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  1. Who's decision was Shaw? Doesn't the head coach usually pick his own assistants? If not, then you run a fair chance of having a couple coaches who don't mesh.
  2. That's like me blaming my employee to a client. Greens in charge of the assistants. How long have we been blaming assistants.?
  3. If I had to describe our team tonight in one word..... Disorganized.
  4. Isn't he the coach that high 5 d one of his players after a dirty hit leaving a canuck concussed on the ice. Haven't liked him since. Half the posters on this board could coach that team.
  5. I can't remember which player it was from 94 but he told a story about PQ threatening to rip Geoff courtnals head off if he didn't get out there and do something. That was against Calgary and I believe it was the game courtnall scored the winner. But Pat was awesome. There hasn't been dman in the history of hockey that was worse in his own end than when Lumme came to Vancouver. But Pat kept throwing him out there and he eventually worked through it.
  6. The question is, do we want to get rid of a guy who can fight but not play hockey as well as the guy they keep who can't fight? I don't see Zack macewen as enough of a deterent to have an impact that way. But I share the concern about our players being pushed around. We are focused on the other holes on this team but have neglected to have toughness that can play hockey on this team. And you need more than one.
  7. 4-3 canuck win. Pearson the winner Pearson 1st goal
  8. If you could choose to be the mascot for any nhl team who would you choose.? I'll bet Vancouver.
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