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  1. Yeah it’s a tough call, I don’t think he’s ever had the right makeup of a team to be overly successful. Like a lot of coaches... Winnipeg and Toronto come to mind, put Green in those shoes and is he similar or worse or is it the team itself needs more tuning.Having said that I like the off season changes here but is it enough to really change?
  2. I wouldn’t be surprised that by Christmas there will be big changes... the coach being one of them.
  3. Maybe if a team is a contender and a bunch of players take a bit less... but I don’t see the Nucks as a contender anytime soon!
  4. I’m pretty sure both Benning and Green are on notice already!!
  5. I think I would want my agent to get as much as possible for me... like a realtor selling my house.
  6. Why on earth would he sign a contract without vaccination?
  7. I can’t see any Canucks getting in the hof until maybe 20 years from now!
  8. There is a small chance the Sedin’s make it but I can’t see anyone else who,would have a chance. Without a cup I don’t even think they will make it.
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