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  1. It’s not about loyalty... the dude isn’t good enough to make it to the NHL.
  2. He sounds like a mamas boy! Too scared to be away from home
  3. He doesn’t have no business record and I doubt he is going to have a role of major importance.
  4. He has to crank his game up otherwise he has no option to stay away, he’s just not good enough.
  5. The season is ending that’s a positive!
  6. Who knows what is going on, he’s not hired yet or anything. Maybe he is reaching out for help in choosing someone. Courtnall helped with the Gillis hiring and I’m assuming he had had a good push for Linden getting hired as well.
  7. Yep where there is smoke there is fire!
  8. It’s more like the last 40 years!!!
  9. I thought he was a great GM... didn’t he singlehandedly turn Calgary into a cup contender?
  10. First time I was really disappointed with hockey was with the Canucks trading Schmautz away to the bruins. First player I was really a fan of RIP Bobby and thanks for the memories of a lifetime
  11. Westcoasting

    Marvin Hagler

    Wow I loved boxing back then, it was such a big event.
  12. What will replacing Weisbrod do for the team?
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