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  1. Great term and AAV. I think this is a player that will surprise a lot of people and turn into a fan favorite. Plays with a great edge and heart on his sleeve. Always busyting his a$$ off! Good work Jimmy
  2. So much for upgrading Bo's wings lol. I dont see that happening. With Dickenson, that'll be more of a shut down role. Sounds like the nucks are going to try to take some defensive responsibility away from Bo. So he can focus more on offense. If Miller were to be 3LC. I see it more like Hoglander - Petey - Boeser Pearson - Horvat - Garland Podkolzin - Miller - Dickenson Podkolzin could switch early with Hoglander if he proves he belongs. Would bring some toughness, net presence and tenacity to that line. I feel Garland is going to rid
  3. I kinda forgot Helm still was in the league lol... Shows where Detroit has been lately
  4. Stays healthy more frequently. Really heated up down the stretch into the playoffs
  5. People talking about how bad Poolman is offensively have never watched him play compared to Haakanpaa. This guy is legit where pucks go to die. Can't skate either. Poolman is the better Dman for sure.
  6. Fair value. I was encouraging people to not totally destroy Francis and Co before the actual season starts. He is a very smart man, and obviously had a different plan of what he wanted to do. After the Schwartz, Grubeur, Wennberg signings, their roster is looking better.
  7. Sorry I meant Bear. Not Jones. Which meant I forgot Jones
  8. Typical Oilers.. focusing on acquiring scoring. When they should be looking at Defence and Goalie. In fact you traded away Jones and let Larson slip away. That was the 1st D pairing for most of the year... Signing Ceci doesn't do much for me. Feel bad for Connie and Drais
  9. JB filling out that Abby team. Fun watching him so active for both teams. Must be crazy in the war room haha
  10. Man they're are a lot of depth signings today. Good Job Jimbo! Will have a lot better depth to call on from Abbotsford this year.
  11. What a drastic fall for Butcher in a couple years. Not very long ago he was a hot shot coming out of college and had a good rookie year..
  12. I love how whenever a good move is made by the nucks it is/was judd bracket, weisbrod etc. But all the bad moves are idiot Jim Bennings.. Lollllzzz GMJB out gmd again LOLZzzz. Give it a break already, sit back and enjoy the new exciting team our management has layed out for us next year. Will be a privilege to watch. JIM DESERVES PLENTY OF CREDIT THIS YEAR!!! Can't get better without a little risk. I too, am a little caught off guard by the term to the unknown player that is Tucker Poolman. But I will sit back and take this
  13. Was surprised he didn't re-up in chi city. Guess they had bigger fish to fry this off-season. Hard a pretty dang good year in the show last year.
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