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  1. ALEX, I never stopped believing in you!   That's my Boy!

    ALEX U are simply the BEST.jpg

    1. Fanaholic



      Hey Alex,



      OH how much I miss 2011 but I can't wait to see you.   

  2. I am trying to reply to you but have no idea if you will get it.   I agree.   He should never have been signed in the first place.   JB seems to like players that were good at a young age and then gives them a huge contract for so many years because he thinks they will be great for that many more.   OUCH.

    1. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      Hey, it's all good. you can tag someone with the @ symbol so they get a notification. Status comments whether yours or someone else you replied to always give a notification. But yeah, we're a victim of a player having "one good season." And by that I mean he has had roughly 30 goals more than once not including last season, but that was also 6 or more years ago. He's 31 on 32 in the summer, you never give a player like that a deal in the park of 6x6 unless he's an obvious bonafide superstar going nowhere anytime soon.  He obviously got the contract he did because of the season he had last year.

      Moot point now, we're &^@#ed. Either he's going to pick up his play or he's going to become a financial anchor that Aquilini will have to likely eat at some point. 

    2. luckylager


      Why don't you just cram your tongue down his throat? Gross.


      And we're stick with Eriksson, so get over it and start cheering for him to earn that chq. His own zone play has been stellar, just not $6m "real good" considering his disappointing lack of production.

  3. And Part III of Burrows is coming in the next few days . . . Did you want to start it or should I?
  4. I must be BRAIN DEAD cuz I don't remember reading 422 pages about BURROWS that CERRIDWEN read. I only read 421 pages. So, let's keep this brain dead topic going shall we and while we are at it, let's BLAME the entire Canuck woes on BURR. YUP, I just can't wait to read more BS on this topic. Like this guy doesn't care, he hates it here and he can't stand being a Canuck and he isn't trying. WOW, that's big news from a BRAIN DEAD fan. OH, BTW, he did get the assist on the ONLY GOAL this team got tonight. AND how many minutes did he play?
  5. YES YES and YES - we REALLY NEED HIM so stop asking . . .
  6. RESPONSE to: NEVERSUMMER You suggested Assistant GM of Detroit. WELL, let me tell you that is the person that should have been hired instead of Mike Gillis. The guys name is Jim Nil. Unfortunately we didn't hire him and he had all the bells and whistles that Benning has and he had them long ago. Sooner or later Detroit knew they would lose Jim Nil. The problem is we didn't hire him and he went to the Dallas Stars this year so assistant GM of Detroit is gone. BTW, Dallas made the playoffs this year. Somehow I don't think this organization will blow it again. Here is hopi
  7. So we are going to beat the Rangers, the Ducks twice and the LA Kings? We don't have to "lose on purpose" to miss the playoffs we will miss the playoffs just because . . . We can't get any kind of win streak going and we have a backup goalie that our Coach won't/can't play which means Eddie who is a pretty darn good goalie must play picture perfect. ALL of this is going to happen? This year is complete toast and that is not being negative, that is being real.
  8. I feel so bad for our boys that they lost this one. It certainly wasn't for a lack of effort and for once they looked like they had offense. Maybe TORTS has finally learned to play 4 lines. Too bad he didn't do that all year. Giving guys a chance to connect as a unit and not burning out the top line - well maybe the outcome for some of those 1-0 games would have been different. I can take the losing as long as I am entertained. I think if I were at this game I would have had a great time just "screaming" for a goal. BURR was so close to being the saviour again. Might be too little too late f
  9. REAL FANS in WINNIPEG will bring the JETS a win! AND so they did!
  10. WHY they LOST tonight? 1) Lack should have played just to give Lou a rest. Lou played last night and not that great and his play against Nashville wasn't great either. 2) The team looks somewhat dysfunctional. They make passes that are so hard to each other that the player receiving the puck can't even stop or else they don't pass at all. Kesler is the perfect example for that. He skates so fast and he can't do it on his own. OUCH - gonna be a long tough season.
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