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Where Would We Be, If...

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1 minute ago, lmm said:

remember he plays for team mindcheck, maybe he is depressed

or do you think he just took us to the cleaners on a retirement contract  ?

do you think he actually thought the Sedins had more magic when  he signed and became disallusioned when they did not,

or was it a case of "look at all those Swedes with NTCs"


I think he took us to the cleaners on the retirement contract 

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On 3/24/2019 at 8:18 AM, Hindustan Smyl said:

When relatively healthy, I do believe that the Canucks are a Wildcard caliber playoff team.  This hasn’t changed since 2014-2015 in my opinion (ie the year that the Canucks were very lucky in terms of injuries and qualified for the playoffs).


Unfortunately, during a rebuilding stage, teams are susceptible to a massive free fall when dealing with 1-2 key injuries, and that’s where the Canucks are at the moment.


They simply don’t have the depth right now to consistently win hockey games when they have injuries......although to the Canucks’ are slowly starting to get deeper.


As the Canucks continue to get deeper and more talented, two things will happen:


1) Edler and Tanev won’t be over exerted and over worked which will allow them to stay a little healthier.


2) As the Canucks talent level increases, their team possession numbers will increase as well.....and this will also lead to less injuries.  A strong correlation does exist between team injuries and poor team possession numbers.


We’re getting better but we’re not there yet.


I think the combination of some of our prospects graduating to the bigs (ie Hughes) + some help in the UFA market will help us next year.

So you think regardless of a rebuild we are going through that the Canucks are good enough to be a playoff team despite being at any stage in the rebuild? 


Delusions of grandeur by the way I know the record when healthy but that’s usually st the beginning of the seasons when teams don’t have their systems down yet or are playing their most desperate 

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