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  1. Preseason isn't for setting lines, it's for evaluating players. That said, who knows what Green is going to do until he sets the opening roster.
  2. If morning skate lines hold true it should be fun to watch the 2nd line, 4th line, and defense, tonight as players fight for a spot.
  3. Your parents sound like they're having a nice election evening.
  4. What I'm sure of is that I'm going to fall asleep to the the thought of Jamie Lee Curtis' sugarplums dancing in my head. Goodnight y'all.
  5. NDP also has to raise money to stay afloat. If there's a no confidence election in a year or 2 they're in trouble.
  6. Bruh, the way BC rolled out the electoral reform referendum in 2018 was criminal. I consider myself an educated person, but that was purposely diluted to dissuade any vote other than "keep the current system". No choice was good.
  7. In your hypothetical, the NDP, Greens, and Liberals would form a government that would crush the Conservatives 10/10 times. Once the BQ and PPC align with the Cons we'd be no better off than our 2 party dip$&!#s to the south. Yay! More tribalism! I prefer parliament to that alternative, even if it means an 8 year swing of Conservative governing 4 years from now.
  8. So, I know we were joking about disbanding parties, but if these Nationalist clowns are going to be gaining numbers like other countries seem to observe it'd be better to have them splitting the right for anyone wanting a Lib/NDP/Green leadership over the Cons. I doubt highly they'll ever be a major party in Canada, but I also never thought we'd see a buncha wanks storm the Capitol, so... edit: just re-read your comment and I think we're saying the same thing
  9. I don't think the Green Party had much of any effect on any of the party platforms, I mean, they don't have that many voters, it's just the general hope of dispersed Canadian people that pushed for climate platitudes from party leaders. No party has effectively tackled climate change so... we're probably still effed. PPC are a buncha clowns, but that right wing wacky still has a lot of Trumpian sway up here for some reason.
  10. You're not wrong, and the NDP should push their agenda given their seat count, but they could barely afford this election so anything approaching a no confidence could hurt them more than the big 2.
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