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  1. We all joke about these things, but the art of good pbp announcer, matched with a sharp colour guy is a treasure to value. I liked Harry Neale with Bob Cole, for example. Jim & Tom On 'NW had us BC'ers spoiled. The two positions call for different skills & approach..but finding chemistry with 2 top-notch cohorts makes the game about 5-10x better.
  2. Too true. Thought he was doing better tonight, but then he relapsed into blather disguised as banter. Come back John..this guy is driving me to drink(only 3 tilts in!)
  3. Again Green doesn't use his bench. Why not give Petan a shot here? Then perhaps 1 of the spare D. He's just so afraid to tweak a damned thing. Then he'll overplay some guys, exacerbating the bxb issue. He's not bold or creative with his roster. Guy just coaches afraid of losing. When real injuries add up, a coach like this just makes every mtn a Matterhorn. The weak link for this team remains TG.
  4. Woody Allen's camera crew giving us angles?(Hannah & Her Sisters flashback)
  5. New rule #28b: After an insufferably boring period, team with less shots gets a 2 min minor! Hey! We'd have a lengthy 2 man adv
  6. Someone read Hirschy the riot-act? He sounds downright reasonable all of a sudden, as if he's miraculously channeled Harry Neale's Col Comm-mode.
  7. Gonna call it right now - We'll start to see Van jerseys(of all Varieties) popping up throughout rival barns, once again this season!
  8. Just watched the SNet interview with Kyle Buskauskus & leaf scribe, Fluke Ox. They were having difficulty suppressing the giggles(just HATE when that happens!)
  9. Almost my 2 yr anny, for this old fav, red-alert. Are the Laffs already 'Tender-ized?! Stay tuned viewers...
  10. Super smart GM'ing here. Like they've signed TWO back-ups, ferGoshsakes. If this guy fumbles the ball, get that zamboni guy, just down the hall!
  11. Desert Dogs: Keller, Chychrun, Umpteen 2022 2nd rounders Hogtown: Mr Pants Down
  12. & the beautiful thing is that the cap-scenario should be hunky dory until at least, 2023.
  13. Coupla' more W's with this skill, pace & passion, & you'll see them notorious HFHater-termites retreating back into the woodwork.
  14. This immediate bxb is an interesting early test for the new depth. Wonder how many roster switches there'll be?
  15. Well there's one tilt where our overall depth leads to 2 pts. Sloppy, but nice outcome. Fun game to watch.
  16. If the franchise were on the ball, they'd sign Don Taylor pronto, & fly him into Detroit immediately! Colour guy 'til Cheech is cleared. Or Hell, could the zamboni guy join John for the last 2 periods?!
  17. Yeah, fair enough. Think he's just too wound up(big shoes to fill), or might feel they're compensated by the word?
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