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  1. Well poo. This game ain't Demmer's fault and the last one wasn't Holtby's. Tough way to approach the last game before the break, but that's the way she goes. Hope Bo is walking without a boot tomorrow.
  2. Actually, I need to walk it back a little myself. The way hvac systems work is by first cooling the air to knock all or a calculated amount of moisture out as it condenses, then they heat the dry air up again and mist some water into it to rehumidify it. It's overall cheaper to heat dry air compared to moist (lol) so that's why they do it this way. If they wanted they could easily replicate the humidity of an arena full of fans, all it would cost is more water nozzles downstream of the cooled makeup air. So in a way, I totally agree with you. I still wonder why are
  3. Vancouver isn't the only city with the problem this year though, players across Canada seem to have been complaining about the ice more than usual. The only common denominator I can see is a lack of fans. That said, they should be able to humidify the air in the arena, but if a place is designed for 18000 people it may not be designed to replace their breathing... cause why would anyone assume the place to be empty in the the first place?
  4. I don't have a Phd in ice, or in anything, but maybe the lessened relative humidity of an empty stadium is messing with the crunch somehow.
  5. Lmao "settle" for one of the best D in Nucks history. I agree, if Salo incarnate returns I'd be stoked as well. We're gonna have to draft and develop, man. Look how expensive top D are to acquire via trade or cap as FAs. We may have been close-ish to OEL, but he would have coast picks, players, and a lot of cap. Now I'm not complaining about how our forwards have turned out over the last several drafts, but we need to focus on drafting and developing these stud D everybody else is searching for cause getting them after the draft is really costly. My 2
  6. I caught the gist of it, but my head was tilted the other way so I gave up before the end.
  7. I was gonna rip on Schmidt for passing in the high slot with a wide open look, but then he actually took a shot when he had a repeat-ish look. Still don't know why he tried the first pass though, from my couch and taco perspective he had a clear view.
  8. Anytime bro, tacos are for everybody, even if they are fusion. I'd never even heard of Jaipur before. Apparently they like spicy food like me over there.
  9. Thanks bruh, I've never made them before, but I'm absolutely doing them again. Only thing that would make them better is a few Nucks goals.
  10. Hey all! What's for dinner? I went to Masala Meats and grabbed some Jaipuri chicken thighs to make tacos with. Yeah, Indian tacos. Yeah, they're good. Full fat yogurt with raw ginger slivers, fresh cucumber spears, Jaipuri chicken fried in rendered bacon fat reduced with sweet onion and tomato wedges, then topped with cilantro. Tapatio for extra moisture.
  11. Or playing the same way he's always played but not getting backup? Nah, you're probably right. He's just selfish.
  12. To the best of my knowledge, nobody has ever been fired into the sun over it. The flavour is obviously a matter of preference, and I feel that it's too sweet and, well, tomato pasty for a hotdog. Don't get me wrong, I also put it on mac and cheese once and a while, and also into bbq sauces if I'm not doing vinegar based or Texas style, and I blasphemously put it on poutine dab by dab, but on a hotdog I prefer mustard and onions, that plus chili, or Chicago dogs. Chicago dogs are fantastic. Fantastic.
  13. I love good gravy, but I'll never be accpeted as Quebecois as I still dap small amounts of ketchup onto my poutine.
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