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  1. Au contraire! In fact, it's been Utterly refuted!
  2. Ahh, here we go(just saw this post). This is proof our persistent negativity doesn't necessarily have to win the day. It HAD been a long, dark tunnel(2014------>>>>>>>>>>to 2020 bubble & now)..yet perhaps it's finally coming to an end? So we CAN have threads like this one here, to muse about the future(both near & far). No one gets hurt, & if you scroll through a few of these pages, think you'll find several posters made accurate, worthwhile predictions.
  3. Well, interesting it certainly has been. Apparently, it WAS high time to jettison a large number of vets. I had also advocated patience, not believing they could dump so much dead / underperforming AAV in one fell swoop! We do have a nice, young, avg age for our fwds. Also think it's wise we've sprinkled in some more exp'd D, alongside the young blueliners. We can partly thank such a lousy 2020-21 season, I s'pose? Would the 'Yotes have made our deal, if we didn't have a top-10 pick? Tough to say. Sure it helped! Can't understand the consternation regarding ou
  4. It's time we started takin' some responsibility here. BG's been in a downward-spiral ever since our youngins spelled him Guance.
  5. Keep bringing the twins into the room(alternating intervals) & complimenting the agent's professionalism, until they are trapped in the spin cycle. Keep'em hemmed in for a 5-min shift! Then, get the pens ready. Don't sign 'til we see the googly whites of their eyes!
  6. These two will really tie the room together
  7. Smart suggestion here. Not easy for Cowtown to attract major FA talent, of this degree. So they get one that may not be 100%, & have to take on an albatross. Buff gets a fresh start. I would add a compensatory pick to Cal, in the event that JE's health trubs are worse than expected. Perhaps the 2023 2nd travels the other way?
  8. Additionally, we've got 4 solid fwd lines, meaning we can roll'em & distribute mins more evenly. This should decrease gaps, improving the odds our D & fwds are playing with synergy & cooperation.
  9. I'm already forgetting the name of that local kid we drafted back in 2014... Every yr it seems JB unearths more gems.
  10. GoooodGawwwwwwwd a few of them HFComet fans were endlessly whining/griping about our lack of worthy C-depth. Extra kudos to JB for strengthening this area, before Abby even set a sharpened skate on the ice! :^) 4D chess says it was all part of the stealth-tank. We didn't need true depth in the A. JB was banking on the NHL squad running outa' gas(by Feb, March) every season from 2015-2020. Most of our top youth was developing elsewhere(college, Europe, etc...) All he needed was a succession of top-10(ish) picks to work his larcenous magic. NOW there is every reason to
  11. It's perhaps worth mulling such crud, IF Jaro hits a yr where his age shows & his health goes to pot. Very unlikely..but I guess Van could figure a tactful 'out' for both parties, if the guy's body crumbled. Better to gamble on this guy hanging in form, then to hope Holtby can somehow rediscover the game he once had.
  12. Seems a great move. Also feel best done now, after 6, 7 yrs in Utica. This allowed JB time to build a worthwhile stash of youth for three tiers of teams.
  13. Should be worthy of 97-102 pts over a full campaign. A sexy-sleeper, dark horse of a squad!
  14. Good to see Bulldog land another contract..but the Laffs are irredeemable bums.
  15. Now after home W's he's gotta' dance around like a trained seal. Deserving...
  16. Ain't this the frozen pizza corp? #connections edit: HolyCow..some great minds thinkin' alike!
  17. Prefer TH at these numbers, instead of Tan-man at his Cowtown contract.
  18. Nahh, read it as interpretive..may mean whatever you'd like it to mean. Essentially the criticisms which have piled up(often on other sites & platforms) have not affected ownership's perception of JB's performance. Fortunately the key people here appear to be on the same page.
  19. In giving JB the authority(buyouts, contracts, etc...) they are being wise. He has drafted them a nucleus which enables a sustainable winner. The missteps are temporary blips & mostly cosmetic. Glad the ownership can distinguish between the bleating media & haterz insignificant poison, with the lasting building blocks that JB has acquired.
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