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  1. I agree, it would suck watching stetcher leave the team. He has been one of the hardest working players we have this year, and has been playing well to boot. And his value probably isn't what it should be either. I think we do need to make some room on the back end though, let future college free agents, and players know that you won't be stuck in the minors. Who do we part with at that point? Myers just signed a big contract, Hughes is Hughes... Tanev I would like to see delt, though it would throw out a lot of chemistry with Hughes. Benn and fantenberg are both solid big defensi
  2. That would be a very good deal on our end, I'm thinking stretcher plus a third might bring us into the high second round. A first round will cost us like a Tanev, maybe a Pearson+ stetcher
  3. Agreed, it's unfortunate but he is the logical odd man out. Benn and fantenberg have been playing as good enough 6/7 that a Rafferty, Juolevi, or insert name in order to see what they got. Stretcher will fetch a third+, maybe a decent young forward with potential. Would still like to see kapanen from Toronto somehow
  4. Stretcher is just a bit too good for the AHL I think, having him down there though would make Utica a solid championship contender He isn't quite skilled enough for top 4, and he's just a bit small for bottom 6 so it's tough with poor stretch. He seems to really like being on the Canucks too
  5. I see what you're saying and it does make a lot of sense, trading Tanev would pu out a negative vibe in the team. Maybe stretcher is the man out, he's a great but for his size and skill set, but he can be replaced by the younger players coming up..
  6. I would really like to see one of them traded, Tanev is worth the most he's been in a couple of years, and isn't getting younger.. and Stretcher, while I love that he is a hometown boy, I think there are better options at the size he is..
  7. I don't see the point in brining up Sami salo, unless you just want to talk about Defenseman who are always injured... Sami had one of the greatest shots from the blue line in Canucks history, he also had a reputation of the glass man. Why would you want to have your number 1 or 2 D man only play a third of every season, and miss about 60% of possible playoff games throughout his career? The only lack of sense here is looking through roses colour glasses at everything. I'm guessing you lot want "no honour kesler" in the ring of honour too
  8. Yes ok, you all win... He is a number one hands down, and his career has been HOF worthy, I'm so excited to have him play half of the remaining games in his career for the Canucks.... It'll be so rewarding to start the playoffs with Tanev on the LtIR, throwing off our D pairing like has happened every single season he has played... Let's all join hands in prayer that at his oldest he has his healthiest season ever!!!
  9. The odds of Tanev stepping up because of injury, and being replaced because of being injured going to be favoured on the being replaced side. His career history speaks volumes, expect him to not finish out the season What GM in their right mind wants a 50 game a year Defenseman?
  10. I agree with you 100% brining him in as a 3rd defenseman would solidify any team taking it from a playoff to cup contender. But he still wouldn't be top two options. I think a first+ B prospect or a solid blue Chip prospect and we should trade him. Not that I think anyone would offer that
  11. Ok, I won't make straw men comments, whatever that means. I will talk about how people over value him as a elite defensive, excellent skating, puck transition Defenseman. He is very good in a lot of ways but he lacks too much to be a one or two D man on a cup contending team is what I'm saying... You can throw any opinion you want at me but the only back up you have is a plus minus stat, and your own opinion. There's no offense, look at his numbers, no physical defense, because he is injury prone, and his skating is not even close to exceptional as it's his smarts on
  12. I don't know how to do the edit in other people, and I'm also way to lazy to try hahaha. It's been eluded to quite a bit on here though that he is a number one D man on a playoff team. He was certainly a number one on our team, but that showed our lack of top end talent rather then the norm across the NHL
  13. I think we will make it this year too, and I'm a little excited about what we could do. If healthy, meaning ferlund is good to go, tanev is healthy, and Ericsson playing third line quality hockey. We could make some noise Throwing in Tryamkin could be what pushes us through the first and dare I say second rounds!!
  14. Really hoping to see Tryamkin in blue this year, I'm thinking he has grown as a player a bit, and already had the skill to be a good middle pair for us. Maybe that makes Myers available at the expansion draft??
  15. Darn Skippy they do!! I've been up close and personal and some are just downright scary
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