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  1. Does anyone like bbq here? It's not whole hog, but I cut a shoulder into slices and smoked over oak with a simple rub...  

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    2. Phil_314


      When's the BBQ?  Thanks for the invite ;)

    3. Putgolzin


      Looks delicious!


      I've smoked a few briskets successfully (and a couple bombs), pork butt, ribs etc but lately I've been getting into stuff that doesn't take the whole day.


      Chicken wings are only a couple hours and still bring all that smoky goodness!


    4. canuck73_3


      Soooooo when should we stop by 

      Justin Bieber Flirt GIF

  2. Good. Quality over franchise is a good lesson for food lovers. Your kids will appreciate you later on in life (if they don't already)
  3. Really? I want a greenhouse to grow peppers and tomatoes and herbs. I'm stoked to be getting that stuff here at more than 1 location. Also, I love dried chilies, like dried poblanos (anchos). Do you dry yours and make marinades and such?
  4. I made pot roast tacos that were so good last week. Chuck roast, poblanos, and sweet white potatoes. So good with fresh parsley, lime, and a bit of crumbly feta.
  5. Yo I love Korean flavours. I bought a 1 kilo bag of gochugaru when I couldn't buy aleppo peppers I wanted. Also I eat kimchi many times per week.
  6. Everything in moderation. This was the KFC recipe which is far and away my favourite deep fried seasoning.
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