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  1. Dallas has been physically engaging in the neutral zone where we instead just tried to angle guys. The lack of physical presence in our defensive game failed to slow the Knights down. Dallas is succeeding here, but also, we probably tired them out a bit by letting them have 80 shots per game. Your welcome, Dallas.
  2. I was all aboard team sign him, but after his 1st game back he was ineffective to detrimental. If he was hurt then so be it, but if not he played like his stick was Nerf.
  3. I don't think they're dirty, but they're chippy. Lots of little slashes, bitchy play where they they defend their own crease but double down on fists while playing the victim in crease they crash at the other end of the ice, and they run so many picks during a game it's nuts. I was actually stoked when we wised up and set our own over the last few games only to see Cousin Eddie whining about it after the next whistle following a really good one. &^@# Reaves' hit, &^@# their lame chirps, &^@# their chippy BS, and go Dallas.
  4. That's what I saw as well and I patted him on the back, grabbed his stick, and smashed an Initech computer with it on his behalf. Miller is the tits, and I'm so stoked that he's here. One of the best ever trades for this team.
  5. When Markstrom went down prior to covid our playoff hopes likely sunk with him as Demko didn't look ready to shoulder the load. Obviously we'll never know if he'd have turned it around so could claw back into contention, nor will we know if his/our teams pre-covid slide fueled his recent playoff resolve. What I'm driving at is that there's both a case to be made with letting Marky go as well as keeping him, and nobody knows what the right answer is until the dust settles 2 years from now. The undisputable fact here is that we are weaker with only 1 of them as 2 capable goalies helps the regular season push, but can we afford both if much needed defence improvements come our way before next season...
  6. It's no secret that Edler and Tanev are too old for the minutes they munch, and Stecher to me is more suited to a 7 slot that a 5/6 with top 4 fill in for injuries. As absolutely awesome as Tanev has been for us I don't see how we can keep both him and Edler if we get the top 4 upgrade we desperately need.
  7. It was garbage, and the way it happens was by playing 17 games in a short time frame, accumulatimg and playing through injuries, and pushing a Cup contender to 7 games on the back of phenomenal goaltending when we realistically weren't even to get through the Blues buy did just that. It's very disappointing, but it's not complicated.
  8. Never in my life have I cheered for Dallas... until now. Hope the Stars mess those goofs up.
  9. It's gonna be interesting to hear over the next few days and weeks (maybe we'll have to wait until the Cup is awarded for this unfit crap to cease) how bad our injuries were with further details on when and how they all occurred. We had to play hard hockey against aggressive teams and combine that with the condensed schedule to get a worn down Nucks team. Under the circumstances, we did excellent.
  10. Blaming the refs is a cheap way of blaming something other than the obvious issues. If people think the refs are responsible for this in any way they're insane. Vegas proved, even when we beat them, that they are the better team up and down the lineup other than the goal crease. During our powerplay it looked like they still had an extra player on the ice. Full stop. &^@# Vegas, bit they're a much much better team. Whining about refs gets people nowhere. Trying to figure out how to get replacements for our aging/slowing/partially effective D corps, improving our bottom 6, considering whether yet-to-be-disclosed injuries are valid reasons for top 6 underperformimg... these are things the colloquial "we" can control.
  11. Vegas still stifling every lane and ft of ice. Even if we went back to dump and chase they'd get there first or shut our options down. We need to win this game off a lucky bounce, or another Boeser open net chance.
  12. I nominate more shots in the 2nd period. Christ Vegas is stingy with open ice.