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  1. Id prefer this guy at LW just like Nylander. I wanna draft a centreman this year in either Patrick hischier vilardi or Mittelstadt. He's definitely top 6 potential IMO we still need that 1st line centre and LW LW C Boeser Dahlen Horvat virtanen Baertschi gaudette Granlund
  2. Marvel infinity war is gonna be sick!!! I really wanna see a great justice league film tho I'm a huge fan. Speaking of which have u read the injustice books?
  3. True but he gets stronger as he gets angrier, but everyone feels empathy after awhile so there's got to be a limit to how strong he gets Plus if there was a fight Martian manhunter could make his opponents like the hulk see their love ones so it would calm the hulk down. And manhunter can also make himself unhittable while making the hulk kill himself by controlling his mind
  4. Ik I liked u, great explanation. Do u read comics or u just a movie guy or both?
  5. That's true is saw a video explaining that. Hes one of my fav characters. Here's the video if any are interested
  6. Where my nerds at??? So today I sat back and realised how great of a year it will be for comic book fans to finally see the iconic characters we've cherished on paper come to life in movies throughout 2017. Logan March 3 2017 Guardians of the galaxy 2 May 5 2017 Wonder woman June 2 2017 Thor ragnarok November 3 2017 Justice league November 17 2017 I love these movies and whether you've read the comics or not it's easy to appreciate the special effects and characters. So this brings me to my question, who wins in a fight the justice league or the Avengers? Rules: 1) ignore movies, because every justice league character movie hasn't been as good as it couldve been compared to Avengers characters. 2) u have to state a team and final two ppl remaining on both sides and who wins and why ------------------------------------------------------------------ Justice league members: Superman, Batman, wonder woman, green lantern, flash, cyborg, Martian manuhunter, aquaman, shazam Or Avengers members: Captain america, iron man, thor, hulk, wolverine, vision, Spider-Man, antman, Dr. Strange ------------------------------------------------------------------ Character power bio in case Ur a newbie: Superman: superstrength, superspeed, heat vision, xray vision, flight, freeze breath Batman: no powers but has genius level intellect, martial arts abilities, world's greatest detective, and technology Wonder woman: superhuman strength, speed, flight, and trained fighter Green lantern: has power ring that creates anything he imagines, plus strength and flight Flash: literally fastest man alive, can regenerate quicker than human Cyborg: half man half robot, super strength, speed, and flight Martian manhunter: super strength, speed, flight, regeneration, shapeshifting, invinsibility, telepathy, heat vision, telekinesis Aquaman- super strength, impenetrable skin, breath underwater, controls sea life. Trident can penetrate even superman skin Shazam: flight, control over lightning, super strength and speed ------------------------------------------------------------------ Avengers character strength: Captain America: strength speed Iron man:armour gives strength speed protection flight replusor rays lasers and missile launchers Thor: superhuman strength, can control weather, has magic hammer only he can lift Hulk: super strangth (angrier he gets stronger he gets), speed, regeneration Wolverine: indestructible metal claws, regenerates at a quick rate Vision: super strength, speed, density control, shapeshifting, regeneration, solar energy projextions, flight Spider-Man: super strength, speed, spidersenses, and can shoot webs that are super strong Antman: suit can shrink him or grow him to many sizes Dr Strange: has magical abilities, flight, can travel dimensions, time travel, teleportation, energy projectiles ------------------------------------------------------------------ My prediction: Final justice league members standing are superman and Martian manhunter Final Avengers left standing are Dr Strange and vision Winner- Justice league Why- each character in justice league is like a God, while marvels stronger Avengers are only thor, hulk, Dr Strange and vision.
  7. I like college hockey prospects now, they are showing more and more to be steals in the later rounds. And btw if canucks Are signing any buddy in the college ranks it should be Zach Aston-Reese and Daniel brickley. If u don't know those guys Google them they'll both improve our team big time Brickley has higher offensive ceiling than stecher and is a big body and is good defensively.
  8. This is hischier rookie year. In mcdavid rookie year he had 99 points in 66 games. Plus I didn't make up that Swiss mcdavid thing I think it was hockey writers. I see hischier as being a Kane type of player or Marner. Rasmussen won't be good right away at least. He's not flashy and his goals are him standing in front of the net on the power play jamming things in. Some scouts see this as alarming. What can I say I just really want a guy who's most certainly gonna turn out.
  9. LOL Rasmussen is gonna be a bust do more research he scores bad goals. He's not a playmaker by any means. And we have a chance at hischier and patrick just like Winnipeg jumped spots we can top. Btw hischier is a fricken gem he's like the Swiss mcdavid. Seriously this is his rookie season and he has 76 points in 46 games. That's amazing
  10. Do u think he has a good chance at making our team next year
  11. So overall out of 10 how's he playing?
  12. Jesus no wonder he ain't producing
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