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  1. This team better perform or its goodbye Travis Green not Benning
  2. Seems odd to me. All the times we were led to believe he would always play for the Canucks.
  3. No Jake virtanen could not adjust his game to the system that coaches wanted him to play. He could very well take off under another coach. I don't think there was any on ice ill intent by Jake. Off ice he was immature and made decisions that were unprofessional at the least .
  4. How can we find out what the offer amounts were? In the case of QH and EP what happens with those? QO would be to low right? So they reject them or go to arbitration? How does that work?
  5. Whether or not I like this deal depends on how good garland is. And it will probably suck the last couple years of oel deal. I can't believe LE is gone so happy that saga is finally over NS is sure to be gone now. That will be for.a pick.
  6. I can see the possibilities of the Labrador lobsters NHL franchise. The arena a giant boat. At the beginning of the games a giant lobster trap is lowered down with its door facing opposing teams entrance gate onto ice. They are temporarily trapped and fans mock and pour beer on them all. When a player gets a penalty a giant lobster claw comes down and grabs him by the back of the jersey and transports him to penalty box.
  7. I'm anti kracken already. Seems like to many canuck fans pretty hyped about them. Excitement for the rivalry? Or will we lose some fanbase to them? I hope they flop.
  8. I thought there had been known gays in the NHL before? Wasn't Glen Anderson? Wendel Clark? Nicknamed Wendy.?
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