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  1. I'm happy his jersey is being retired in Florida, hope that means it won't happen here too!! He was mostly great for us, but not here for long enough and didn't do enough to be in the rafters for us. Let's save that place for the first goalie who wins us a cup...
  2. Nah, let's blow it all up... 90+
  3. I've noticed the same thing in quite a few comments, even seen a lot of people wanting to trade Boeser off. While he hasn't been nearly as flashy as some people want out of a first line winger, he is doing everything else. His defensive game isn't great, but that's not why he is here. He scores, back checks fine, and can pass well above average for a sniper. Boeser is just going to get better, and should be a constant 80+ point player. Those don't grow on trees...
  4. I can think of negative things about his playing days, he was a whinny person who was ego centric, and never made his linemates better... He had a couple of good seasons, one good playoff series, and then left like a little spoiled brat, handcuffing us on his way out. We have way to many meh players in the rafters and on the ring of honour already, so let's not honour people who weren't honourable... And a good heart? Did you ever meet the guy? He was a grade A penis head
  5. That's fair Enough, but that's not completely what you've been saying.. you're saying every prospect is worth the exact same untill they play in the NHL, which is false. Lind was a high second round draft pick which has done nothing to diminish that fact, and a lot to improve on it... Lind is a high second round pick who is still young and showing promise, to say he is worth a bottome six mediocre Defenseman on a expiring contract is beyond wrong...
  6. Wow, you nailed it, Lind is a clone of fox...I'm not over valuating, you're bottom lining everyone to the same nomination... And having four potential wingers for the future isn't really depth.... it's nice, but not depth
  7. You're nuts!! You think all prospects are worth the same since the haven't played in the NHL yet? So Lind, Podkolzin, and Palmu all have the same worth in your eyes, all worth a 4th because they haven't played in the NHL yet.. do you know the difference in value between a first, fourth, and seventh round pick? And you also don't trade just because we have a little depth somewhere, our prospect pool is good but not exactly deep..
  8. Lind is a reasonable call up option now, and will be pushing for a spot by next season possibly. In five years Lind may be a staple to our middle six, and probable for the top nine at least.. Barrie is a bottom six, expiring contract, smaller Defenseman. I'm not seeing what you're seeing value wise
  9. Hell no to Lind, he is one of our best prospects and could fetch more then Barrie on his own... And that's right, lievo has been good for us too
  10. Dubas is a dope... When was the last time there was a Canucks and Toronto trade? I don't know, edler doesn't have the best history as a solid defensive defenseman... He is having a good year, but I wouldn't want to be relying on him to cover up for his partners mistakes.. him and Myers seem to be playing well of each other and would like to keep it that way I hear ya on neither of joulevi or Rafferty being quite ready, but I think they're both really close. Joulevis game will transfer over nicely to the NHL, I see him as a upgraded Tanev.. well I am wishing he is a upgraded Tanev hahahah
  11. So what do you think it would cost to get him? And would it be worth the price if we aren't going to be able to resign him? Could Rafferty, or joulevi maybe have the same impact as Barrie?
  12. Fair enough, but still, keeping the puck out of the net is a big problem that barrie will make worst, won't he?
  13. Really, crazy! we must be dropping pretty quick as I know we where among tops not too long ago....
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