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  1. There is only one question JB needs to answer. Will Tryamkin return to the NHL and is he confident that it will be with the Canucks?

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    2. goalie13


      I think that Benning did the right thing by not overpaying just to get him to stay here.  That's not the way to run an organization.

    3. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood

      @S'all Good Man He may have taken it as a vote of confidence but we have no indication that belief was an issue. We know that three things at least were a factor in Tryamkin's decision. 


      1) Ice time

      2) Homesickness

      3) Style of play (Canucks wanting him to play tough but him not understanding why a scrum starts after the whistle for a clean hit)


      1) Desjardins was fired so that wasn't a guarantee of more ice time, but at least he would have known it wouldn't be more of the same.

      2) Being offered 4 years here is even worse than being offered 2 if he was aching for home after 1 year.

      3) The NHL's play style won't  drastically change next year. If the Canucks wanted him to play tough (ala Pronger) and opposition players were going to go after him for clean hits and he didn't want/like either of those things, then he may have felt the NHL wasn't for him at this point in his career. Whether he was offered 2 or 4 years, he didn't like what the NHL's game needed him to do/face.

    4. Winter Soldier

      Winter Soldier

      @S'all Good Man If Kovalchuk walked away from $100 million dollars to go home, in what world does offering Nikita a longer contract mitigate or change his mind about this decision? 

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