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  1. Any player making that kind of dough should be able to carry his line
  2. I believe there's a good chance jv would thrive under the right coach/system. I dont think he's as lazy/inconsistent as people say. Seems to me he cannot adjust to the way he's being asked to play. That said, you don't get rid of a coach for the sake of one player. I wonder what Travis greens lifespan is in Vancouver?
  3. So whats a good goalie coach worth? We aren't talking about an amount that goes against the cap. If it means an extra 200 k more than what you think a guy like that should be paid you cave and keep him . This is the most important position on the team and if he's making a difference you don't let him go.
  4. For some reason I thought he did a decent job in Edmonton I liked the guy. But the responses on this board seem to say otherwise. And I agree with you about the exec. Bit
  5. The reason jb has support is the drafting. Also, when the cupboards are bare, you end up having to sign ufas like beagle rooster . Player agents know they have you in a position with no options. Not sure I'm the smarest hockey guy out there but I knew the LE signing was going to be bad. That signing downgrades him from decent gm to average. Le rooster and beagle contracts are here till the end of next year so we had better be a little more patient because we're not getting anything for those three. Beagle and sutter are still useful at least.
  6. I believe head coach should be responsible for his assistants. Fire the head coach and leave it up to the new one who his assistants should be. I dont think management should be firing assistants. So, fire Travis
  7. We are painted into a corner until we rid ourselves of LE, rooster, beagle and sutter. Also SB contract, spooner and luongo recapture. Pretty difficult to continue to build this team right now as its very difficult to offload any of those contracts there just going to have to run out. 2 years from now we will see what we got and what our future looks like. If there's going to be a coaching change I say we do it now so the new coach has time to adjust into the team for next year. Hey Loui could you retire please? If you at all give a crap abou
  8. Not enough credit (money) is given to players like motte on winning teams those top paid players need to realize this and leave room so you can dress a competitive lineup. There are players like nik Lidstrom who can totally carry there own load. Then there are players like Quinn Hughes who need to play with players like Chris Tanev to cover there shortcomings. So let's not overpay players like that. Drafting players who are team first minded is important and i think we have that with Pete and quinn.
  9. This team is hooped until the LE contract is gone Imagine what we could do without LE, rooster, luongo recapture, spooner money. Also beagle I like but is too much money and same goes for sutter. Two years from now when we have purged these contracts out it will be a big weight off this teams shoulders. Our focus now has to be development of our young players that will fill our bottom six.
  10. Jake virtanen meet Travis Green Square peg meet round hole.
  11. I'd forgotten about house Wasn't there a point in time where he turned mean?
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