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  1. So just assuming Nate Schmidt was on the move and the team didn't gel with him, trading him creates a hole on the back end we would have to hope Juolevi and Rathbone could fill. Edler may not even be coming back and even if he did, he's not gonna chew up the minutes he used to. Schmiddty playing the left side would be extremely important. Plus you have to lock up Quinn Hughes first, otherwise his contract could cost just as much as Jones'.
  2. If we have a high pick that isn't being used on a defenseman, trading it for Sam Reinhart might be in the cards.
  3. Funny though, how Tanev's injuries went down when Myers got signed. Could it be he was playing too many hard minutes all himself...?
  4. I think they're gonna try their best to move a couple first. We might see some pretty low returns.
  5. I must point out that if Virtanen gets moved, this contract doesn't even register as a big deal. Tanner Pearson fits in with the team well. That plus let's maybe remind people how disheartened Bo was when we lost the players we lost last off season. Losing Tanner Pearson, when the contract is reasonable is not an option.
  6. I wish I could believe you...but on the off chance this actually is Petey, I hope this week off does the team well and that most of you get back and ready to go on Wednesday. Big push coming over April. My birthday is coming up and I wanna see some more Canucks playoff hockey!!
  7. Oh Jim. Don't troll the board with these posts and go do your job.
  8. I don't like long term contracts on goalies these days. It's such a tedious position. Binner is actually pretty good, but these can really screw your career. Should never be more than 3 when the AAV pops to 6.
  9. Schmidt hasn't been the greatest fit, but he has been better recently. There's a danger here though. Edler goes, Schmidt goes as well, our left D gets looking decidedly thin past Quinn Hughes. Jordie Benn likely won't be re-upped. Oof, our D has already sucked. I don't wish to see it unravel anymore. We need to be building it up!!!
  10. I almost dropped my phone when it said Shotgun Jake opened the scoring tonight.
  11. Ha! They're interested because they've always been interested and think they can get him on the cheap right now because he's struggling. The Preds are dangling Ekholm out there right now because he's on IR and a great top 4, but down on the depth chart behind Josi and likely won't be moving on up in the foreseeable future. Maybe they figure they can take Jake and Adam Gaudette from us for him. We need a right hander though. I don't see a fit.
  12. With Jake having a following with the Calgary Hitmen, I could see there being a want for it there. Bennett coming the other way though...that's hard to say. I don't get the feeling he'd like Vancouver. I could see Toronto figuring something out. Maybe Bennett and a Dman go to Toronto for Nylander? Yup, Hanifin and Bennett for Willie Nylander. Maybe Toronto adds a lower tier dman making a mil or so? Maybe Bogosian? Bennett would be back with Gilmour. Toronto gets that right sided top 4 guy with offensive upside and Calgary gets more scoring punch. Calgary's taxi squad has a decent
  13. That's almost as bad as leaving Virtanen in Edmonton...but not quite.
  14. He used to be the Captain of the Kelowna Rockets and spent time on the World Juniors. Personally, I'm wondering where his development went wrong. This guy SHOULD have turned out.
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