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  1. What will replacing Weisbrod do for the team?
  2. I missed the game, did he suck again?
  3. I agree with you in principal but I’m not sure this is easy to do anymore. With cap concerns these days and also covid restrictions I’m not sure there will be the ability to offload assets.
  4. You must have the record for locked threads don’t you? From shooting your mouth off that’s why lmao!
  5. Or Vince Gill... he can write some sad tear jerker songs for the bandwagon fans!
  6. I hear you there both firings really surprised me but the Vegas one especially so. It has always made me wonder if ther is more to the story than what we know.
  7. I kinda think where there is smoke there’s fire, he wasn’t bad in Vegas and I thought they canned him so soon... or is there more to the story
  8. Do you see success this year? No so it’s time to be realistic and quit planning the parade. Seriously a team should be in the playoffs every year or making the changes to get back in.