warning points anymore so just wanted to thank whoever took them away :) 

    1. -SN-
    2. Heretic


      I have 1 warning point, from May 2017. :frantic:

    3. Coconuts


      Your bad boy days are a thing of the past 

  16. And where does it say it is or can be effective against covid?
  17. Straight from the FDA https://www.fda.gov/animal-veterinary/product-safety-information/fda-letter-stakeholders-do-not-use-ivermectin-intended-animals-treatment-covid-19-humans
  18. Oh boy here’s a new one. Letting the face of your franchise sign an offer sheet and get a bunch of mid-late round picks back just because you have an agenda against your favourite teams’ gm is the best way to try and win a Cup :picard::picard:

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    2. NewbieCanuckFan


      @Pears "I have never seen a group of fans have such an unhealthy hate on for a general manager"


      It helped get the previous GM fired (the "Fire Gillis" chants @ Rogers which got increasingly more vocal as that horrible last season went on had to have some impact on the owner).


      Fan originated from the word Fanatic.  You often don't see rational / logical thinking involved.

    3. NewbieCanuckFan
    4. Dazzle


      Gillis completely deserved the firing, so the fans chanting him to be fired wasn't really a surprise. A GM who basically can't draft/develop any of his players, aside from TWO of his first rounders, is perhaps a reflection of him overlooking other parts of his job.

      I don't hate Gillis, but I feel the need to bring up his flaws because people seem to fondly remember the good old days, without remembering why he screwed this team with his draft selections/decisions, including the trading away of picks.

  19. As much as I love Petey we’d take that and laugh to the bank lol. Wright and Bedard would set us up for the next decade and a half.
  20. I heard he likes going into the greasy areas as well
  21. Captain of the First Round Exits?
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